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  1. Spinoza


    Best of luck to you OP!!!!
  2. Absolutely gorgeous looking both!
  3. Spinoza

    Weight loss stalling?

    Yes definitely sounds like a stall. I urge you not to over-analyse what came before or after - that way madness lies. If you're sticking to your programme you WILL lose weight but it will NOT be in a linear fashion. It's zigs and zags, big losses one week, none (or a gain) the next. What matters is looking back over the entire period and seeing a downward trend. Some people seem to have taken the path of checking weight at looooong intervals. Most of us weigh much more frequently because we can't bear not to. None of that matters - the fact remains - if you stick to the rules you will lose weight (in all but the rarest circumstances). You have absolutely done the best thing you could ever have done for your health. If you can relax a tiny bit more and accept that then you're gonna have a fun few months and come out of those lighter and healthier. Best of luck. 😍
  4. Spinoza

    Working in an office...

    In the first weeks and (hopefully) months after your surgery you honestly won't have the appetite or the space to indulge in big volumes of unhealthy food. I do worry that after that, when you get your appetite back, you might get tempted. I would say use that time to normalise bringing in healthy snacks like fruit and veg so that's what they (and you) expect when there are loads of junk foods swilling around. Sounds tough though. The alternative would be to ask all of your co-workers to stop bringing in (or ordering in) this sort of rubbish. I have no idea what your relationship with them is like but I can only imagine the response I would have received to a similar request in my workplace. 😂 Best of luck.
  5. I have a sleeve but I also find I can drink right up until I eat with no issue. Once I eat I actually purposely delay drinking afterwards for as long as possible. At least an hour and better still up to 2.5 hours or so. Seems to keep my new stomach fuller for longer. Then I rehydrate and then think about solid food again. It has worked for me so far but I know it mightn't for everyone.
  6. OP can you give us some background information please? My nose runs if I eat more than usual, sneezing could be something similar I guess. But if you really are just a few days post op then it looks like you're not eating the right things and could actually be risking damage.
  7. Spinoza

    Then and NOW

    Fab I'm approaching maintenance now so that is really useful to know! 😍
  8. Spinoza

    Taking medication

    I had oro-dispersible or liquid meds for the first four weeks and then back to anything. I had a sleeve though.
  9. Spinoza

    eating and drinking

    I can drink right up to the time I start eating but I don't drink for as long as possible after - usually well over an hour after my main meal and at least half an hour after others. That's because I saw a version of that video here months ago. However when I am in situations where I want to be seen to be eating 'normally' I drink on purpose so I can purposely empty my pouch and fit more food in. I've eaten half a pizza just by having a beer along with it - normally one or two two slices would be my limit. I've done that like 4 times in the last year - definitely not a habit to get into but handy for when you need to cheat. The other thing that really helps that is reversing the rules and eating carbs first protein last.
  10. Spinoza

    Miss eating?

    I love good food. Problem for most of my life was that I ate far too much of it, and then a whole heap of sugar right on top of that again for good measure. I am 14 months post sleeve surgery and I can eat almost everything I could before, so I really don't miss anything at all. When I eat out I eat about half a main or just get a starter (which are often the most interesting dishes on a menu anyway!) Honestly it brings me just as much joy as it always did. I hope it's the same for you.
  11. Spinoza

    Drinking water etc after surgery

    I found that part really hard too. My ability to drink bigger volumes just came back gradually over time. At 14 months post sleeve I can swallow about 5 big glugs of liquid at a time, which is super satisfying after months of sipping.
  12. Spinoza

    I'm so cold!!!!

    Yes! I'm also feeling the cold 14 months out from my sleeve. I need three layers minimum inside now if I'm sitting doing nothing. I really hope it isn't permanent.
  13. Spinoza


    Fab fab fab! What an achievement!👏
  14. Spinoza

    Any 50yo or older?

    Over 50 too when I had my sleeve surgery 14 months ago. Also wish I'd done it years ago. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself EVER.
  15. Spinoza

    Foods that made me gag

    I have honestly been able to tolerate absolutely everything, which is a real blessing - I only realise this because of this forum and seeing what other people have had problems with. I had one ropey moment with some carrot but I have since tolerated that with no issue. Avocado and hummus were some of my go-to foods in my immediate post-op period. Can't imagine how they affect others differently but clearly they do. Welcome to the wonderful world of WLS!

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