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  1. Mikissa

    4 months in and 51 lbs down

    It's been four months and I've lost 51lbs. I feel like it's sorta slow but it's really not that bad.
  2. Mikissa

    Three months in and 40lbs down

    I feel like my weight loss has been slow but when I actually count it up, it's not too bad. I knew it would be slower than the gastric bypass which seemed too radical to me. I've really tried the past few weeks to get to the 40 lb mark. 50lbs is my first real celebration goal. I cannot wait for that day. Maybe it's not too far off in the future.
  3. Thanks for your comment. My hubby said the same exact thing. I also wanted to congratulate you for being so close to your goal. I will get there one day. Mikissa
  4. I was working out in the gym last week and I heard two body builders next to me make a joke about fat people working out. I heard them yell "Cow" out and it didn't really hit me until later in the week. I was incredulous that they would actually laugh about that while right next to me. I guess I've got to develop a thick skin but I shouldn't have to. I pay alot of money to work out there just like they do... only I pay more for a trainer.
  5. Mikissa

    Eight weeks in and thirty two lbs down

    I know how excited you must be for your surgery. Best of luck. Let me hear from you on your progress.
  6. Mikissa

    Eight weeks in and thirty two lbs down

    I just got weighed at the Dr. and I am 32lbs lighter. It's just been 8 weeks since my surgery. I'm pretty pleased with those results. I just wish it would come off faster. I know that is a good result though.
  7. Mikissa

    My third visit to get adjusted

    They took out .05cc b/c I was getting sick fairly often. They said that it shouldn't be a struggle to eat. I do feel like I'm able to eat better now but I seem like an bottomless hole down there where I can't fill it up now. I guess that's from where it was too tight and now I have to get used to the extra play that I have.
  8. I get my third fill on July 13th. I have really slowed down my eating and most likely will not ask them to add any more to my band. I've lost 30lbs in six weeks. I've slowed now but expect that to come and go. Good luck to you on your fill.
  9. I go each week but I HATE going. I have paid money for a trainer who is quite nice and does a good job but I can't help but hate the gym. I wish I never had to step foot in there again.
  10. Mikissa

    Woes of 2nd fill

    Thanks. Good info to know about. I appreciate the time you took to write. Melissa
  11. Mikissa

    Woes of 2nd fill

    Well, I got my second fill and was excited until I tried to eat solid food and then lost my meal. It was a single scrambled egg. Maybe I was just swollen but I lost another meal night before last only this time it was my fault. I ate pulled pork barbecue and didn't chew it and eat in tiny pieces like they preach to you so much. I was sick all night. I drank liquids for a day or two and then today I tried food again. I ate sausage but this time I chewed and chewed and put my fork down between bites. I was able to eat between a half cup to a whole cup. It's hard to measure sausage links. So far so good.:smile: Down 30lbs in 6 wks.
  12. Mikissa

    2nd Fill today

    Well, I got my second fill in today so I'm feeling pretty good about it. I hope that I'm in the sweet spot zone now. I should be close. I hate not being able to eat real food every time I have a fill. I want to see how I handle food.:thumbup: That's about it for today's news. Now off to get my haircut.
  13. Mikissa

    First 20lbs down

    Its week four and I've lost 20lbs. I feel good about it but wish that I could lose more. I guess it is healthier to lose it slowly but I have been discouraged along the way. Not having an adequate scale can be part of the frustration.
  14. Mikissa

    Still going to the gym

    I hate going but at least I am. I feel like everybody is staring b/c I'm the largest person in there but I have to be true to myself.
  15. Sure. You got it. Send me a friend request and I'll approve it. I couldn't find where to approve it on yours. Good luck. Mikissa
  16. Mikissa

    NSV: no seatbelt extender needed!

    That is so awesome. I am looking forward to that NSV myself. I can report that my wedding ring is sliding on and off again with relative ease. It was just swollen around my finger. Not bad for being banded less than a month. :thumbup: You Go Girl!!! Keep it up. I hope to follow you soon.
  17. Mikissa

    Discouraged at my progress

    I haven't even had my first fill (which is tomorrow) and I'm gaining some of the weight I lost. I haven't even cheated on what I'm supposed to eat and I feel like I'm failing. My hubby says I'll lose more when I can be released to work out plus have my adjustment. I sure hope he is right. I don't know what I'll do if I don't start losing faster. Argggg :frown:
  18. Mikissa

    My first fill

    I had my first fill yesterday. It wasn't bad at all. I was so worried for nothing. I had heard that but until you've experienced it, you just don't know. On a good note, I did work out at the gym yesterday. I was feeling like I would NEVER go back after my first session but I'm paying for a trainer and I have to hold myself accountable for going if I'm going to get this weight off.:smile2:
  19. Mikissa

    Post Op Day 3 / Joined a gym

    Well, I have been moving around to keep the soreness down and it has worked beautifully. Two days ago was the surgery and I came home and didn't even lay down. I got up feeling better the next day and even quite a lot better this morning. Can't wait for tomorrow to get here. I also joined a gym tonight. I feel like a crazy person but I'm trying to invest in this lifestyle change.
  20. Mikissa

    Post Op Day 3 / Joined a gym

    Great advice. I joined but I haven't done any exercise until I get a release to do the exercise there. Onward slowly is right on the money.
  21. Mikissa

    Post Op Day 3 / Joined a gym

    Yes your correct. I just joined but haven't done anything there until I get a release from my Dr to do the exercise there. :)
  22. Mikissa

    13 Days Post Op

    Well, it finally happened. I threw up a meal. I had a pork chop and some asparagus and I scarfed it down. I had been to the Dr. for some blood work and was starving. I hadn't had any food. I didn't chew my food and take lil bites like I was supposed to. What else can I say but that it's my fault.
  23. Mikissa

    13 Days Post Op

    I can't believe we both did on the same day. I've heard rice and bread are hard to eat. I guess after hearing your story, I won't try it. Thanks for the heads up.

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