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  1. Arancini

    October surgery friends??

    Well, that settles it! I’ll give this a try and hope for the best Thank you for your feedback!! Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙃
  2. Arancini

    October surgery friends??

    This is my second stall so far. The first one was around 3 weeks. I felt incredibly nauseous and couldnt go to the bathroom. It was bad! But then from one day to the next it just clicked and the weight was falling off. So far I’ve lost 61lbs with my surgery having been on the 28th of September. But now since 4 weeks that hasnt chaged at all and I’ve been stuck. I hear you on having to be patient! I will admit I do struggle with this but having people to talk to really helps.
  3. Arancini

    October surgery friends??

    Did you also reduce portion size? I’m not really eating much new foods (like you I’ve become super sensitive to what I like) but my portion sizes have definitely gone up. I’m still in a huge caloric deficit so I’m struggling to wrap my head around why I’m not losing weight. But maybe I should give that a try…
  4. Arancini

    October surgery friends??

    I’m currently in that 4 week long stall it seems 😬😬 did you change anything besides drinking more water? My scale keeps going up and down the same 2-3lbs and its agony!!
  5. Arancini

    5 months post op - Thankful

    Congratulations!! This makes me so happy for you! Especially that you‘re bettering your relationship with food. Thats huge! I‘m curious. Have you had any weight stalls? I‘m plus/minus around the same time as you and I‘m currently in my second three week long ish stall 😬
  6. I love this thread!! Can anyone else also eat a food only once? I no longer crave or like sweet things (yoghurt, over night coats, honey, etc). I also immediately stop eating if I dont love the taste of something. I wish I could say it’s because of discipline or at least a conscious decision but it’s not. The moment I taste something that I either dont like or just dont care for that much I immediately lose my appetite. That’s completely new!!! The strangest thing I noticed though is that I can’t eat things more than once in a row. For example: I made bean soup and had so much left over that I planned on eating it throughout the next week. The first time I had it it tasted so so good. The second time it made me naseous (so I stopped) and the third time just the smell alone made me nearly 🤢. Same thing with other foods. Oh! And I HATE garlic!!! So weird! Used to love it and put it in pretty much anything. My sense of smell also seems heightened and sensitive. So much has changed!
  7. Arancini

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I got my surgery end of September and stopped losing weight for three weeks. It was agonizing!! On top of that I couldnt use the bathroom and felt super nauseous. I regretted my surgery and cried and felt very sorry for myself. Once I was able to use the bathroom (talked to my nutritionist about what to do) everything turned out just fine. I’m only (almost) 9 weeks out but the last four weeks I’ve been losing 3-4lbs per week. What I’m saying is: don’t give up. Don’t stress out. Trust the process and follow your diet. This will work (I’m also trying to keep that in mind for next time when I stall 🙃)
  8. I feel really defeated and upset. Sorry this is gonna be a negative post but I dont know what to do anymore. I had my surgery (vsg) September 28th (in another post I mixed up September and October) and recovered very well, very fast. Hardly any gas pain, no incisional pain and so far no vomiting. As thankful as I am about all that that pretty much sums up all the good things there are. First of I’m hungry ALL THE TIME!! In fact my cravings have never been this bad. I think about food 24/7!! Then the moment I smell food or prepare food my hunger vanishes and gets replaced by feeling incredibly nauseous. I can only eat something once then it grosses me out. Because of this I avoid eating and - as stupid as it sounds I’m well aware of that - I get scared to eat because I dont want to be miserable. I can tolerate everything fine but the smell is just awful! Speaking of awful I have the worst and most disgusting bad breath of my life!! No matter how much I brush my teeth and floss my mouth my family can smell me from down the hall. I feel so gross! If only I was loosing weight I’d accept it all but the kicker is I’m not losing any!! The first two weeks I lost 25lbs. Week 3 and four I lost 3lbs and since then (two weeks!!) I’ve been stalling. I’m so frustrated!! What makes matters the absolute worst (sorry this is tmi) I can’t 💩!!!! I havent gone in 15 days!! I’m seeing a nutritionist, who has prescribed me stool softener but nothing happened. I’ll probably have to go back to the hospital over the weekend to get a stronger laxative (talked to the surgeon on the phone today). I didnt expect to have regular bowl movement as before but feeling constipated for two weeks is really no fun. I’m telling myself at least once that’s out maybe my weight will finally drop? Some more context: My surgeon’s plan calls for regular food after day 4. I didnt follow that guideline because it scared me and ate soft foods till aprox. week 5 focusing on my protein intake. I weigh my food though I feel like I can eat a lot. So far I consume around 300-400kcal a day. I had to eat out once for work where I had bread with cheese. Other than that I’m very diligent with my diet. My water intake could be better but I’m constantly sipping on water and cant get more down than 1 maybe 1 1/2L a day. I feel like I’m being punished because I lost (and gained back) 100lbs three times before with very restrictive diets and my body is so used to “being starved” so it’s not playing along. I keep reminding myself my main goal isnt weight loss (though I need and want to) but to stop yoyo dieting in such excess. It’s hardly comforting though because I’m really really frustrated. I’m sorry to be so negative! And I’m sorry I wrote so much but I need to get it off my chest. Have any of y’all had a similar hard beginning? Does it really get better? At this point I can’t imagine it
  9. Arancini

