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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Summermoose in Absolutely hate myself now   
    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
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    SleeverSk reacted to Sunshine Princess in What's Your Food Nemesis?   
    And regular Coca Cola. Not diet, not Coke Zero, the classic coke in a can in a glass with ice.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Philly5503 in What's Your Food Nemesis?   
    Pizza!!! Still in pureed stage. I can NOT wait to have a small slice! The ricotta bake recipe has helped & I figured out a way to have low fat mozzarella sticks so I'm hoping that will allieve the craving!
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    SleeverSk reacted to Crisscat in What's Your Food Nemesis?   
    Its odd because during the week I can be quite restrictive of what I eat; yet on the weekends it seems like open field day for me. So essentially I undo my weekly progress by sabotaging it on the weekends
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    SleeverSk reacted to ShoppGirl in Spouse Obsessed with Food   
    I was just thinking, their persistence to take you out could Have been out of lack of another plan. They knew they wanted to do SOMETHING for you for Mother’s Day and didn’t have any other ideas. Perhaps if you come up with something not food related that you would rather do in the future and you suggest it they will not pressure you so much to do dinner out??
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    SleeverSk reacted to okinc10 in Pre Op Jitters...   
    Been overweight since puberty. Starved to lose weight to be a normal teenage girl. i walked and jogged and starved.
    Had two boys by 23 yrs old. Gallbladder removed at 23 years old. Gained weight afterward. Divorces and lifes ups and downs along with the scale. Ate Atkins/Keto for seven years. Fell off and back on occasionally. Went from 236 in 2013 to 184 in 2015. Moved to NC and lost to 179 after Covid. Put that back on and then some. Hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy 2004. No hormone replacement therapy due to family hx. of ca. Struggle with Keto last seven years. Cannot eat "normal" without gaining weight. So sick of struggling. Hope that this surgery will be a great tool to get back to my "fighting weight" of 135. I am 5'2 3/4"
    I now have fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, UCTD, sleep Apnea, high cholesterol, and occasional high bp and inflammation in my hands, legs, etc..
    Its time to get healthy again. If any of you are approximately 200lb or any weight for that matter, I would love to pen pal.
    I have pre-op jitters. Scared the closer May 24th approaches. I want this but the rest of my life with this WOE scares me so much. I have a really good appetite and I am afraid of failure.
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from kcuster83 in Peppers, Peppers, everywhere Peppers!!!   
    I know right and I am allergic to bananas and mangoes. They are in everything these days
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Arabesque in Soaking in a tub after sleeve surgery   
    Same, it's to prevent bacteria entering the wound site
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    SleeverSk reacted to lizonaplane in Soaking in a tub after sleeve surgery   
    I was told I think 4 weeks for bathing or pools. They want to make sure your incisions are fully healed. Why don't you call your surgery center to confirm?
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arabesque in Weight stall at 9 months   
    We all lose at our own rate & unfortunately our rate of loss slows as we get closer to goal. I wouldn’t worry about the 3lb weight gain. Yes, it could be a fluctuation & it could be as you said, you’re not monitoring your food intake as often & have gone off plan. Getting back on your plan is your best way forward.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about your level of activity. I really didn’t & still don’t exercise. I lost all my weight & more. The truth is exercise accounts only for a 10-20% loss of the weight you have to lose. Got 50lbs to lose, exercising will account for only 5-10lbs. Of course there are physical, emotional & psychological benefits to exercise which will influence your decision but how much & how often you exercise is ultimately yours.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Alex Brecher in Reset Password email never came.   
    You clicked on the unsubscribe link for all BariatricPal.com emails a while back. I corrected that and had your reset email resent.
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Summermoose in Absolutely hate myself now   
    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Mariann812 in Where do I update my weight for the ticker bar?   
    go to "My Surgery" and then My Progress and i think from there is updates it automatically
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    SleeverSk reacted to Flab-U-Less Forever in Just Obese!   
    I am 9 weeks post op today. I am now JUST Obese. No longer morbidly obese. No longer severely obese. JUST Obese. Soon I will be JUST Overweight...I can't wait!
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Arabesque in Nausea   
    are you on reflux meds?, it could be reflux. Seriously I would be going to another DR if your Dr " doesn't know why its happening" and is not investigating it. That is just plain lazy, uncaring and negligent on her part.
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Summermoose in Absolutely hate myself now   
    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Summermoose in Absolutely hate myself now   
    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Summermoose in Absolutely hate myself now   
    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
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    SleeverSk reacted to Queen ApisM in How many stalls have you had in your journey?   
    Ugh, I'm in one right now. Going on 4 weeks. It's the longest and most annoying one so far, and happened at about 8 months from surgery. I had a couple week one back in November and a few much shorter ones in between. However, I can say that while the weight is stalled this time around, I've lost inches. I'm telling myself this will pass, and maybe my body is taking time to settle in before we tackle the next 10-15 lbs. I'm just continuing to do what I have been doing, and trying not to get obsessed with it.
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    SleeverSk reacted to AnotherGuy in You are all my buddies   
    Hey @FarfelDiego,
    You definitely got this! You are going to grit it out and work your way to a healthy lifestyle. Sure...there may be setbacks along the way. Every worthwhile journey has two steps forward and one step back.
    Here is an inspirational video of someone's journey. Perhaps this will help you too.

