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  1. imaluckydog

    Fill Disaster!! Less Than Before.

    I was banded June 29, 2009. So I have been at this for over 3 years now. You would think I was a pro, but, let me tell you it's the band that has the upper hand in my life. I have been very successful. I have lost over 100 lbs. Got a complete un fill against the better wishes of my fill nurse. Before my full body nip and tuck, last June. It was all my own choice. I admit I gained a few extra pounds from poor snacking choices. (so don't snack) I do not snack today and I am close to losing all the extra I gained. In total it was about 20 pounds gained. It scared me too!! When I get a fill now it is only 1/2 cc and it is evey five or six weeks or so. I need to remain clam and stress free or my band will tighten all on it's own. Go Figure???? I love my band and every day I must remind myself to eat small to be small, I admit I also measure all my food and I use Lunch size plates so it looks like I get more, I eat very slow and chew a million times. I have found that is what works for me. Best wishes imaluckydog
  2. imaluckydog

    Staying In Touch

    Thank you for sharing. I have been struggling with the food and I know I put too much on my plate. I know I can not eat it all, why do I try????? I need to get my head back in the game and get rid of these few extra pounds from my acts of laziness. Thanks for the inspiration to get back on track. Best wishes imaluckydog
  3. imaluckydog

    Never Looking Back!

    I like your attitude!! I feel the same way. Set your mind on what you have to do and DO IT!! You will be successful for sure. Best wishes imaluckydog
  4. imaluckydog

    Starting This Journey!

    I took two years to make my decision to make a change as well. You are going about it the same way. Be patient as The Lap Band process can also be time consuming. I have been banded now for 2 and a half years. I have no idea where the time has gone. I have lost over one hundred pounds, kept it off and had a nip and tuck this past summer. I am a new person. I am called skinny and I look normal. I wear a normal size and can now shop in any store and find clothes to fit. I am proud of myself. You will be strong if you want to change bad enough. Do it for yourself and no one else. Eating the correct way just seems to happen after the band. I made better food choices and eat way less than I would before being banded. I must say I do miss a good chow down I cannot eat a lot of food any more. I will admit to you I still have disordered eating. I am and probably will always be a food addict. The Band has been able to help me control this issue. It is a wonderful tool and if you follow the rules can make you happy and healthy in no time. This is NOT a diet it has become a way of life. I do not take blood pressure meds or pain meds, no more sleep apnea, joint pain, headaches, knee shots, No more worrying about diabetes or not having anything to wear. This is a journey and make the most of it. Set a physical goal and then reach for the stars. I am skiing again never thought that would happen. Best wishes imaluckydog
  5. imaluckydog

    Horrible horrible boil!!!!

    Feel better and best wishes imaluckydog
  6. imaluckydog

    what was I thinking....

    Thanks for sharing I hear your struggle loud and clear. I have needed a little more motivation myself lately. Maintenance has been going just ok for me it is really hard to stay on track if you're not that tight. I can go up ten pounds and down ten pounds in a week. I have been trying to find the balance. It has been soul searching for me. Making sure I get the best foods as I have add back some starchy carbs because I can. Making sure I don't over do it is what I need to look at. I am glad I am not alone, as I continue my life struggle I am happy I am a size 10/12 and not the 24 I used to be. Happy to be alive and glad I can write about it. I would not trade this journey for anything. So very Best wishes imaluckydog
  7. imaluckydog


    Do what is RIGHT for you. I didn't tell anyone, only my family. I have lost 110 pounds and have kept it off for over two years. I eat right and I exercise. I don't talk about myself to others non of their business. I feel great and I just had a breast reduction and tummy tuck and I can say I feel like a model. I look like one too. I love my new body and I feel great about myself. I would get banded again and again if I had too. It worked for me and I worked with my band. I eat small to be small. Best wishes imaluckydog
  8. imaluckydog

    Feeling a little discouraged

    I agree with kelly111 she knows what she is talking about. I was banded June 29, 2009 and have had much success with my band. It is I had to train my mind to eat slower, and lesser amounts of food. If I want to be little, I must also eat little. Make good choices about foods. I eat real not processed, I eat fresh vegetables and always eat my proteins first. I don't eat too much and never drink with a meal. Eat slowly! I have fruit for a snack or a yogurt or low fat cheese stick. Most all I have learned it is a mind over stomach game. Be mindful and you will have success. Best wishes imaluckydog
  9. imaluckydog

    Rough day, temptation abounds

    This is LeeLee TIME. If he does not want to be part of it then that's that's. Allow him to move on you have bigger and better things in store for you my friend. Follow the band rules and make your life is the best one possible and it can and will happen without him. You need to grieve and then move on. Keep blogging it is a way to share with others how you are feeling and I never eat at my computer so that's a good thing. Best wishes and Bravo on your road to success. imaluckydog
  10. imaluckydog

    Happy Friday Bandsters!

