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  1. I think I posted before. But I am 2 years post op. Recently gained 16 lbs back from the 130 I had lost. Trying to get reconnected with my healthy habits and self. 2012 was a really emotionally tough year and towards the end of the year I started back into old habits of emotional eating and now I have to reset my body as I constantly feel hungry and I am sure I stretched my pouch. Anyone want to link up I'd love that. could use the support and would love to help out anyway I can as well.
  2. Jailin


  3. Bronx lady here I was sleeved what will be 2 years in Jan. Anyone want to keep in touch and make a fellow VSG buddy?
  4. Jailin

    Where are all my NYC people

    NYC here, getting sleeved on the 19th, convert from band
  5. I was looking for other protein supplement options since I have tried so many have not been able to keep them down. I came across liquid egg whites and was wondering if anyone tried this before? It's basically pasteurized egg whites/ I also came across powdered egg whites. I was hoping maybe someone tried it and could tell me their experience on how well it blended in with drinks and such. Desperately trying to find a supplement that does come right back up.
  6. Jailin

    January 2011 Sleevers

    Getting converted to the sleeve from the band on the 19th NYC girl here Pre op diet starts on the 11th, liquids only.
  7. Hey everyone!!! If you want to add me on facebook you can find me with jaieni@gmail.com, just let me know you're from here! Would love to hear from you all! If you don't have fb just msg me here and we will find a better way to get in touch :smile:
  8. Hi all So nice to see people keepin' on! I figured I should try a little harder to make some friends in the bandster community, I think that's something I really missing out on. As for my story, I was banded August 5th and thus far since surgery day have lost 55 pounds. Haven't lost in the last like 2-3 weeks but I've been sick on and off and dealing with a break up and such. I also got a small unfill because everything was getting stuck. I currently have 4.5 ccs in my 10cc band, I think, my signature below keeps my info. I really need to step up on exercise and I keep saying that once I hit 203 I will make it more a priority because that will put me at 100lbs lost since the beginning of my journey, so 12 pounds to go! What kind of exercise are you all doing?
  9. Hey all! So, I was banded in August of 2009, so I am approx. a lil over 5 months post op. I always thought I would be really involved on here and on youtube with other bandsters, but I have yet to accomplish that. I would really love to have someone close by that is going through or even went through this process, just a band buddy of sorts. I'm super supportive and I'd love to root ya on! Been feeling a little lonely in this process lately is all. Anywho, feel free to contact me if your interested in making a local bandster pal
  10. Jailin

    Jai the Bandit

    Just me and my progress along the way after getting banded 8/05/09
  11. I was banded the 5th and thus far since surgery day have lost 22 lbs since surgery day, 32 since pre-op diet and 55 since I started this Journey :biggrin: Was supposed to get a fill on Friday but doc decided not to since I continue to lose weight without it. Benn walkign but gonna up it hopefully starting today, should be going to an Aerobics class And hopefully yoga, belly dancing and kickboxing later this week as well. I hope all you august bandits are doing well!!! I love making new LB pals so feel free to msg me or follow my blog!:biggrin:
  12. Oy, 23 days out so far. Still on mushies, pretty over mushies honestly. Down 11 lbs since surgery day, 21 since pre-op diet, and 44 since I started seeing the surgeon about getting the band. I'm okay with the slow loss, I was prepared for it. Had my first stuck episode 3 days ago, didn't even know it could happen pre fill. Was scary as heck, could not breathe for the life of me, didn't know what was happening at the time. Def. don't want that to happen again. Been feeling a lil weird since then, foods I could get down a few days ago are feeling really heavy and like they are sitting up top, not sure what's going on, but keeping to liquidy meals for the next few days. Don't see my surgeon until the 18th, not sure how I will do keeping on mushies till then, esp since I have issues getting protein in, since I can not stand pureed meats *barf* and no protein shake/mix has sat right with me, have a basket full of powders I can't use now, they all make me gag and toss my cookies. So last few days been getting less then half my needed protein, oy vey. But, while it all sounds terrible, I am doing okay. It's been harder because ever since I started birth control to help regulate my monthly (sorry fellas) I have had a non stop period. I started BC on like the 27/28th of July so a whole month now with cramps, lower back pains and bloating. Lovely, I know lol I'm hoping once that stops, if it ever does, that I will feel more comfortable and less moody so things will be easier. *crossing fingers* How are you all holding up?
  13. Hello! I was banded the 5th in NYC. I was on clear liquids for 10 days pre-op and after surgery the following day I started on Mushies/ Soft foods (fish). I have been on Mushies and fish for 11 days now, getting so tired of fish and soup. Esp. since I can't have any cream soups. After surgery I was in pain but the morphine pump was my best friend. No gas until a day or two after being home. Now I have really bad shoulder pain on my left hand side and my tailbones sore from sleeping on my back. I also seem to have two of my incisions, including the port one, infected. Hoping I can reach my surgeon come tmw. I got a fill during surgery, but not sure how much. Felt some restriction after surgery, but I'm sure that was due to the swelling, as I was super swollen the first few days. Still have bloating in the mornings. Had my first lesson learned the hard way yesterday. Was out all day and hadn't had a chance to eat. Was passed 10 and still no food, so was offered white castle burgers. Took the meat out of two and mushed it up and ate that. Figured meat and some cheese, not bad... wrong. Did not agree with me and in 10 minutes tops I was in the bathroom. Lesson learned. Also realizing that some things I liked before I no longer enjoy. Like those white castle burgers tasted like pure grease to me, blech.
  14. Anyone here who got banded had numb spots on their stomachs? I had my surgery Wednesday, today is Sunday, and on my left side (not my port side) in the crease where my belly folds (where I wear my pants) it is numb. Then just some random lil spots on my belly that feel numb to the touch too. Feels weird. Anyone else have this?
  15. posted twice by mistake, sorry guys!

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