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  1. BayougirlMrsS

    Partner/ spouse support

    Nomore.... Have you explained to him how much you value his support, but that you feel this is the path you must take? My now ex husband hated the idea of me getting WLS. Back in 2009 i got banded. He said the same... you're doing it now, you can do it without surgery. But, i knew i had to have this for me and no one else. It was harder with out his support, but i went on to lose 89lbs. Kept it off for years. In 2016 i asked for a divorce after 25+ years. (lots of issues) The main problem was my weightloss. He hated the skinny me, would be negative all the time. Told me some of the most horrible stuff. But though it all Never had any weight gains while i had my band. Back in March 2017 i got the flu/stomach bug and threw up violently... slipped my band. Emergency removal. It was the worst day ever. Between that day and Julyishhh.... i gained back 30lbs. This confirmed that i needed WLS. So Aug 28, 2019 i got sleeved. Your health has many risk and side effects. You have to do this for you and only you. If you haven't, go watch youtube Dr. V.... he's an Asian guy and he is 100% correct on everything he says... go watch the one on relationships. 5'2" Banded Nov 10, 2009 SW 232, weight at removal 143 Sleeved Aug 28, 2019 SW 173.5 Today 144.2
  2. BayougirlMrsS


    Just a premonition..... your going to be whinner and complainer.... you won't do well. If you can't take a few days, how the heck are you going to do the rest of your life? Your going to be one in a few years saying.... WLS didn't work and will be looking for another WLS and you will fail at that too. Just saying what MOST everyone else is thinking.
  3. Back history..... I joined the site back in 2008-2009 i think. Back when it was called Lapbandtalk. Of course, it was for people that had the lapband done. Which i did back in 2009. SW 232, weight the day my band was removed 143 March 2017 due to a slip. This is a revision for me. I know most people say.... well 30lbs is nothing, but when your 5'2" it is. I have told no one except my husband about the sleeve. I didn't want to hear all the crap from all the people. I did what i thought was best. and because i had had a previous WLS and was cash pay.... sleeve it is. Band SW 232, LW 130... removal weight 143 (i stayed here for years) 2009-2017 Sleeved SW 173.5, CW 144.4 (as of today). Sx date Aug 28, 2019....... 10 weeks and two day PO. Chris
  4. So true..... I've been on this site for quite a few years and seen a lot of comings and going. In fact when i first got here it was called Lapbandtalk..... I did really well with the band and even my dr's (band, band remover and sleeve... all different) said i was not the "norm". that most for one don't keep off the weight that long with the band, and for sure most gain it all back after the band is removed (for whatever reason). When i went to the sleeve dr. he was very impressed that i had only gained 30lbs. in 2.5+ years.... I was, omg.... i gained 30lbs. lol..... It was making bad choices and eating more. For years i was never hungry... after removal... i remembered for sure. And i did start eating bread and rice again... Thank God i had the sense to stop.... I wanted the MGB, but this dr didn't do them and i didn't "weight" enough for GB. So i started this journey at a 31 bmi...... 5'2" SW 173.5.... today... still at 144.4 (two days now). But i know that in a few days i'll start going back down. Not worried. I have some really good friends that was sleeved. One, never lost a pound, one was a bandmember and hasn't lost anything, one was sleeved back in 2008, lost a lot and gained it all back. One sleeved 2017 and is gaining daily. I also have a close friend that had GB 1999 and i know she has put back an easy 70lbs or more.
  5. BayougirlMrsS

    Sleeve failure??

    I see people saying that their "sleeve" failed and i was just wondering how that happens. I appreciate what you said. I figured as much, but seeing as though im new to the sleeve (x-bandmember) i wanted to see if there was other reasons. I've had two friends regain after the sleeve. I see how they eat and i figured it was those very reasons. And i didn't want to be that friend that say..... Should you be eating that? I loved my band and wish i still had her, but i had a good long haul with her..... 7+ years. Thanks, Chris
  6. BayougirlMrsS

    Sleeve failure??