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    SleeverSk reacted to lizonaplane in Medical ID Bracelet?   
    I once heard a story of someone who had an issue because she had some tube put in her stomach and the EMT didn't know she had bypass and it caused serious damage, but apparently the person inserting a tube would have to have seriously messed up for this to have happened, and it might have been an urban legend anyway.
    My surgery center didn't mention us needing medical ID bracelets (I had sleeve, but the people I was in classes with had bypass), and I can't think of a situation in which I would need one, even if I were unconscious. We weren't given wallet cards either.
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    SleeverSk reacted to GradyCat in Medical ID Bracelet?   
    I can't see why I would ever need it.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arabesque in Any Tips to speed up fat loss?   
    You can depend upon your rate of weight loss slowing as you get further out & closer to goal. Those heady days of huge losses don’t last. I was one single kilogram (2.2lbs) from my goal at month 5 & it took me an entire month to reach it. It was like a stall. So close so far.
    You are eating more, closer to what your body needs to maintain your weight so you are not eating in deficit which forces your body to burn fat for energy. If you decrease your caloric intake, you may lose more but at 6 months out focusing on a healthy diet & getting closer to your required nutrients & intake is more important.
    The other truth is not everyone reaches their goal which is just a number. And those who do, don’t do so to an arbitrary timeline. Many factors totally out of your control affect your rate of loss & the weight you end up at like age, gender, weight loss & gain history & the biggest one: genetics. Can’t change those.
    Losing 1-2lbs a week is a healthy rate of loss. Celebrate every pound you lose.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arancini in Feeling fat after vsg   
    Hi guys! I‘m sorry if this is offensive or if this has been discussed many times before on here (I couldn‘t find any threads) but I feel like I’m going crazy and I need to talk about it. I‘m aprox. 7 months post op lost aprox. 120lbs and I‘m nearing the „goal weight“ I had 6 years ago. Logically I should be feeling amazing and I somewhat do. Like I‘m physically able to do a lot more again, which I‘m very appreciative of but somehow I feel fat. It‘s so odd. 120lbs ago I knew I was fat and I wasn‘t able to do certain things but I never felt fat. I felt fine. Now I have a „slightly overweight“ bmi and I feel super fat. Whats going on?!?

    I didnt do this surgery because I was unhappy with how I looked or because I felt uncomfortable. I did this surgery because my health was starting to suffer and I needed to stop yoyo dieting, which I have done all my life. I always wanted to lose weight not because I thought I had to but because people always made me feel like I did. And I hated being treated as a fat person. So living in a fat body in the privacy of my own home or around friends and family I always felt good. Now I feel disgusting and huge and fat and gross and generally not good. This is solely based on my appearance (I feel amazing physically walking, running, erc.). Why does „fat“ all of a sudden feel bad and why do I feel fat when I‘m much much lighter than I was a year ago? Anyone else have experience with this? Does this go away? I really hope it does.
    My theory atm is that I‘m in this weird in between stage and I have no idea how my body is being perceived by the general public. I realize this may be incredibly vain but I feel so bad I dont know whats going on.
    Also I‘m starting to show a lot of lose skin around my stomach, which is giving me anxiety.
    Maybe it‘s important my stats: 5‘8, SW/HW: 304lbs, CW: 185lbs, GW: 150 - 160lbs
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    SleeverSk reacted to Sleeve_Me_Alone in Absolutely hate myself now   
    You need to get into some counseling ASAP. If you truly feel this way, it is alarming and needs to be addressed. Post-op mental and emotional difficulty is completely NORMAL. Suicidal ideation, self hate, and romanticizing your own misery is not. Its very clear that you are not upset about the surgery, but rather that there is something else much deeper going on. I hope you hear me when I say, struggling post-op is NORMAL, but getting the help you need is the only way forward. Please, please reach out.

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