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  1. Happy 28th Birthday Kristy

  2. Happy 27th Birthday Kristy

  3. change

    Im A May Sleever!

    Debi, I am currently on soft foods until next tuesday when I meet with my nutritionist and surgeon. For the most part I get my protein from Protein shakes, scrambled eggs, chicken, greek yogurt, and cheeses. I'm trying to stay pretty strict with getting in all my protein and fluids but I'm not that good at hitting my goals yet for either of them. I think one of the reasons for me not losing right now is I'm not having enough calories so I'm trying to focus on that for now. I think your medication could definitely be a cause for your slower loss. You should check with your NUT or surgeon for a more solid answer. I hope that helps.
  4. change

    Im A May Sleever!

    Hi Debi, Just wanted to let you know that I am right with you. I was also sleeved on 5/15 and I have lost 19 lbs since surgery; however, including my preop diet I am down a total of 36 lbs. Did you lose anything preop? I've been counting my preop because if not I feel like I would also be a little disappointed with just my 19 lbs. I understand how you feel.
  5. change

    Red Lobster

    Hey shrinkinmama, I actually went there last friday and my husband ordered a steak that came with mashed potatoes and it also came with a grilled skewer of shrimp, so I just had a couple of the shrimp from his meal. But my original plan was to order shrimp scampi. I had a TINY bite of one of the biscuits because who can resist them?? lol Hope that helps!
  6. change

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    This was hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing!
  7. change

    Sleep Study Requirement?

    I was required by my surgeon to have a sleep study done and I have no symptoms at all (not even snoring)! I tried to get out of it a couple of times, but the surgeons office kept insisting that I have it done. My surgeon had me have one done because I told her that my dad had sleep apnea and he uses the CPAP machine, but I didn't think it was needed because I knew I didn't have it. Then I tried to call again to see if I really had to go (because like you said Bufflehead it it not cheap to have these tests done) and they told me that everyone who had a BMI over 50 had to get it done. That was the first time I heard that, but anyways I ended up having it done and $700 Later (that is my portion after insurance covered some of the cost) they told me I did not have sleep apnea. I hope you can get out of it since you really feel you don't need it.
  8. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    Sure you can join our secret group Just go to Facebook and search for "Sharon Ivanauskas" (She is the one who started the group so she knows how to add people) You can add her as a friend and then she will add you to our group. Just send her a message and let her know that you got her name from this site and that you are sleeved in May so she knows why you are asking her to be your friend.
  9. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    Ok, no problem. I just sent it.
  10. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    @donna - for some reason the email address u gave doesn't wanna go through. Do u have another or double check the spelling.
  11. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    Sorry for the delay! You've got mail!! I sent the file to everyone please let me know if u didn't receive it.
  12. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    Forensikchic- I will be home a little later an will email it to you
  13. change

    Weight Loss Chart

    @candyman- thanks! @soon2be- I will send it to you as soon as I get home. I just left work at 4 so I will get it to u sometime tonight promise!
  14. Hey everyone! I recently posted this on our May Sleevers Secret Facebook Page, but I thought some people on here might be interested in it as well. I have always been obsessed with organizing and making charts for everything!! So I made up a chart so that I can visually see how much weight I have lost and appreciate every single pound! I personally feel great when I get to take my marker and cross off another number that I know I will NEVER see again!!!! On the left side of my chart I pretty much made a countdown from my highest weight to my goal weight so that each time I lose a pound I can cross off the number!! (It makes me happy....what can I say) lol Then on the right side I broke it down by my weekly weigh in and then a monthly total from now until December. I attached a pic of the blank example and also the one I have currently filled out. I created this in excel so if anyone is interested I can email it to you so you can alter it and create your own!! let me know what you think!
  15. change

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Hi everybody! I hadn't updated either! My surgery was Tuesday, May 15th and I've been doing really well. I was released on wednesday to go home and just been on clears. I also have that heavy feeling in the chest but it just comes and goes. Overall I'm feeling great!