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  1. How long does the pain linger after surgery?
  2. I haven't had hunger, either! We are lucky. At my appointment my nurse said that means I'm in ketosis.
  3. Pain meds, nausea meds, pre-surg carb drinks ($180 for two small bottles of sugar water), and one other one that I am waiting to have mailed to me because even the hospital pharmacy didn't have it. No idea what it's for. Sure hope it arrives on time-hah! (Not holding my breath.)
  4. I'm glad you are, too! The states that have tried to continue on as normal, the best they can, are all doing so much better in every way than the states that caved. I wish I'd been able to go to the world class hospital in my own state, but it is 200 miles away.
  5. That's where I'm at, albeit unwillingly. I'm wondering how long a person can live on this liquid diet, because at least I'm losing on it. I saw your post on the shakes/liquid diet. Like you, I'm sick of sweets and the shakes are pretty unappealing. I switch it up with chicken broth. I add some fresh parsley to it, and that makes it seem a little more like "food." Thanks for your support. I'm almost starting to wonder if this is a God thing and I'm not supposed to get surgery. I went through this same rigamarole now 2 years in a row, 2 different hospital systems. Maybe He's got me, instead.
  6. Yes, it's nuts. If I hadn't been referred to a janky cardiac PC last spring instead of a real doctor, I would've had the surgery last summer before any of this Covid stuff retarted. Poor quality programming by the hospital. The PC wasn't qualified and almost killed me.
  7. My sympathies are with you. I'm not political about the vaccine in that I don't care who does or doesn't get it, but if someone else's poor choices means I'm denied my own care, then there's a problem. Government says everyone needs a vaccine, yet continues to put the unvaccinated ahead of those who have complied. I have already spent so much time and money on arbitrary program bs, and to think that this paying patient, who has waited a year already is put on hold even longer is just maddening. If this runs into next year, not only will I have to pay all costs all over again, but you know the doctors will say I need to have those tests and procedures done all over again because they're a year old and expired now, which is just more bs. I'm starting to think the whole process is a racket. Plus, I'll be another year older, so my labs will be another year less stellar, and all of that is more excuse for them to do even more tests, delay even longer, and further take advantage of my time and money. They told me I'm supposed to start meds on Sunday, but I likely won't even know by then whether or not surgery is certain. I'm not going to take more risks putting drugs into my system if there's not even going to be any surgery. I don't even get my pre-op class until Friday. This is so messed up.
  8. Because of Covid patients. It’s a state where the governor and mayor are dictators. Thanks for your support.
  9. I was supposed to have my surgery last summer, but an incompetent PA in another department saddled me with 2 misdiagnoses, and as a result also put me on a drug that would’ve killed me. It took over 3 months to undo the mess she created and have a real doctor get everything cleared up. But, of course, all those wrong tests, wrong diagnoses, etc. fed tens of thousands of more dollars into that hospital system. Pure corruption, and put the patient in danger.
  10. I am going to lose my mind. I've waited all year for surgery. Not just bariatric, but 2 additional procedures that must be done to prevent further serious problems. They have cancelled and rescheduled my surgery 3 times already. Anyone in the US knows insurance starts over (usually) on Jan. 1, and now, one week away from surgery, they just called me to let me know they may cancel me again, just 16 days from year's end. I have not been able to get a job, go on vacays, see family, or Celebrate the holidays, all because I've been "on call" for this surgery. In fact, I was supposed to have a much lesser surgical procedure done elsewhere that could easily have been accomplished as far back as last summer, but this bari program doesn't commit to, and isn't accountable for, any obligations or schedule. This is ruining my entire life, and if they cancel again, I don't think I will be able to get it done. They've already charged over $40K in gross charges without one iota of actual health care to improve any medical condition whatsoever. It's all been unnecessary procedures, tests, appointments, etc. I'm wondering how other people can get health care at the drop of a hat, especially if they're in the hospital because they have not gotten a Covid vaccine, but the rest of us, who are personally paying the entire year thousands and thousands of dollars for insurance premiums and copays and coinsurance and deductibles in order to guarantee medical access, are denied. Spoiler: It's us idiots responsible enough to have insurance that are keeping the medical world afloat. I'm just waiting for the class action lawsuits to start. If this isn't discrimination, I don't know what is. In the US, we literally have governors and mayors calling the shots as opposed to medical experts. It's all political. Since when in the free world do janky politicians decide who gets care and who does not? I am utterly disgusted.
  11. LadyH


    Funny you posted this. I agree with you. I literally just got off the phone with my team's nurse and said the same thing. She said we can't use suppositories because they're laxatives. They only allow stool softeners. How crazy is this whole bariatric thing when every single team wants to do something different. This can't be science.
  12. LadyH


    Wow! Hahah! I'll have to look up what's in meat tenderizer. I already take probiotics. Thanks for the tip.
  13. I get that. I have been trying to decide about this for 2 years. I agree with you, but then I look at my age and increasing health issues, and how much harder it is to lose weight on my own each year that passes. And that's why I am (hoping) to pull the trigger on Dec, 15. But after seeing all the meds and nutrition/supplements problems/issues, and that just the calcium is going to cost $40/month, etc,etc., etc., I think I must be an idiot. BUT, I also need to get two other abdominal repair/procedures done AT THE SAME TIME which was another factor in thinking I should get this done since I'd have all the risks of those 2 procedures, anyway. I hope you recover quickly and it works out so much better for you (and me!) than you think. Let's keep in touch!
  14. LadyH

    December Surgery Buddies

    Good for you! I have to laugh every time I see people post about seeing their surgeons--again, or "chatting" with them. I have seen mine a total of maybe 15 minutes yesterday, and that's all, folks! It's a weird situation.

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