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    See you on the other side!!
  10. Arancini

    Food Before and After Photos

    5 weeks post op vsg 3/4 Sour dough bread 1 1/2 Tbsp. Camembert Cheese 30lb weight loss post op This was my first time since getting the surgery that I ate out and that I ate anything else than moosh. I was so anxious and even thought about not going but it was a mandatory work event that I couldn’t just cancel. I was genuinely surprised how well it went. I feel like I ate quite a lot. I’m okay with that though because my primary goal isnt maximum weight loss but an end to excessive yoyo dieting. I will most likely transition to more normal foods now given how well tonight went. I’ve been eating 400-500kcal and should be getting 800kcal after week five.
  11. Arancini

    October surgery friends??

    I hear you!! I felt so discouraged during the third week. But now its all good again and week five has been great just hang in there! It’ll get better xoxo
  12. Arancini

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Our surgeon had us eating normal food till about 36h pre op. Then it was all liquids. I was really skeptical and scared because I read so many different things online but everything ended up just fine! I say, trust your surgeon and follow their guidelines and trust the process. They do this all the time! Good luck!!
  13. I‘m not a teacher but I do have a very busy week, where I face similar issues. I know it‘s not good but there have been many days, where I just had one meal a day… 😬 In the morning I feel too nauseous to get anything down, then I‘m busy all day and when I get home I just want something quick. My go to has been feta cheese with tomato and/or cucumber or buffalo mozzarella with air fried pumpkin. Do you have an air fryer? I find its the quickest and easiest thing to do. Or maybe - if you‘re cooking for multiple people - pop something in the slow cooker so when you get home it‘s good and ready? I also add tasteless protein powder to my tea / black coffee. Getting one that also dissolves in hot foods/liquids was such a good investment!! Other than that I can only think of shrimp (super high protein for the calories and easy/quick to make), Skyr Yoghurt or tuna (I dont like the can stuff though). Good luck!! And thank you for still showing up and teaching despite all this crazy going on!
  14. Arancini

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Oh wow! That sounds super intense. Im sorry you‘re still experiencing so much discomfort! I hope it gets better soon stay strong!!
  15. Arancini

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I‘m curious to see if there are any more europeans on here. My nutritional plan is so so different from what I‘m reading. We were allowed to eat as per usual till about 36h pre op. Since 4 days post op we‘ve been allowed to eat as per usual again just protein first and easily digestible food. @Chappers how are you feeling with your bypass? I had a sleeve done but we got surgery around the same time

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