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    gabybab got a reaction from PepperCat in Gastritis is it common post op?   
    I'm not sure, but wanted to say I'm 7.5 months post-op and I'm having a egd next month. I've had chronic upset stomach and nausea since surgery. My PA thinks it could be this. Not sure how to cure or treat it?
    I try to take protonix everyday, but sometimes I forget. Doesn't seem to help.
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    gabybab got a reaction from MegHealthy in Asking older sleevers, did I make a mistake?   
    I just wanted to update that I have begun losing weight again. I have lost 5 pounds this past 10 days or so. Stalls are so crazy scary and no matter all the posts on here about it, I know in my head they happen. I see them a lot and think to my self, Wow they need to relax, it will come off. It's hard to weigh repeatedly the same weight for over 2 weeks and not get freaked out that this might be the end. Thank you all for listening and responding!!💗
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    gabybab got a reaction from MegHealthy in Asking older sleevers, did I make a mistake?   
    In 10 days it will be 5 months. I'm concerned because I only lost 5 pounds in June and only 1 pound so far this month. It seems bad habits are creeping back.
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    gabybab reacted to Ilianamarie30 in Two weeks till surgery!   
    I start my two week liquid diet today. Oct 21 is my surgery date. Any helpful suggestions to get through the next two weeks would be appreciated!!!!
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    gabybab reacted to Bari_KS in Thrive by Le-vel   
    Thrive is MLM/pyramid scheme. Similar to Herbalife etc. Their main idea is not a product but a concept of recruiting as many members as possible. Simple look up on Google would provide more information.
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    gabybab reacted to Mark1107 in Nervous Excited Anxious Happy Sad - Surgery in 9 hours...   
    Hey everyone,
    I went to my PCP on 2/18/19. I weighed 298 lbs at 6 tall. I was huge. Depressed, sleep deprived, eating disordered etc. My Dr. recommended me to the options program at Kaiser. 12 weeks of weekly classes to see if I was ready for the surgery. During those 12 weeks I researched weight loss drugs, and went on Metformin every morning and Bupropion x2 a day. I immediately lost interest in food and over the 12 weeks lost 45 lbs. I'm not diabetic but very hypertensive and sleep apnea severe. They approved me with no out of pocket costs for the surgery tomorrow at 7 am PST.
    The reason I'm doing the surgery is that I have a 3 year old daughter, and I want to be around for her. I'm late 40's and sick and tired of being sick and tired. My Dr. requires a liquid diet for 2 days before the surgery. I had five fast food dreams last night and dreams about chocolate candy bars and dreams about triscuits and cheese plates, etc. I cant believe I didn't struggle for 12 weeks of losing 45 lbs but 2 days of no solid food and its a huge struggle. Clear Liquid Protein, broth and lots of caffeine.
    I got really irritable at dinner time tonight and was frustrated. Even after losing 45 lbs I still ate unhealthy and had trouble controlling my appetite and had serious unhealthy disordered food cravings etc.
    The frustrating part was after losing 45lbs the teachers in my weight classes and my pcp and my specialists were all like why are you doing this? You are now on the border of obese and look really good. They all tried to talk me out of it!
    My Bariatric surgeon was very supportive and immediately scheduled my surgery. I'm excited and nervous. The really hard part is that not eating solid food for the last 2 days has been difficult and made me want to regress and go back to junk food! I didnt and I'm ready for the surgery but I hope my taste buds change and I become much healthier and practice mindful present eating habits. I know the Metformin and Bupropion were temporary battles won but not the war - which is why I signed up and I'm ready for surgery.
    I have my sugar free popsicles, and Premiere Protein clear gatorade looking bottles and my Vitamins and crystal light sugar free.
    I'm ready to win the war and this is a battle I knowingly go into with open eyes and a clear heart. I hope the surgery really helps the anger and depression and manipulative hormones that emanate from my stomach when it doesnt get its fast food or junk food fix.
    I want to enjoy not having an appetite and eating small healthy portions of healthy food.
    I want to be the 190 lbs guy from my college days. I have broad shoulders and a football players body and played in college but really just get healthy again.
    Two things I enjoy in moderation is 1 cup of coffee a day and once a month having a drink of alcohol or two socially. I hope I can regain both of those in the year after the surgery.
    I don't care about the junk food, fast food, and sugary or fried food. I hope I don't ever want those again. (My stomach is talking now) literally 8 hours before the surgery!
    PS I hope losing weight helps the sleep apnea and lessens it, since the cpap doesnt work very well. I also hope to stop the 4 blood pressure drugs I'm on as well.

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    gabybab reacted to april042019 in Shopping NSV!!   
    Heyy guys! I hope everyone's doing well!
    I have good news! It may not be much but I'm super excited so i'm sharing!!
    So for a while now I've only been wearing leggings because my old size 24 jeans had been slipping off so much and became impossible to wear. Anyway, even my leggings (3x) became too baggy for my liking so I decided to go shopping! I was at costco and they had these cute leggings with pockets that I loved but the only size left was an XL and they also had these turtle neck shirts that are really cute and only $5 but only had an XL as well so I got them both thinking that I could probably wear them in a month or two when they'd fit. I also went to the mall and got two pairs of jeans, a 16 (that I thought would BARELY fit) to wear now and a 14 to wear in a couple months.
    When I got home I tried them all on, including the size 14 jeans I bought for later and GUESS WHAT! They all fit perfectly!! SO EXCITED!! 😁
    (sorry for the cropping and coloring my room's a mess and so are my toes 😂 😬)
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    gabybab reacted to Sami Al Masri in February 2019 Sleevers?   
    Hey Feb Sleevers, how is everyone hanging so far? I've lost almost 125 lbs since 24th Feb, and its going great.
    Is anyone else starting to grow an appetite to nibble anything now and then?
    Attached is a photo for my current progress.

