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    I'm a 21 year old girl, hoping to change my life for the better and finally become happy!
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    Craft, Walking my puppy, cooking, working on my car
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    Currently a student at Curtin University and work as a beauty therapist on the side
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  1. as per my dieticians instructions.. my brekky is usually one weetbix with a few peices of sliced peach or one peice of toast with baked beans or something similar on it.. lunch i usually have a meat and salad wrap or left over dinner. Dinner is usually meat and vegies or meat and salad.. sometimes on its own, other times as like a caserole such as a curry or steak and vegies.. etc.
  2. Aww Elcee thankyou your very sweet, your advice is great! I wish i could afford to get a WII would be fantastic i'm so into that kind of thing! As for current exercise, i walk my golden retriever as often as i can god forbids the rain atm! As i'm in a country town the uni is 4 hours away so no hope of joining groups there.. Only other thing i have time to do is my dog training atm, where i do alot of joggin but not long periods.. i love sports, and am very keen to get back into everything i was doing before such as basketball, badmington, softball, tennis etc.. its just time and money.. sounds like excuses to me, but being a uni student/worker doesn't really help My mom and i are going too look at those vibration machines, she may rent one for me! will see!
  3. Oh sorry forgot to mention.. i've recently gone back onto the pill and metformin to attempt to help control and regulate my hormones.. also take seroquel and pristiq for my severe depression.. As for calories etc how much am i intaking etc etc... i am not aloud to calorie count, i have OCD and i become too fixated on the weights and everything included within it.. so between my psych and dietician they decided i was not aloud to do so.. but thanks for the thought anyway. i know that my band is a tool.. but the tool isn't really aiding me with anything atm.. i know everyone is trying to help and i really really appreciate it but i can't take criticism right now, i'm not emotionally able to take it. so please refrain from criticising me
  4. Hey everyone thanks for your thoughts and ideas.. i guess i'll try and answer what most of you have said.. i see a dietician.. have done since i was 9 i am now 22.. i see her every 2 weeks to monitor my diet so as far as that is concerned i am doing my very best to keep to that asnd see her regularly to make sure that i am.. but please bare in mind i cannot even intake ONE peice of fruit without gaining a minimum of 100g per peice of fruit.. the sugars in everything make me gain weight.. so going completely sugar free is somewhat the only option and makes me quite ill... i go walking atleast every second day.. i've tried everyday but with uni and work i've struggled to have the energy to go everyday.. I see a psychiatrist and psychologist and alot of my problems have cause.. but unfortunately there are no groups or anything locally i can go to.. living in a small town in australia isn't always the most helpful thing.. i realise that the lapband is only a tool, and i recognised that from the very beginning.. when asked about it that is the first thing i always say.. but with no restriction it makes it hard to believe this tool is even helping me at all.. Thanks for the cares everyone...
  5. hey everyone.... i'm lost.. i have no idea what to do... 3 months after my surgery.. 6/9mils fill.. and guess what.. WEIGHT GAIN.. not once single pound lost.. i'm beside myself.. so so mad.. so upset.. i just don't know what to do.. my dietician sais its my hormones (PCOS) but wtf is someone meant to do, there cannot be NO answer for ppl with Pcos.. they can't be expected to stay fat their whole life.. my depression is getting so bad i'm comfort eating again... and considering my surgeon knows nothing about PCOS i'm running an uphill batttle.. i have f*ckall restriction.. (i only have 3 mils left to go in my band, he will only do one mil at a time) so therefore these binging encounters mean i can eat heapsss.. its ridiculous the amounts i can eat!! i' feel like im going to do something stupid.. i just don't know what else to do.. this was my last option.. and if i can't lose weight and be a happier healthier person.. i don't want to be at all...
  6. Miss Sammy

    S.O.S Please Help!!

