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  1. acopas

    Found a new protein drink

    Alpine Punch...I tried it, grape, and I think a green apple. I could barely stand drinking them. I did just to get in the protein, but I'd never repurchase. I liked the Premier Protein Clear drinks which have 20 grams of protein before surgery but couldn't drink them right after post-op. I still have a ton of them at home.
  2. acopas

    Bougie size

    My surgeon uses a 32F (loose). This is his standard for everyone. I'm almost 8 weeks out and can tolerate about 1.5 ounces of food at one time.
  3. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Just checking in; yesterday was 7 weeks post-op. When I weighed in, I'm down 32.1lbs since surgery and 75.5 pounds since I started my extended pre-op 8 weeks before surgery. It's still a struggle to get all the protein and fluids in. I get full on about 1.2 ounces of meat; if I push to 1.5ounces, I feel terrible and/or actually get sick. Non-scale wise, I was able to shop with my teenage daughter for back to school without my back bothering me or needing to stop for a break. I'm keeping up with my 3 year old better as well thought she's a wild child. I've bought a few clothing items and I'm down 3 pant sizes.
  4. acopas

    Athletic Shoe Suggestions

    We have local stores that will watch you walk and suggest shoes based on your foot and gait. For me, Brooks Glycerin were the best for me based on how my foot strikes the ground (Supination). I have very turned out feet when I stand naturally and to compensate I tend to roll my weight to the outer edge of my foot following a heel strike. Also, look at the mileage rating on the shoe. Most shoes should be replaced around 300-400 miles of wear. If you track steps 10000 steps is about 4.5 to 5 miles depending on your gait. If you hit that six days a week, you are putting 27-30 miles on your shoes each week, so they would need to be replaced every 10 - 15 weeks.
  5. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    I see this image shared often on other support sites about the 2-3 week weight loss.
  6. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Doing fine on energy. I've been back to work since 5 days post-op, keeping up with my teen and toddler just fine. I don't seem to be dehydrated even though I'm not getting much fluids.
  7. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    I'm two weeks out from surgery today and 100% not interested in any food/liquids. My sense of smell seems to be increased and most smells are making me feel nauseated. I have another 8/9 days left on liquids before I can move on to soft foods. I had been looking forward to that, but even know I'd be okay not eating ever again. Currently, I'm struggling to get in one Fairlife shake a day and about 4oz of soup.
  8. acopas

    Having fun working out...WHAT?!?!?!

    So for 44, heart target range is about 122-148.
  9. acopas

    Having fun working out...WHAT?!?!?!

    Great job! One suggestion that I’d say is that during your treadmill time, start doing intervals. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but you’ll burn calories longer (after workout) by doing them. You are trying to get your heart to about 70-85% of max during the interval. Not sure if your age, but for 35 y/o that’s about 130-157. When I first started my base speed and incline was 3.0mph and an incline of 3. I’d stay there for about 3 minutes and then push my speed to 3.5 and incline to 6 for 30 seconds. As I got stronger, I’d increase the time I spent at the higher speed/incline until I was at a minute.
  10. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Are you taking any acid blockers? My doctor sends us home on them because the stomach acid can trigger ‘hunger’.
  11. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    So for my surgeon, we are on clear liquids for the first 9 days post op-followed by two weeks of full liquid. Calories the first week are slim to none. I was lucky if I got in 200-300 calories a day. He encourage walking often, but actually going out to walk for the purpose of exercise isn’t encouraged beyond 15-with p minutes a day. Today started my first day of full liquids, so I’m at 300 calories and 60 grams of protein currently. I’ll probably do some type of soup for dinner, so I won’t get much more protein.
  12. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Awesome that you are back at it. My surgeon only allows 15-20 minute walk in the first 15 days; I'm at day 9 now, but plan on heading back to the gym next week.
  13. This is why researching ANY physician is important. I work in the medical field in the US and believe me, we all have doctors that we wouldn’t see due to their surgical outcomes. However, this video is fear-mongering at best. 3 out of tens of thousands; that complication rate isn’t out of the norm for any surgery regardless of location. The two men also had Lap-Band procedures which are no longer performed anywhere that I’m aware of due to the complications. People in the US had the same issues. The woman had a terrible surgeon.
  14. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    I felt pretty tender through day four. Day 5, I woke up and felt so much better. I went to work and did great. Now my only discomfort (1 week out) is just upon standing initially and when my 3 y/o or dog steps on my stomach.
  15. acopas

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Doing okay today?

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