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  1. ElleRodri

    Food Before and After Photos

    that looks drool worthy!!!!! I've gotta figure out how I'm going to modify all my baking! I get dumping syndrome with too much sugar or fat... and I cook with a lot of butter generally so this is a huge shift for me. But that's pretty!!
  2. ElleRodri

    Not getting your test results

    My surgeon just would send in a HIPAA form and request records for me so I got a copy of mine that way
  3. My psych didn't seem concerned about any of my meds after surgery. Just that I took them. He had to switch my wellbutrin to immediate release but that was the only change he made to my medications. My mood stabilizer is supposed to be taken with food to be absorbed properly and I don't manage that very well and it's apparent. 2.5 weeks out from my surgery and my husband is already ready to divorce me because of my mood fluctuations and grumpusness.
  4. ElleRodri

    Do you have a piercing?

    I have several piercings and tattoos. I guess I just like needles haha. Nose, ears, daith, and nipples are the only thing I ever wear jewelry in. Once in a bluemoon I put something in my eyebrow just to see if it's closed yet...it hasn't. Right now I have plastic in all of mine still, except for my nose, from surgery since you'll have to take out any metal piercings for procedures and MRIs. My piercer doesn't charge for retainer pieces as long as she is the one that does the jewelry change. Most piercers will charge a nominal fee for a jewelry change (Most I've ever paid is $10 and that was because they had to use a taper on my daith) Once they're all fully healed jewelry changes yourself aren't too bad. Nostril takes between 6-12 months to fully heal, cartilage piercings. I have entirely too many holes in my ear to count and some keloids from trying to save a piercing I wasn't meant for.
  5. ElleRodri

    Surgery Dates in September 2023

    9/11. Counting down the days until it's here and feeling underprepared and overstressed
  6. ElleRodri

    September 2023 Surgery buddies

    It's an electrolyte drink powder. It's supposed to hydrate better because of the salts and electrolytes in it. Definitely an acquired taste, been trying to get used to it since they told me it was on my doctor's must-have list. If you're salt sensitive like I am it's like drinking seawater with some of the flavors but I'm super picky too so that probably doesn't help either.
  7. ElleRodri

    September 2023 Surgery buddies

    The more the merrier I say! We need all the support we can get
  8. Sending you hopes of losing! There is such a great community here I'm finding and it's wonderful making all of these new interwebs friends
  9. THANK YOU! That's one that I hadn't run across in all my internet browsing. I am sure I'll get more information from my care team as we get closer and I go through these upcoming classes and appointments. Mayo Clinic seems to be pretty good, I'm just excited to find a surgeon that would help (weight loss is just a side effect of the surgery, I'm actually having it to fix my GERD again) I had a GERD surgery in 2005 and the wrap has started to come undone so everything causes acid and if I don't eat enough soon enough and the acid builds too much I go into non-stop vomiting for days until it works it's way out of my system, think severe food poisoning complete with hospital trips, I have entirely too many medical issues, I'm praying that these "co-morbidities" go away with the weight.
  10. ElleRodri


    I love looking at everyone's before and afters and their OOTD. I can't wait until after my procedure to come hang out in the lounge with y'all, haha. Both dresses look amazing!!!! and those vintage-looking heels are spectacular!!! I need more reasons to get dressed up. But at this point, it kills my back and knees too much to wear 50% of the shoes in my closet because heels and I just don't get along these days. I've been putting off a purge for a while. Just might have to wait a while yet because I have some spectacular iridescent heels I'm dying to wear again and once the weight is off, theoretically, I should feel better! Here's to hoping I get thin enough and well enough to wear them again! I get so tickled seeing everyone's progression.
  11. I'm having the surgery in September, if you're still looking for a buddy let me know. And if any of you other ladies need a buddy hit me up. The more friends the easier it is to stay accountable.

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