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  1. Spinoza

    Please don’t hate.

    Hi OP. Firstly - I hope you're OK with where you are. Sounds like your restriction is exceptional 4 years out? If you could provide more information about your current intake/plan/macros then people might be better able to answer your questions. Also, if you could make your actual questions clearer then people will no doubt be able to target their answers better! Is it that you don't want to resort to carbs in order not to lose more weight? If so, what are you currently eating, what is your BMI, what do you want to re-examine??? We're all here and eager to help you xxx
  2. I was never given any specific goals to meet at any stage. At 3 weeks after my sleeve I was probably eating 3 tiny 2oz pureed things per day. If I was hungry I had a teaspoon or two of nut butter before bed, or if it was earlier in the day a few spoons of Greek yoghurt.
  3. Just sharing the Irish equivalent. Had no idea it was so (relatively) low in protein - I do track *everything* but I must have missed this in the general deliciousness of Boursin!
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    Oh I am so sorry - this has never happened to me before but everything this evening is posting repeatedly 😥
  6. Spinoza


    I track everything every day and I think I always will. Could be just me though. Hasn't stopped me regaining 5 pounds from my lowest weight a few months ago. I honestly did nothing different (I mean NOTHING) so am chalking it up to the mysterious third year gain. Annoying but not too concerning at this point - am monitoring closely though!
  7. Our tastes change and change and change again in the months after surgery. As long as you can meet your team's goals you will be absolutely fine - don't worry.
  8. Our tastes change and change and change again in the months after surgery. As long as you can meet your team's goals you will be absolutely fine - don't worry.
  9. I also can't speak to co-morbidities other than some arthritis in my hips and knees. That's definitely better now but it wasn't my main motivation to have my surgery. I wanted not to become diabetic or develop any other weight-related disease. There's a definite risk of developing reflux after a gastric sleeve whereas that risk isn't there with bypass so you need to take that into consideration. We all react to surgery in different ways and it can be impossible to predict accurately in advance so do discuss bypass with your surgeon too. They'll have up to date stats about the likely relative effects on your diabetes for sure. The sleeve has been everything I wanted and more. My only regret, as we often say here, is not having it done 20 years earlier. I hope your surgeon can help you decide whether it's best for you.
  10. Spinoza

    Getting cold feet

    It's absolutely normal to be scared. I think lots of us will have delayed surgery for years precisely because of the fear of one thing or another. Eventually the fear of being fat and unhealthy for the rest of your life overtakes the (very healthy and normal) fear of the unknown and we take this big big step. It is a positive step for most people and I hope it is for you both too. Keep posting, we all want to help.
  11. Spinoza

    Protein post op

    I would second the idea of trying warm liquids - I found it much easier to hit my fluid targets this way. Have you thought about VLCD-type soups? They are high protein (because they're intended to contain a whole day's requirement in 3 servings). Alternatively greek yoghurt/skyr or protein yoghurts? One tub of the latter has 20g protein and I could usually manage one in two or three sittings at your stage. I also quite enjoyed the pureed food phase, although there's no way I would have come anywhere close to my protein goals on the volume I could manage a month post op. There are so many things to juggle with your new stomach. The first few weeks can be difficult, and we worry about everything at the start. I think you'll relax into it and be absolutely fine. Keep trying your best and asking for advice - there are so many people here with loads of experience to share.
  12. I haven't read the research but in general terms if a food has proven health benefits then it might be better to just eat the whole food rather than add a powdered derivative to water, or to take pills with bits of it contained, or to drink the juice. Totally understand we're volume restricted after surgery but I hope you can get back to whole beetroot really soon!
  13. Spinoza

    Gain Weight after 5 years

    I think this is what we all fear OP. This community is so positive. If you can give us some more information about your surgery, starting weight, total loss, etc. then people will better be able to help. Please can you tell us how and why you think you regained? That might help others from going down the same path. Without knowing more I would advise reverting to your post op diet plan - protein first, veg second, carbs third. Alcohol only when you know it's not adding to your issues. I wish you all the best. I think you have knowledge to share that will help those of us earlier in our journeys and I KNOW that people here will want to give more specific help once we know more.
  14. Spinoza


    I only ever eat full fat everything and that's since day one post op. I am so done with the mega processed low fat diet 'food' forever I hope. That stuff made me obese in the first place. I would rather have an ounce of regular cheese than a shedload of pretend cheese. Fat as part of a balanced diet is what helps me feel full/satiated and stops me eating for hours afterwards. So, to answer your question - I eat ALL kinds of cheese, just slowly and in moderation!

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