    Congrats, I always put a little food on my plate and moved it around with my fork as I walked around and talked to people. No one will be watching you eat. Tell her how delicious everything is. If she says anything just say you have planned all your meals out and you needed to eat at home. She will respect you, that you are not pigging out. I never told any of my friends about my band either. Just hold something and sip slowly. I always hated parties. Now that I have lost over 110 pounds I cant wait to go to them. Food will not be an issue cuz you want to feel good and look great. This is the time to follow all the rules. I did not rush back to work. I enjoyed my four weeks off. I think it depends on the kind of job you have. No lifting you are healing from the inside out. This is the time to pamper yourself. I eat small to be small. It is so amazing how little food we really need to eat to keep our bodies running. Best wishes and have a great weekend too. imaluckydog
  11. imaluckydog

    Looked at my calendar today and WHAT? Its been a year already?

    I am banded two years now and I love your story. I also try to find ways to fool my band. Hehehe ... But as you know we really can't do that for long. My band always will get the best of me and let me know who is in charge. I love my band and my new body. Happy Bandversary to you and keep blogging you are an inspiration to all of us out here in Bandlandia. Best wishes imaluckydog
  12. imaluckydog

    2 1/2 weeks post op

    This tool will start when you start to work with it. Eat less...Drink water slowly. First get your head on properly and cop a positive attitude that you want this to work for you!! Have your entire body, mind and soul in ready ACTION to this I mean every second of every day be ready. You must want to lose, you must think like a loser and you will be a loser. I have gained with this band it can be done YES you can gain. May I recommend you want to lose more than gain. You will feel so much better. I do know what I am taking about. I have lost 110 pounds and I just had my 2 year Bandversary. I feel really good now and my MOTO is to eat small to be small. Eat real food, not too much mostly plants, with protiens first. I am small today. Best wishes on your journey. imaluckydog
  13. imaluckydog

    June 18

  14. 2 Years out... Try and Remember Where has the Time Gone? I remember being FAT! I sometimes think I am still FAT!! I remember wanting to be banded and I could not wait! I remember wanting to lose weight and I could not wait! I remember my sleep apnea and machine and could not wait for it to go away! I remember packing up the apnea machine and tossing it away forever! I remember taking blood pressure medicine and could not wait to get off that stuff! I remember canceling the order for my Blood pressure meds! I remember the shots in my knee and the pain not being able to walk! I remember wanting people to notice I have lost weight, I could not wait to be noticed! I remember wanting my first fill and I could not wait! I remember wanting my un fills and there have been many, I could not wait! I remember wanting to just eat all the foods I love, I could not wait! I remember not wanting to exsercise and hoping the weight would come off! I remember starting to exsercise and having the weight fall off while I slept! I remember snacking and eating those things we as bandsters should not! I remember making a food plan and sticking to it mindfully! I remember the mistakes I have made, and could not wait to fix them! I remember not wanting to go skiing as I could not bend over and buckle my boots! I remember going skiing again for the first time in 20 years, been skiing now for 2 years! I remember my fear of flying because I could not sit in the set comfortably! I remember going on a plane and feeling small in the seat I still have the memories! I remember waking up in the morning and committing to a healthful and happy day! I remember the power of a positive attitude, it has change my life! I remember feeling my body and not ever remembering how it felt thin! I remember the excess skin hanging off me and I can not wait to have it removed! I remember making the appointment for skin removal! I can not wait! I remember thinking what is Abdominolasty, Panniculectomy, I can not wait! I remember the life decision I made to be banded, I would do it all over again! I remember just two years ago and now the excess skin will be removed, I can not wait! I remember being denied by the insurance, I did not have all the correct paper work! I remember being patent and re submitting the paper work and got approval today! I remember blogging for the first time and wanting anyone to respond, I could not wait! I will get my Nip and Tuck on June 27, 201. I can not wait! I am just a little worried about the recovery, I hope I can bounce back, I can not wait! My two year Bandversary is right around the corner banded on June 29, 2009 I wish everyone who is starting out on their journey all the best to you and I can not wait to hear from you. imaluckydog
  15. imaluckydog