    How does the Sleeve fail? I had the band from 2009 till 2017. She slipped after a bad case of flu/stomach bug. The only unfill i had was when i had my TT. I was back at 10.5cc in her when she slipped. Till then i had zero problems. SW 232, removal weight 143. After much research and searching, i found a dr here where i live to do a revision (2.5 years later & 30lbs). I revised to the sleeve. I see people on here saying that the sleeve failed. How does that happen???? I mean i know how the band can fail..... erosion, slip, removing all the fill and going back to old habits. But how when its something that's permanent? Chris
  7. I certainly agree with you. My views are more towards the people that didn't have the band fail them... like people that had a band erosion or slip like myself (not by bad band management). I'm still trying to figure out how the Sleeve fails people??? In fact i'm going to start a new thread asking that very question. I come from the very south of Louisiana and everything and i mean everything revolves around food. I know with out the "wantpower" i would have gained a whole lot more than 30lbs.
  8. Love Dr. V..... he is always 100% right.
  9. BayougirlMrsS

    Fkn up Already - 1 week post op

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should..... like guzzling water or drinking out of a straw. Shame on the Hospital for even giving you one. One week out and you were eating Zuppa and bread? Before i finished your sentence i thought, i bet she even ate bread..... You should still be on clear liquids, if not clear, at least full. You should ask your self, why are you already self-sabotaging..... I agree with some of the others.... you really need to go back to your dr.
  10. BayougirlMrsS

    Third Revision...

    Congrats on the initial loss. I also had a removal due to a slip. My loss was a consistent 89lbs. After the removal, i gained 30 over the next 2.5 years. Just revised to the sleeve Aug 28th. I've lost 29lbs. I only have 1 more to get back to where i was the day the band was removed. The sleeve is all still very new. I guess my question is, how did the hysterectomy make you gain weight? I also had that and gallbladder removal. Was it the change in your diet? quantity? hormones? These are things i'm trying to look out for. And how will the GB/DS be different from the sleeve? I'm not wanting this to come out the wrong way as i am very interested. I turned 51 last july and started menopause this past March... ish... If there is something i can watch out for.... i'm all for it.
  11. BayougirlMrsS


    Is there a reason you're not losing? are you have trouble? are is it just to lose more? I would start by looking at why it's not working. Is it your food choices? Overeating? Not exercising? The reason i'm saying this is because if its those things, a new WLS won't fix it for the long term. You have to start within. I would suggest, if you haven't already, get the myfitnesspal app. it showed me how much i was really eating vs what i thought i was eating. I had the band for 7+ years and maintained 89lbs.... but when the band was removed due to a slip.... i gained 30lbs. Sure it took 2.5 years... but i couldn't lose it. I thought i was doing everything right.....Then when i started the process of revising to the sleeve, i started logging everything.... I found i was making bad choices, overeating and not exercising as much as i thought i was. That was in July, i got sleeved Aug 28th...... and things are back on track.... but i'm still logging in my food and exercise. Keeps me accountable. Band 2009 SW: 232, LW: 130, weight at removal 143... Sleeve 2019 SW: 173.5 , Today 144.4..... Goal is to get back to 143 (1 more lb to go) or 140 if poss.
  12. BayougirlMrsS

    Can we just be for real ???

    Raises hand and says Yes.... One of my main motivations was to look better. I was in a very long marriage and we would go a year with having sex 1-2x's. I thought, if only i could lose the weight he would find me more attractive and life would be great. So in 2009 I got banded, lost 89lbs (100 but to hard to maintain). Went from 232 to 143. But instead of getting better my marriage fell even more apart. He couldn't handle the attention i was getting. And to be honest, it was intoxicating.... i loved it. We divorced in 2017 after 26 years. Fast forward.... 2017, flu/stomach bug = slipped band. Fast forward Aug. 2019 173.5lbs..... Sleeve. Todays weight 144.4 Starting to feel sexy again. Sept. 2019 remarried and feeling great..... bring on 52 years old... i'm ready
  13. BayougirlMrsS

    Third Revision...

    My view, if you were unsuccessful with the band, then unsuccessful with the sleeve..... what's going to be different with GB or MGB?
  14. I think your friend possibly got the wrong WLS from the start. 500lbs seems like a lot for the sleeve.... But, i'm new to the sleeve, so i don't know. What i do know is, he needs a better Dr. and/or Phy. Dr. Before he gets another WLS. My ex sister in law had 3 WLS's. Her first was Lapband in Mex, then Lapband in the states, then GB in the states. No counseling for the first, regained and revised, but she regained yet again. The last dr did the GB.... and yes, regain again. The dr.'s need to make sure patients are getting more counseling.