    Hey guys.. Um surgeon in fact is apparently on holidays for another week!! His office said if i had any problems to go back to the emergency (which is where they knew nothing about banding) so mom n dad are forcing me to go back onto full liquids until i can see him in just over a week.. And no my surgeon is one local in geraldton..
  7. ok.. trying to put this as small as possible.. i am just over 3 weeks post op.. for the last week everytime i eat i get excruciating pain over my stomach.. it has me in absolute tears.. i ended up up the hospital because it was so bad at 2am in the morning.. they were really nice gave me pain killers a heated blanket and pad until the morning when i was to see a surgeon.. then in the morning change of shifts the most horrible doctor came in.. and i was treated like crap they said a surgeon would come in and check on me and then turned around and told me i wasn't urgent enough for a surgeon to come in.. they did bloods and put me on a drip and then did an xray of my chest.. 4 hrs later they tell me everything was clear (although they couldn't see the band in the xray to see if it had slipped or anything..) i was still in pain.. they then had a 12 yr old boy in with a small minor problem and decided (his parents were wealthy and demanding) that they would call the surgeon in for him so the surgeon saw me and recommended a CT.. then half an hour later this HORRIBLE doctor came back in and said hed called the city (5hrs away) and they said to take all my Fluid out.. (now my surgeon had put 4mls in because the band was too loose in my stomache) and try that.. we ended up saying um under whose recommendation was that? (my surgeon is the ONLY one in the toown i live that knows anything about lapband so all these idiots were doing guess work and hadn't even called him) when he said some doctor in perth we refused because he didn't know my situation and why the doctor had already left fill in my band.. he got even more rude and said fine your choice, went to walk out and we said we want to speak with Perry only he can take fluid in and out as he knows the situation.. we then ask him what happened to the CT.. and he turns around and says the surgeon said he knew nothing about it so i see absolutely no reason to do it.. so mom asked, so your overruling a surgeon (this guy was just a standard emergency doctor) and he goes yes.. then walked out.. so now being 11.30am and me first going into emergency at 2am.. he FINALLY calls the surgeon who he couldn't get hold of.. we waited an hour for my specialist to call back and he didn't.. so he comes back in and i was on the side of the bed in a fair bit of pain.. he goes hurting again are u? i answered back im fine! (i wanted nothing more from such a horrible man) he goes wouldd you like some more pain relief, and i said NO thanks (i just could not handle one more thing from such a horrible person..) and checked me out because i felt so degraded once again and left in agony.. Sorry for the whinge.. but i am SOO scared.. he decided to say he thought my surgeon was on holidays (now my surgeon specifically said he wouldnt be going away for atleast 4 weeks after the ops incase of complications) so mom and i questiioned it.. but being a long weekend tomorrow is tuesday and first day back i am SO scared he is away and i won't be able to get an urgent appt with him to find out why it is hurting to much to eat.. i am chew chew chewing my mush and eating slower than anything ive ever known.. please anyone.. have u ever had this feeling? do you know what it is or what causes it? I am so beyond scared.. i know i sound like a sook, but the unknown is just so scary.. having the only one surgeon in town.. made things even worse when i was the experiement they other doctors wanted to try everything becaues they knew nothing..
  8. Hey everyone.. i'm due to have my surgery tomorrow and I was also told a new peice of info (not from my surgeon)about port sites and its got me nervous.. some people have said that if they put ur port lower on ur stomache when u lose weight your port starts to show so its better to be further up near your bra line.. what do you all think? I wasn't given an option its going low on my tummy..
  9. Oh canada how lovely!! Your lucky you didn't have to do any preop i would of loved to have had some of the foods ive been craving up until now like steak etc i'm so scared i won't be able to have them again.. Tomorrow is monday for me, then only one more day until i go in.. i'm so scared my liver won't be shrunk enough.. do you have a low bmi and starting weight hence why you don't have to do preop? Are you getting nervous??? GOODLUCKKKkk i'm sure we will do great!
  10. Hey there! I'm on the end of my 3 week preop diet, i had to do optifast for 3-4 weeks before surgery which is this wednesday the 10th. But because we are ahead of america etc it'll be your tuesday! What does ur preop consist of? My optifast was 3 shakes a day no food except for one sml bowl of green leafy vegies at night!
  11. 5star where abouts are you having your surgery done?? Your only a day before me wow you must be excited technically we will be going in the same day if your in america because we are ahead of you and i go in the wednesday. Have you been on a preop diet??? Good luck! Love Sammy xxxx
  12. Sandi it's so fantastic that your going to have such great support their and everyone is flying to be there with you!! What made you decide to go to MX? What date is your surgery?
  13. Miss Sammy


    Oh SOY i am SOOOOO glad you pulled through ok! The tip about the ipod is a FANTASTIC idea.. if only i had my laptop back intime to add songs to my ipod that i find relaxing!! i have like five days left now i think.. wednesday for me! But you guys are behind in time so it'll be tuesday for ya's when i go in!! Best of luck!!
  14. Congratulations Btieger i'm so glad everything went ok for you! Your hospital stay was very very quick!! Here in australia i will be in from 1-4 nights! Most likely 3 they said! Does anyone know how to edit your weightloss ticker? I went to the website to change mine and couldn't find anywhere to do it!! Any help would be appreciated as my op is in 5 days and i'd love to record my preop weightloss!!
  15. Hey Matilda, I'm on a 4 week preop diet =( 4 weeks of shakes for every meal (optifast) and a very small plate of broccolli, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin and onion with my tea shake.. all water and sugar free drinks! My op is the 10th of March!

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