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    MineralWhite reacted to learn2cook in hiatal hernia   
    Mine was discovered during the routine pre-op tests. I knew something was there because I had acid reflux and other hernias before. They were surprised the hernia was all the way up to my larynx. I think the recovery took longer because of the repair, the surgery was 7 hours due to it with the RNY. No regrets now that I can lie down flat to sleep, and sing again!
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    MineralWhite reacted to tamirn in Before and After Pics   
    I am not where I want to be however I am not where I used to be!!! I am 7 months post op RNY!! I did not see how big I was until after I lost weight! I mean I am still trying to take it all in! I am blessed and I feel so much better!

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    MineralWhite reacted to Chantrella in Before and After Pics   
    Nov 3rd I made 8months. I am 110 pounds down 13 more to go. I am very grateful for this journey. From a size 24 to a size 6.
    SW 268,CW 158
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    MineralWhite reacted to cheryl o in Before and After Pics   
    wow!!! congrats!!!

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    MineralWhite reacted to Astonishing Mr J in Before and After Pics   
    One month.

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    MineralWhite reacted to ShoreGal68 in Before and After Pics   
    Thank you so much!! It means a lot to hear that after such a long journey struggling with weight my whole life. Here’s a few before and afters including a tiktok I made but never posted haha.

    I’ve been very lucky with having minimal loose skin. I have been taking a collagen supplement daily and started that months before the surgery. I think that combined with a good strength training regimen and perhaps also because I got the surgery at a relatively young age (33) helped.

    For workouts I do an hour 5-6x a week; half cardio (indoor cycling or running) and half strength training. All of my strength has been the peloton strength classes. If you happen to have a peloton membership You can see my full program on my profile DucesWild, follow me!! Highly highly recommend peloton it has made it so much easier, convenient, and fun to workout. Finding classes I actually enjoyed and not pushing myself too hard, just committing to staying consistent moving my body, whether it be a walk or yoga on days I didn’t feel well, that has been the KEY so far. Hope this helps! Happy to share more details.

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    MineralWhite reacted to ShoreGal68 in Before and After Pics   
    I am down to 130lbs (-70lbs) at 7 months post op! I've gone from a size 12 to 2 and expect to be in maintenance now. Weight loss has definitely flatted out, but I am SO happy with where I'm at now. If I can keep myself at the current weight, I'd be a happy camper! How are you doing?!

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    MineralWhite reacted to mustang92 in Before and After Pics   
    One year after. 150 down.

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    MineralWhite reacted to dal101 in Before and After Pics   
    HW: 210 +
    CW: 124
    GW: 112

    I havent reached my goal weight yet but losing weight now has got tougher. So I ve structured my eating more and started cardio. The before picture is unreal, I didnt see myself like that at the time. Anyway, I am grateful for this place and the support I received from everyone

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    MineralWhite reacted to Josie_Grossy in Before and After Pics   
    I love seeing all the before and afters! I am a little over one year out, I have lost 96 pounds (and counting). Close to my goal!

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    MineralWhite reacted to Seahawks Fan in Before and After Pics   
    November 2021
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    MineralWhite reacted to Bill Potts in Before and After Pics   
    My life was in turmoil, then I met a surgeon that saved my life!

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    MineralWhite reacted to Chantrella in Before and After Pics   
    We have the same stats! You are my goals!!!!!!
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    MineralWhite reacted to Charotera303 in Before and After Pics   
    Surgery date: 11/8/2021
    Initial Weight: 280 lbs
    Current Weight: 175 lbs
    Net Loss: 105 lbs
    so happy with my progress and did my first 5k (Donut Dash) on 4/3/2022. No donut for me though but it was so much fun.

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    MineralWhite reacted to Bronco2773 in Before and After Pics   
    A little over 5 months Post op. 207# overall and 145# from surgery
    Still a long way to go but it sure does feel good to be able to live.
    First picture was taking 1 week before surgery second was 3 weeks ago.

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    MineralWhite reacted to smarks in Before and After Pics   
    Before 248. After 184......10 months post surgery

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    MineralWhite reacted to Tara A in Before and After Pics   
    355 to 150 at 4.5 years post surgery. I've lost another 10 lbs since this pic too!
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    MineralWhite reacted to sleevedshereen in Before and After Pics   
    I had surgery July 2017 and I’m almost 5 years out. Highest weight 228lbs Current Weight fluctuates between 148-150lbs. 80lb weight loss maintained. Here’s my before and after

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    MineralWhite reacted to Auntie Errica in Before and After Pics   
    In the first photo I went from my surgery weight of 208lbs to 156lbs. In the second photo I went from my highest weight, 223lbs to 159lbs.
    I am currently 154lbs but I’m waiting until I’m in the 140s before I take anymore photos.
    All of these progress photos are amazing and inspiring!

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    MineralWhite reacted to vikingbeast in Before and After Pics   
    Been a while since I checked in. A friend of mine said, "You know, if you do a French tuck*, you can show off those belt buckles of yours. You're slim enough now."
    I am not convinced this is the style for me (feels like I wasn't paying attention after pulling my pants up and accidentally buttoned them around my shirt), but damn if it didn't feel nice to actually be able to do it. So here I am, another almost 40 lbs. down, 39 to go. Three quarters of the way to goal.

    * French tuck - you tuck in the front but not the back. I know no French people who do this, but maybe it's named after Tan France instead of France France.

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    MineralWhite reacted to Kris77 in Before and After Pics   
    You look great too!!
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    MineralWhite reacted to Tony B - NJ in Before and After Pics   
    112 pounds in 10 months

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    MineralWhite reacted to weidemane in Before and After Pics   
    This is a month difference. Still a very long way to go but good progress so far!

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    MineralWhite reacted to mundy in Before and After Pics   
    My heaviest and my current side by side 95 lbs total 70 before surgery and 25 post op !

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    MineralWhite reacted to nrr599 in Before and After Pics   
    7 months post-op!

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