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  1. Mimilou2004

    Elliptical beginner

    Since my treadmill broke I am at the mercy of my barely used Elliptical for calorie burning. I have been discouraged, too, but realized today that I could do 6 minutes on lowest resistance and last week could barely do 2 minutes. Hang in there, low and slow and it will get better. My trainer says to do intervals at different resistance levels in the same work out even if only for a few seconds at a time. Best wishes, Mimi
  2. Mimilou2004


    I have Tricare South and had to gain 10 pounds to qualify.
  3. I gained many many pound since foot surgery in October then the Holidays, so I feel your pain....I had to buy jeans 2 sizes bigger and it hurts. However, as the prior poster said, do all those things, plus there is a product many ppl don't know about. I won't name any brands but all GNC's and VitaminShops carry Cassein (casein) powder which comes from milk and is a slowly digested protein that can be very thick and keep you full for 3 hours for 100 or so calories. I put a scoop of chocolate and some water or Ready to drink protein in a little bowl and mix it hard into a paste or slurry and eat it dlowly from a spoon like pudding. It is not horrible and is really filling. Since I started this, I don't night eat any more and am losing 1/2 pound a day. Demon ice cream got its claws into me and this mixture is helping the cravings.......of course the head hunger battle is a separate issue and mighty battle. Best wishes and Happy New Year
  4. Mimilou2004

    Getting my band back together :)

    Best wishes!!!
  5. Mimilou2004

    Food journal important?

    Are you happy with your weight loss? If you are, congratulations, if not, journalling is really helpful and doesn't need to be complicated and time consuming. Best wishes.
  6. Mimilou2004

    Need a Fill BAD!!!

    I think it is OK to enjoy this short period in moderation, you won't go to hell. Don't feel guilty, enjoy!!!! Restriction will be back soon enough, LOL. Mimi
  7. Mimilou2004

    Almost 4 Years

    I am 4 years out and have regained 30 pounds eating around the band, especially large quantities of ice cream. My fill is wonderful and if I follow the rules I can get the weight back off.......BUT.....I am not following the rules! It is like I am bored or something and now the Holidays are here. Thankfully I haven't stopped exercising. Anyway, I feel your pain and will follow your posts and think positive thoughts for both of us. Good luck!
  8. Happy 61st Birthday Mimilou2004!

  9. Cute profile pic!

  10. Mimilou2004

    Am I Too Filled????

    I agree that liquids for a few days just may calm things down...but call them if you can't tolerate fluids. I would call anyway, because a small unfill will help you get over it faster...that is the beauty of the band, it is adjustable and you can get your fill back!!! Best wishes
  11. Mimilou2004

    Bean Soup

    If you smoosh them in a blender aka puree into a thick liquid it would be OK and nutritious. Good luck!!!!
  12. For sure you are not a failure. You are just hiting a real life bump in the road called maintenance. Yes, finding restriction is going to be a royal pain, but you will do it, in the meantime enjoy yourself and there surely can be no reason to not walk after 2 whole wks. Yes, I can speak from personal experience...it will work out all right, I promise. Mimi
  13. I am glad you are getting help, you have suffered long enough. Hopefully an unfill will fix everything. Mimi
  14. Mimilou2004

    Lookin For The Gun Nuts.

    I try to go to the range at least twice a month.
  15. Mimilou2004

    Only Bad Foods Can Go Down???

    Very interesting topic!