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    what if i decided too lose weight first?

    SaraJane is right. Losing too fast is not a good idea and even if you did have the surgery...there is a big possibility your weight loss will be very slow...depending on how agressive your dr. is with your fills, and many other factors. I do agree with you about trying it on your own. Some things to consider: How many years have you been over weight? How many other diets have you tried and failed? If the answers to these two questions are 5 or more. The surgery might be a good idea. If the answers are 10 or more, the surgery is DEFINITELY a good idea.
  2. DesertRose

    Thyroid change after lapband?

    What I would give to hear that my thyroid is overactive. No change in mine since the band. I've never heard of that. Keep us posted on what you find out.
  3. Are you being paid, by anti lap band people, to write this? LOL - just kidding - really! Look, you haven't even been banded for 3 months yet. I've gone through the same things, but what keeps me going is reading this forum and learning that many, many people have gone through the same thing. Slow weight loss AT FIRST. Trying to find adequate restriction. Learning what to eat and what not to eat. Learning to make good food choices. We are all either there or HAVE BEEN THERE. Thousands of people can't be wrong. Give it time and do what you know to be right as far as the lap band rules. If you're the rebellious type, don't think of them as rules, think of them as guidelines. I donno...just don't give up yet. You will look back some day and be happy for every penny you have spent. Hang in there.
  4. DesertRose

    Confessions of a Sugar Addict

    Thank you, Simon. Your determination will help make the band work. It has made a tremendous difference in so many people's lives. Just take a look at people on here who have already lost 100 lbs....some even more...they will provide you with a lot of inspiration. Don't let any negativity you might encounter get you down. Good luck in your journey. We DID THE RIGHT THING. :crying:
  5. DesertRose

    Good-bye 3!

    An astounding victory, to be sure!! [[[[bIG HIGH FIVE]]]]
  6. DesertRose

    So Emotional!

    Feeling emotional is normal as your body is adjusting to the lower caloric intake. Pretty soon, you will feel like yourself again, you just have to give it a little time. P.S. My surgeon said no creamy Soups during the liquid phase...he told me to save that for the "mushy" phase.
  7. DesertRose

    Anybody's spouse an "eating buddy"?

    Oh yes, been there and done that. After I was banded, I had to hide in my bedroom for a whole week (mostly recovering) to avoid the smells coming from the kitchen. My normal weight husband went right on and continues on eating the way he always has. Before my surgery, we loved to curl up in the bed with a good movie, a bag of popcorn and a whole bag of M&M's. I was actually 'grieving' for those times, LOL. Now I am trying to find other things to do while he Snacks away. Arrrgh... I'm cooking healthier, but that does not stop him from bringing the sweets into the house. Tonight I came home from work and there was a 2 litre of soda sitting on the counter. I don't touch it anymore, but what IF it were a huge temptation for me? Does he not think? On top of that, we have a 14 yr old daughter in the house....kids and soda...it's like liquid candy to them. I feel like chucking it out into the back yard just to show him how serious I am about keeping it out of the house. What can ya do?
  8. DesertRose

    What do you think

    I'm so sorry...lost my train of thought. My point was, it might be best to go slow and easy with the fills. Allow yourself to adapt. Good night...
  9. DesertRose

    Subway - rude servers

    Ok, everyone, I thought this was a support forum. Telling me to "get over it" when I experienced a very humiliating moment in a public eating establishment when I POLITELY asked the server to adjust the price does not feel like support. We've all endured our "moments" during this journey and if any of you had the same issue, I would try to be supportive. Sorry I mentioned it.
  10. DesertRose

    Low Carb Banders Unite

    Hello all: I found this site, you might already know about it, but it's packed full of information. Protein Power
  11. DesertRose

    I'm kicking myself right now!!

    Thank you all for your encouraging words of wisdom. LOL...I guess I should have explained better... 1. I am an honorary member of the chocolate Lover's Association...in other words, I am a chocoholic. 2. Chocolate, sweets, etc. are the things I binged on for years, causing the weight gain, leading to the Lap Band, etc. 3. I've had 3 fills and I'm still losing very slowly (banded June 24) Also, the way I just mindlessly reached for the candy bar, like a zombie and had it eaten before I realized what I was doing, scares me crazy and I can't explain why. It's like...what is it going to take to get me to lay off that junk once and for all? However, you are right, I should not beat myself up over one candy bar. It's just now I want to go home and eat a whole bag. But I won't...I won't...I won't...:biggrin:
  12. Ok, I'm a little worried. I've had 2 fills. My next one is still 2 weeks away and I am hungry all the time. I know I'm eating way more than I should, and I've had too many sweets. I haven't started a rough work-out regime yet because of the asthma. I'm hoping and praying that when I drop 20 more lbs. the asthma will ease up a little. It's a vicious cycle. I can't exercise because of the asthma. The asthma flares up because of the weight. I can't lose weight right now because I can't exercise properly. I lost 17 lbs all together during pre-op and shortly after the surgery. Since I've gained my appetite back, I've gained 7 of what I lost. I was banded June 24, 2008. Sorry to complain, but I'm discouraged and needed to vent. :thumbup:
  13. Can you please list the foods that you eat in a typical week? Feel free to provide a menu, etc. What has worked for you? What has not worked for you? Thank you so much!!
  14. DesertRose


    It's usually due to the sharp drop in calories. It will pass. :crying:
  15. DesertRose

    Embarrassed by Weight Loss???

    What you are saying makes perfect sense to me. I too, am a little nervous now that I'm getting a little more attention from others, for several reasons. One is, now that people are starting to look a little closer, will they like what they see? Will they really like the real me? I'm sure that like all the other phases of this journey, once you get through it, these feelings will pass. You've done a great job and you have been an inspiration to me since I've been reading this forum. Keep up the good work. You should write a book. It would sell a million copies in no time, guaranteed! :crying:
  16. Thank you all for your GREAT replies! I see things in a different perspective, thanks to all your posts. I too, love to cook. It gives me joy to cook for my family. It makes me happy to make my hubby happy. When I started on my journey to quit smoking in 2002, I did it on my own. Hubby still smokes to this day. All I asked is that he NOT do it in front of me and he doesn't. My food addiction, however, is a whole different story. Allowing sweets and junk around a food addict is like putting an alcoholic in a liquor store and telling them not to touch anything. Would you look at them and say "You really should have more will power than that"? With that being said, I wholeheartedly agree with all of you. This is MY journey, and I will complete it. My reward will be a healthier new me. Mucho love...

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