    2 Years out... Try and Remember Where has the Time Gone?

    I am going for my Pre-Op appointments tomorrow. Two weeks from my Nip and Tuck! I watched all the procedures on youtube. Well, I am not sure I am ready for all this but it's a good thing I will be put under!!!! I am just not going to think too much about it and just show up!!! I know six weeks after I will be feeling myself again. Getting it all done at once is scary. Thanks for all the kind words, you are my LB family. Best wishes imaluckydog xoxoxoxoxox
  16. imaluckydog

    One day at a time

    Best wishes, everything will be fine, I was also scared. I was banded June 29,2009 and have lost 110 pounds. It has been an amazing adventure and journey to say the least. The most I can say is I love my band and I am a new and healthier person today. Follow all the rules and keep up with all of the appointments. Keep blogging it help get the weight off. Good luck imaluckydog :-)
  17. imaluckydog

    I cheated

    Good thing you owned it! NOW LET IT GO! This is not a diet. It never will be once you are banded you will need to eat to keep yourself alive so make choices to ensure health. This is a new way of life and it is all about the choices you make. I would have also beaten myself up. This is life and in real life we need to eat. Food of all kinds. It may have been an emotional handful of whatever. It is still life. We all need to learn how to deal with whatever comes our way. I was banded on June 29, 2009. My journey has been successful. I have keep off 110 pounds and I try to make healthy choices. I have learned it is how I think about the food I eat and the choices I make. I think a lot about the food I put into my mouth before it gets there. I have been know to send food back and change my mind. After a while you will know what and how much you can eat of something. Keeping the emotional aspect of food under control was always harder for me. I am and always will be an emotional eater. Best wishes on your journey. imaluckydog
  18. imaluckydog

    Glad to have such issues...

    I went to a second hand store and found some great deals. I bought things I would never pay a lot of money for and I got designer names for way less. By the way I went from a size 24 plus on a good day to a size 10. Lost 110 pounds. I think we owe it to ourselves to feel good and look good at any size. Many of the things I found still had tags on them and had never been worn. It is expensive to drop all those sizes. I feel so much better now and I know I am way healthier. Best wishes imaluckydog
  19. imaluckydog

    Day 1 of a new life.... Didn't go so smoothly

    Days it took me 2 weeks before I felt great. Congrats on your new journey. Follow all bandster rules and take the time you need to heal remember you are healing from the inside out now. Go slow! I am now maintaining a 110 pound weight loss and I am skinny. I am a little over a year out. I never thought that would ever be skinny. I love my new energy level and zest for life. I was miserable at first but kept a positive outlook on everything. Best wishes imaluckydog Ps Keep blogging EVERYDAY. It helps so must to stay connected to others.
  20. imaluckydog

    It's a false alarm - I'm just fine!

    Best wishes and glad to hear the good news. I have had a few little situations and it can be very worrisome. Oh happy day. Best wishes imaluckydog
  21. It took me a year before I made my choice to have my LB done. I should have not waited. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY did I say Happy? With my weight lose with my LB. It is a tool that I can work with. I was banded June 29, 2009, I am now over a year and have maintained 110 pounds of weight loss. I wear a size 10/12 and people call me skinny. I feel great and have had an amazing journey. Best thing I ever did for myself. Best wishes on your journey. imaluckydog
  22. imaluckydog

    Listed Under BEST BLOGS!! Thanks to all of YOU!

    That is so cool! Yes your blog is great. I read it all the time. We have had amazing journey's together. Best wishes and have a great day. imaluckydog
  23. imaluckydog

    *?♫ Its not you, Its me! ♫?*

    Best wishes on your bandland journey. imaluckydog
  24. imaluckydog

    my tummy tuck

    Best wishes to you. I went and had my first consult for tummy and breast and I am a "GO" patient due to how short I am and how much I have lost. That makes me happy I have been a year out but I am going to wait until next summer to make it two years. I have lost over 100 pounds How much have you lost? My skin is so jiggly. Are you nervous? I am.....Oh happy Day imaluckydog
  25. imaluckydog

    Extreme Craving!

    Lets face the facts here!!! It's NOT REAL. It is not a real food. I know what you are experiencing and it stinks, it is so hard, and our minds are so strong. I was banded June 29, 2009. I have NOT had a soda or carbonated drink since that day. Over a year. Yes, I miss it sometimes. It took about 2 weeks maybe a little longer to be free of the cravings. I wanted one just like you do. It was like a drug for me. It is NOT real. The sooner you are free of all the chemicals in the convenience products the BETTER you are going to be. I have lost 110 pounds and I eat REAL FOOD, not too much, mostly plants with PROTEINS first. You will have Success if you follow the rules. Best wishes on your Journey Just say NO one soda thought at a time. Best wishes imaluckydog

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