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  1. I got my official approval today from Insurance. I knew I was approved but nothing says "Yay" like seeing it in writing! 28 days and counting!! I am getting so excited. Hubby asked how I am gonna do surgery and school...I got it covered...sis is gonna drive me to school the monday after surgery. I know that seems soon. And anyone who reads this and has been banded is probably thinking "is she kidding?" LOL I have had three c-sections...and two days after back surgery I was shoveling the driveway (which I know doesn't compare...just putting it out there on how well I heal) I will be able to manage this just fine. I bought slimfast already..it is not required before surgery to lose weight, but I want to do this right, so I thought I'd start conditioning myself now...lol. Got my sneakers out and my pedometer all ready to roll...lol :clap2:

  2. I am amazed at all the people who were not told how the band really works...I find this very sad. People eating cold cuts...yikes they are never gonna lose that way. Others who wonder why the band doesn't keep them from being hungry -heartbreaking! Didn't anyone research the band before they had it installed? Others complaining that they don't lose it fast...others claiming the band no longer works...but they lost weight and that was what the band was for-so it did do its job. The doctors need to inform the patients better.:cool:

  3. Yay, that is great!! I just got approved on Thursday (great feeling huh!) You'll pass the psych evaul. They just want to know that you know, that the band is merely a tool and that you will still have to diet and exercise and that the band doesn't prevent you from cravings. What grade do you teach??? I have three semesters to go and then hopefully I will get my teaching certificate...still have to take Praxis II...ugh....and a History Praxis..yikes. Take care and Best Wishes to you!!

  4. Hi, sorry you are feeling under the weather. I just wanted to say your shake sounds yummy..if you can, you should try it once with Molasses instead of the Splenda (I love splenda myself)...Molasses is a dark sugar, so its not as bad as white sugar...but the reason I say this is because Molasses has protein in it....I had a tablespoon of it in skim milk the other night "taffy" milk....it was oddly good....lol!! (just a suggestion) Best Wishes to you!!!

  5. fat...hmmm that should not even be a word you should be allowed to say!!! (wash your mouth out--hurry...lol) You look awesome....are you sure you were overweight?? I had to laugh when you said "lacy boy undies" I was like, ewww what boy wears lacy undies....ha ha forgot about "boylegs" for a sec...silly me!!!!

  6. The thoughts of me, who's degree is Psychology....I was reading tonight ..I won't even mention the topic because after awhile they all sound alike. I just wonder about some people...do they even know how to read? Do they need a dictionary? Do they know how to use punctuation to stress how they feel while posting? Do they go back and re-read what they wrote? I don't think so!

    Some people just talk out their ass I think...lol, with no regard for other's feelings. I think using a dictionary should be a pre-requisite for joining any forum. Oh yeah what does forum mean: (taken from Webster's)

    : a public meeting place for open discussion

    : a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas

    (one would notice that there is no mention that its okay to diss others)

    So what is the problem here. People bashing others.....do they do this because they themselves want to be bashed?? Its the whole "Do Unto Others" idea I am putting out there.

    So this means that people are allowed to say what they want to someone else but god forbid that person comes back with a reply!!???Does this even make sense?? um...NO! So I wonder did these nasty people just learn to speak today and they just don't know better? Were they taught this at home (cause I know they didn't learn it at school) Does their mom know they act like this? Even little children don't act like some of the people I have seen on LBT. My favorite has to be the person who bashes someone on one thread and then two threads later they are sticking up for them like they are their long lost buddy.......can you spell Sybil???? (multiple personalities for those who don't get that)

    I am thinking that they need to update the list of side effects of lapbanding. "Caution, lapbanding may cut off the oxygen to your brain and make you speak out your butt with no regard for others" LOL I think I will suggest it.

    Ugh more drama here lately than in most 4th grade classes!!

    So one would say to me "why are you even here if you think that way?"

    I came here to get support and make a few friends. There are about a dozen really nice people on these boards!! The rest of the population..I look at as speedbumps....annoying things lying in my way that I have to gently get over and forget about them after leaving them where i found them.

    who was this addressed to really? The "negatives" who will read this journal entry with anger:angry .

    (the rest of your are truly wonderful people):clap2:

  7. I got approved today....the doc's office even called my cell to tell me! So excited....can't sit still. A little worried about having the surgery on a Wednesday and going back to school on Monday...but I have had three c-sections...so I know what abdominal pain from surgery is like. I absolutely have to go to school on the following Monday because Nurse-Zilla messed me up (see earlier journal) Gonna start walking tomorrow. Bought slim fast the other day...just to shrink my stomach and to start to prepare myself for "hunger"..lol. I also have been watching an odd amt of surgeries on TV lately....Dr Rey from Dr. 90210 had fingers in this girls breast to stretch it out for the implant.......ugh is she gonna be sore. I see the blood and turn away...lol idiot that I am. I am not scared. But I am certain that I will be nervous the day of the surgery.