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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Okay guys so today is my 8 month surgiversary.

    My GW is 155, and true to form (me being more of the tortoise than the hare)
    I’ve fallen 1 pound SHORT of goal for this date.

    Am I gonna let it stop me or discourage me?
    Nope! In fact I’m doubling down this week bc my bday is in 10 days and maybe I can at least hit my goal by my secondary GW date.

    Never give up!

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    gabybab reacted to Recidivist in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Hi, all. I got access to a scale today and am now down to 138 pounds. As many of you have said, I could never have imagined being this weight six months ago. I was realistically hoping to get to between 170 to 180 and would have been happy with that result.
    I'm attaching a recent photo from my trip to Stockholm. (Please note that I'm not showing off a cute outfit in this picture.) What you can't see here is the loose skin all over my body--but I certainly prefer that to weighing 100 pounds more!

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    gabybab reacted to JAKE H in face to face friday!!   
    Lets see the transformations in your face!!!

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    gabybab got a reaction from VANILLASUCKS in Insurance   
    2 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months 1 year and annually after that. Ask if they offer a cash discount if you pay the same day. Good luck!
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    gabybab reacted to Goody222 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    We really are surgery twins we have the same surgery date and the same starting weight! I hope the EGD helps. It really is difficult when you are unable to eat . By this time you just want to feel normal.

    i feel you on the loose skin, I try to suck in my stomach most of the time but doggone it, I have to breathe. I still have about 40 to 45 pounds to lose. I am hoping my stomach goes away with those 45 pounds.

    Lets take a moment acknowledge the fact that you lost 87 pounds! That is amazing, I looked at some of my original post and I wrote something like if I lose 90 pounds in six months, I will be dancing down the street! Here we are. Did you think you would ever be able to say, I lost 87 pounds in seven months or so? I

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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I ❤️ this post!

    Losing 87 pounds is crazy good progress!

    I’m feeling you on the excess skin.
    I’m kinda bummed to realize that for me to truly achieve ALL of my goals, then skin removal might have to be in my future. I’m almost beyond any hope that the places that are really loose and saggy are going to fix themselves, but for now I’m going to take it one day at a time.

    I posted this in the OOTD thread, but I’m pretty excited bc an outfit I ordered came in and the weather finally turned cool enough for me to start wearing tights and boots.

    If you would’ve told me that I’d be wearing size medium 8 months ago I would’ve danced and not stop dancing.
    Now I try to not be upset about having to wear the tights to keep the extra skin sag from showing because it means what used to fill out all that extra skin is now gone

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    gabybab reacted to 200PoundsGone in Halloween Costume..   
    I haven’t tried on a costume in years, mainly because I could never fit anything. For some reason this one is so symbolic to me. I wanted the girls to dress up in a incredible costume but they had other ideas of what they wanted to be this year. Maybe next year 😂
    Do we like it 👍🏽 or NO 👎🏽

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    gabybab reacted to elcee in CHEWABLE MULTIVITAMINS???   
    The BN chewables are so gross I managed to take them for 2 weeks and then switched to the BN capsules.
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    gabybab got a reaction from Sheribear68 in Changes in relationships PO   
    That's too bad, Sheri! I think people that are mo have a hard time dealing with someone else taking care of themselves. She probably would have a hard time looking at you and being happy that you are losing and she is not. Don't take it personally!
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    gabybab reacted to ldawn in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Check out my hair growing back! I lost a lot of hair all over, but I’d say almost 80% of my bangs fell out.

  19. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Oh and I totally forgot in my excitement of reaching
    I’ve lost 100 pounds since I started my pre-surgery appointments last July.

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    gabybab reacted to AZhiker in My lipids are high   
    Your triglycerides will probably drop off quickly by being off carbs. Your HDL should increase significantly as you start exercising more. However, the total cholesterol may actually increase while you are in the weight loss stage. It has to do with the fat breaking down and how the liver is handling all that load. Don't worry about it. Once you are in maintenance for a while, it should normalize. Keep exercising to keep your HDL up, which is protective against heart disease.
  21. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Guys I’m so excited

    Not at goal yet, but I FINALLY am at a “normal” BMI

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    gabybab got a reaction from GreenTealael in My lipids are high   
    My lipids are higher now than before surgery. Just got my results. How can I lower them? Any suggestions?
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    gabybab got a reaction from Sheribear68 in Changes in relationships PO   
    That's too bad, Sheri! I think people that are mo have a hard time dealing with someone else taking care of themselves. She probably would have a hard time looking at you and being happy that you are losing and she is not. Don't take it personally!
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    gabybab got a reaction from PlanetHopper in Pre and Post surgery resources   
    I use my fitness pal as well. Also I use a Fitbit and pair the two apps.
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    gabybab reacted to catwoman7 in DS reaction to sugar   
    no - RNY is different. It's a gastric (i.e., stomach) bypass - although a small part of the small intestine is bypassed with the RNY, too. The DS has a sleeve stomach + most of the small intestine bypassed.

    converting from VSG (sleeve) to DS is very straightforward. VSG is essentially phase 1 of the DS - so you already have that. They'd just add the intestinal bypass part of it (phase 2) to do your DS.

    conversion from RNY to DS is very complicated. They have to take down the RNY, then do a sleeve stomach, and then do the intestinal bypass. Not many surgeons do this surgery.