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  1. fruits and veggies are like a waste of space!!! I mean I know they aren't but its just super hard! My doc actually said very little about liquid calories... protein, water and supplements seemed to be the main concern.
  2. Def need to start keep track again. Hopefully u ladies will hold me accountable! Yesterday: B- 2oz smoked turkey sausage, 1 egg, 1/2 cup grits, tsp margarine L- low carb veggie lasagna... yum! D- a bunch of random stuf from whole foods, 1pc falaffel, 1/8 cup hummus, collard greens, 4 oz turkey, 2 mini quiche snacks- post workout protein shake, 17 soy crisps, golden Oreos :biggrin:
  3. Im excited to try the salmon
  4. SweetZ

    Share your Blogs....

    hey theres a thread like this that a lot of people have listed there's on... make sure you add yours! http://www.lapbandtalk.com/f178/blogs-anyone-wanna-share-theirs-me-102277/
  5. SweetZ

    PMS + Cravings...killing weight loss.

    O hear you ladies...I always want something super duper rich like fudgey brownies or Blue Bell... man it sucks
  6. SweetZ


    So I'm sure there is a thread like this already, but I can't find it, and I always like fresh ideas. Here's the situation... I need to go buy food, mainly for Breakfast and snacking while not spending too much. I try to stick to the low-carb/low-sugar formula because that worked for me when I was really losing earlier in the year. Also, please remember I am on a STRICT BUDGET, so wallet friendly suggestions are key...
  7. SweetZ

    Protein, Protein, Protein...

    They told me the same thing. And When I got the 80 I really noticed a difference. I make 1 shake a day that I keep in the fridge and sip on all day long. When i don't feel like a shake I drink an isopure. I also make a mean chili that is practically ALL protein once a week.
  8. SweetZ

    The FAILboat is sailing.....

    V... sounds like we're in the same boat. Since I graduated I haven't had a steady place to call home or job so I fell off completely! Let me know if you find some motivation cause I need it too girl. I'm consuming way too much fast food and I think Im gaining. Kepp coming on here though. Maybe this is where we can get the support we need!
  9. SweetZ

    HELP, Please advise - Not losing any weight,

    What have you been doing as far as meals and exercise?
  10. Thursday was my last day!!! Thank GOD! Good luck ladies... PRAY!
  11. SweetZ

    Good food while on the run

    You can pre-make wraps. That's what I have been doing on days that I have class. And you can be really creative and put whatever you want on it! My favorite is a mexi-wrap: whole wheat tortilla LF CReam cheese (replaces mayo!!) Salsa chicken lettuce and sprinld some mexican cheese
  12. SweetZ

    New favorite!

    I lost about 10 before surgery... the rest is since 12/18 and its a drink... just add to Water. I found it at my dietitian's office but here's the website. I think you can cal in to order as well. Health Wise, Fruit drinks
  13. SweetZ

    For the singles here... Just do this..

    hey everyone... I'm 22 and a senior in college with no kids or real commitments. banded on 12/18/08 and I am extremely single... but extra CUTE!
  14. Thanks... so can I steal the Holiday Hotties Banner now?
  15. the diets suck... I'll pray for you.

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