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    I am 33yrs old and have been struggling for years with my weight, like everyone else. I haven't gotten the lapband yet, but plan on getting it done in March. I'm married with 3boys and a girl and work in the financing field.
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    I simply love to be with my family and friends. We love going shopping, watching our favorite tv shows like GhostWhisper, The Forgotten, Criminal Minds, CougarTown. I love the books and movies of Twilight as well!
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    I working in financing.
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  1. Happy 36th Birthday NewMrs.Smith!

  2. Happy 35th Birthday NewMrs.Smith!

  3. 2 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary NewMrs.Smith!

  4. I have had a lot of changes since surgery...I went from not knowing if I would have a job to having a job, but traveling 50min to it to getting promoted as a manager and moving 2.5 hours away from family. I went from Sept to December without seeing my doctor due to timing and new promotion, but since Dec 27th (got a small fill) I have lost 9 pounds! I feel like this last fill made a difference! I'm so happy and hope to start seeing progress! I'm hoping that also when the w...

  5. NewMrs.Smith

    Family Dinners

    Thanks everyone! For the most part, we eat together at dinner....but it takes me longer to eat than my husband and 3 pre-teen boys. I had to tell my husband today that I have lost 9 pounds since Dec 27th and that I'm ok with my proportions and everything. My life does not revolve around my next meal anymore and that I Do Not feel like I am missing a thing. I think once I have clarified that....he will be bettter with the change.! Thanks guys!
  6. You look so good! I'm so happy for you!

  7. With my last fill, I have notice a great change....but with that my family has too. I think they have problems knowing for one that it does take me a while to eat anything and for two that I can't eat everything that they eat....Does anyone else have struggles like this, and also what do you eat or do so its not so obvious that I can't eat what my family eats?
  8. I am also sorry to hear about your loss =( yeah it is very tough!!! I also lost a parent (my father) 8 years ago on December 26th........ That was the toughest for me lossing my dad we were very close and till this day it feels just like just yesterday. It took me 5 years to except his death.... SMH!!! I will also keep you in my prayers....

  9. Sorry about your loss. I loss my brother 14yrs ago in an auto accident and I still think of him daily and then it will be 2yrs ago in november when I loss my mother....going thru the loss and trying to also feed your own emotional well being is a very hard struggle. I pray for you and you will be in my thoughts! Take care!

  10. Thanks!! How ya hanging? (Hopefully the your skin is not at all). Losing slowly and steady is hard to do. I hope you're well.

  11. You look great! I'm so happy for you!

  12. Hi Everyone! I was glad to see this posting. Its nice to see how people are doing. I know we all have fallen back from being on the website as much but I too have to remember it is a support group! I think I have 5cc in my band now,and my last fill I could feel a difference. Ive spent the last 5weeks recognizing and asking my self: Am I eating the right food? Is this texture going to work w/ my band? Am I eating too fast? Am I full? Is this too early for me to eat? and recognizing that I eat much better in the evening! All these things I am learning slowly almost like I had an awakening finally. Up until my last fill I didn't feel much different with my fills, but this last one has got me there. I one point I was at 35pounds lost, but last time I checked it was like 32pounds lost. I realized lately that my body could be in starvation mode, not getting enough calories probably and definately not eating enough Protein....so I have focused more on my protein this week and went back into my exercise routine that for the last 6weeks have slipped. So again this is a journey and it reminds me everyday that I am learning everyday something new about my lapband. We all need to be refocused again on why we did this and where we came from. I'm happy that I had it done....but somewhat remorse that I had to have it done at the same time to loose weight. Goodluck to everyone!:blushing: Keep it going! Be happy to be a LOOSER!:cool2:
  13. Thanks for the poste! It kept me back in tune on things. I have slacked on my protein as well and so excited to get my life back on track tomorrow! Ive had my step daughter for 6weeks and she went back today....I hated to wake her up in the morning and never could plan early enough to make my shakes in the evening....so tomorrow not only am I going to start back my protein but get back to my regular exercise routine! Thanks
  14. Congrats!!! today is my second fill, can't wait!! :)

  15. NewMrs.Smith

    Some studies are so darn STUPID!

    Didnt see that today, but totally agree 100% with ya!