  8. Teresita thanks for understanding. Its not something I normally do (publicly rant, rave, whine...lol) but I just had to explain where i was coming from...I can't stand self rightousness...ugh...its just awful that people who don't know anything about someone else has the unmidigated gaul to to tell someone else where to get off...unless its a personal attack, yeah then its justified. If it had came from you or MoOrLess, I'd say okay...you two know me the best of anyone at LapBandTalk....you've been reading my journals from the beginning.....but i have never even spoke to this person before. Oh well, no more dwelling, I do feel better for getting it off my chest. Now to get it out of my mind...the part about DJ...I wonder if the boyfriend ever moved the room back and if he is still having nightmares?? Today I am taking my 9 yr old to the Atlantic City Air Show...they are having a real stealth bomber in it...cool!! Take care and thanks again!!!

  9. Okay this is my journal so I can say what I want to. I try to be a good person.....I do a random act of kindness every single day...I believe in Karma. I am not in the habit of starting shit with anyone and I am not afraid of anyone either (sounds bad-I am just giving the mental picture here...lol) I will do anything for anybody I love to help people. I do not however like people who pretend to know everything (lol...as if anyone else likes them..ha ha) And I can't stand people who don't check the facts before opening their mouths. I allowed myself to get caught up in a stupid thread about coffee....ugh so not like me! I flat out stated that I do not like Starbucks (i tried to like them, i really did, i just can't). I watched TV on 9-11 along with millions of other people -watching the towers drop...I actually got to see the live shot of the plane coming into Tower Two behind Bryant Gumble's head...not that I deserve sympathy, I wasn't there and didn't lose a loved one in the tragedy. It effects me none-the-less. I watched the news when Starbucks wouldn't give the water for free....and yes, I understand that it was one employee and not the whole starbucks co. I don't really give a rats butt, what is done is done, and when I think of 9-11....that among other things sticks out in my mind. I do not love war.....on the other hand, I do believe in an eye for an eye.....and frankly I think we should bomb them back into the ground. Do I know about War and Military???? Yes I do, I grew up in Fort Dix...my father was in the service for 24 years.....and quite a few of my family members. I was born in Germany--my german grandfather also served in the war. Everyone is allowed their own opinion.....i mean everyone. When I read an opinion that is not of mine, i think.....hmmmmm...okay. I do not leave nasty posts and tell people to get their facts straight. I can't tell you how many posts I have read lately and think WTF???? I chose not to post at all ---it is after all their opinion and not mine. So today some idiot (loosly termed) tells me to read the facts, when indeed the facts that they posted -actually reflected what I was saying...ha ha it made me laugh....then I was called "rude". Hmmmm....yeah that is calling the kettle black isn't it??? (WTF?!) I am very passionate about a lot of things, but this terrorist thing really gets my shit ruffled! I am so mad at myself for allowing myself to get caught up in some stupid arguement over coffee.....I laughed because soda was mentioned and then when I pointed out it was a starbucks thread is when I was called rude....um no, i was just pointing out a fact. Before I go on ....I dont' care who drinks Starbucks...my own sis does and I could care less, I won't do it....plain and simple. This is the real root of my feelings, and I didn't post them on the starbucks post because I didn't want to get deeper into crap with anyone. Does anyone remember the beheadings that happened in the last few years??? Well, one of them is a guy who used to live up the street. While I think its sad, he did chose to live there, so one has to be prepared when they go to unsecure places. But here is the story.....I met his nephew....I spent 4 months in school with him. He is in second grade and is 7 years old. He doesn't have a father and his mother is attending school and has 3 kids. She does have a boyfriend(s). Okay so this child lays terrified in his bed every single friggin night because he is afraid the "bad men" are going to go thru the whole family and behead them!!!!! OMG i friggin cried when I heard this. (teary now too).

    The boyfriend took it upon himself to re-arrange the child's bedroom and now the shadows are different at night.....he thinks its the bad men. (ugh) I asked his teacher if she spoke to the mom... no not yet...omg I would be addressing this...its not funny. This child does not sleep at night for fear of the shadows....it is affecting his grades. He is the cutest, sweetest, little thing, I just want to give him a big hug and tell him the bad men will not get him. He is 7 friggin years old and is terrified. Terrorists.....Fu*kers!!!!! So yeah when i hear about starbucks I think of terrorists.........I think of this little boy.....I think about my own daughter who was in preschool at the time and came off the bus all kids of worried....wtf...why were they telling my kid this in school???? I called the school and told the teacher, if you need to talk about it, please insure the kids that they are safe here with their parents. Shortly after 9-11 I had furniture delivered .....big white truck....no lettering whatsoever...two men, one black and one mexican...wearing camo.....I thought this child was having a stroke....screaming at the top of her lungs "mommy the bad men are here to get us" I want to know WTF were they thinking wearing cammo after 9-11! Took me weeks to calm her down. So yeah I think of my daugher and the little boy (DJ) everytime I hear starbucks....I think of terrorists, I think of my teens calling me from school asking if they are gonna die....I think of my response to my oldest daughter "I dont' know". I think about how I told her she was safer at school...I had three kids in three different schools...ugh who do i get first. I tell the high schooler that if she feels unsafe she should call me and i will get her...she answers "I think that is what I am doing now mom" ....she is telling me this as the plane goes down in PA......I am not sure what to do.....for the first time, I don't have answers. The whole world is crashing. Me, the person who has total control and is afraid of no one, has no answers and no control. I sat with the car keys in my hand watching the news and planning the route to take to get the kids. So again, i just can't bring myself to like Starbucks, I don't owe an explanation to anyone. Nobody has to agree, and I am okay with that (sincerely I am). But what I can't stand is some numb nuts so bent on telling me to "get the facts" ---FU..I don't need facts. Ugh.

  10. Hi my surgery is at the end of september. (can't wait). The band is only a "belt" for the stomach....the mental part has to come from you....you'll be okay. Amazon.com has some great weight loss surgery books....that, and online support systems will be good for you.

    Best wishes!!!

  11. Okay so things have gotten better..way better. I'll do this in chronological order:

    1. I call the doc's office they are closed...can't reschedule..ugh bummed.

    2. Talk to a former co-worker, same surgeon did her banding 2 weeks ago....no pain at all.....everything great with her!!!! Yay. (still freaking thinking the doc won't bend for me)

    3. Another pre-bander emails me to tell me about her doc. I look up the hosp in my insurance...covered ...yay!!! The doc I want is not covered...boo-hoo.

    4. My sis calls to finally give me the emotional support I need...I called her at 10am and she was still out cold. Anyway she tells me take the time off from school-I am smart and get good grades, she reminds me -its no worse than being out sick for the day...duh I forgot that...see why I needed her support?--she knows just the right words to use...lol.

    5. I forgot to mention--I got my sleep machine...OMG the guy was on his way to my house and THE POWER GOES OUT...omg someone somewhere doesn't want this to happen for me...he calls to say he is on his way..i do not tell him about the power...good thing...right as I hang up the power goes back on---yeah--someone IS looking out for me!!!:mad:

    6. I call the doc's office today-returning a call i didn't know i had because it was on my cell which was out in the car. They change my date to the 27th...totally do-able...and...guess what I was wrong about my schedule...I only have two classes on Wednesday's not 4...whoo hoo!

    So I will have surgery on Sept 27th....and only miss 3 classes....omg this is awsome! (I will not have to drive into a tree after all-see prev journal entry...lol) I am so excited I think I will go clean the kitchen!!!!! Ha ha ha...odd thing to say I know, was too upset to do anything...feel like a great weight (ha ha) has been lifted...now feel normal. TTFN!!!!:D

  12. Hi, try not to fret too much about this, just be careful in the future. I went back to read your other journal entries (and your profile). My degree is in Psychology (not a doc-just interested though) ...it seems that you are having outside issues that are swinging your moods. I think talking to someone might help. (once these moods take hold they are hard to shake..and then they make us do things we don't have control of). You live in Greece? How cool is that!!! I was gonna suggest walking but i read your knees are bugging you. Do you have hobbies? Lately when i feel tired, i force myself to go outside and do something productive...weeding, mowing the lawn..stuff like that, because i know otherwise I'd nap and I can't lose weight if I am laying on the couch! Don't be too hard on yourself, we are all only human. Take care!

  13. She has to want to lose it not you. 22 lbs lost is better than 22 lbs found. Maybe she isn't feeling normal yet....her surgery was only 5 months ago...she may be phyically healed but not mentally. Banding is not a quick fix for weightloss...it could be that there are mental issues relating to food. Give her time. Best Wishes!

  14. Well I am scheduled for surgery 9/25....but I can't do it. I have 4 classes on Mondays and Wednesdays...one night class on Tuesday....and a night on Thursday... at best I can only have surgery on a Thursday so I can be back to class on Monday.....only missing one class. Even hubby said no way to a Monday. Tutition is $10,000 a semester....i get too far behind, I am blowing it!!! Ugh I am so sad I feel like driving my car into a tree. Ugh, this was not supposed to be how it goes. I need help now, another semester, and I'll be another 100 lbs heavier...ugh i am gonna puke......why is this happening to me...I really am a nice person. :think

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