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    ndrjackson reacted to BigSue in Husband refuses to drop me off or pick me up from the hospital. Now what?   
    I'm sorry your husband isn't being supportive. I live alone and I chose not to tell anyone about my surgery other than medical professionals, so a ride to and from the hospital was an issue for me as well. I just took a taxi to the hospital, but the hospital told me I wasn't allowed to take a taxi/Uber/Lyft home and I had to give them the name and contact info of the person picking me up. I contacted a local home health care agency and they picked me up. The fee wasn't much more than the taxi ride and included a 4-hour shift of home health care, which was nice because the person who picked me up helped me bring my stuff in the house and picked up my prescriptions for me.
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    ndrjackson reacted to TinDE in Husband refuses to drop me off or pick me up from the hospital. Now what?   
    I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Like the surgery isn't stressful enough! I wouldn't go uber either. Basically some stranger picking you up and dropping you off. I would rather swear a friend to secrecy before that. You could ask the facility what they do since solo adults are probably fairly common these days, they may offer a service or something, Another option is to hire a home care professional. Check Care.com I'll bet you'll find someone on there willing to help you out.
    Also since you won't be getting help at home, have everything set up for yourself as much as possible before surgery...foods, drinks, meds, etc.
    A LOT of us can lose the weight on our own. It's keeping it off that's the problem. We've all been yo-yo dieting for years or we wouldn't be here.
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    ndrjackson reacted to kristieshannon in Preop and divorce   
    So sorry you’re going through that. My husband got incredibly insecure, possessive, and frankly angry right after I had my plastic surgery despite all reassurances from me. It sucks. We’re now legally separated and have filed for divorce. Even so, I have zero regrets about my surgeries. I’m going to live a healthy, full of fun life with or without him. Best of luck to you as you move through the process!
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    ndrjackson got a reaction from summerseeker in It happened- I got canceled   
    Contact Obesity Action Coalition and tell them your story they have grants for times like this.

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    ndrjackson reacted to catwoman7 in Anyone from Louisiana with Medicaid   
    that depends on your insurance, so I'd call them. In my case, yes, they did count the six-month program I did with a dietitian before I entered the bariatric program (in fact, they said they would count any six-month professionally supervised program I did if it was within the previous two years, as long as it was well-documented). But that might not be true of all insurance companies. I'd call them and ask.
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    ndrjackson reacted to CKmommy in Before and 7 months post RNY! Post your before and after!   
    Here is me just shy of my heaviest of 365 lbs. I started my Weight loss journey June 2020. I lost about 35 pre surgery which was January 4, 2021. I also have had to have a revision due to a perforated ulcer mid July. I am now down a total of 120 lbs. it’s amazing the difference I feel. My 5 year old can actually sit in my lap… because I have one now! I can see my feet when I weigh myself. I don’t have to lean against a wall to wipe after using the bathroom, or to clean myself in the shower. I can buckle my seatbelt with out getting out of breath. I now consider myself ‘normal’ fat because I actually blend in with a crowd rather than standing out as the largest in a room! I’m sure I could go on but I am so glad I did this!

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    ndrjackson reacted to kristieshannon in Struggling with Weight Re-Gain   
    Oh man, I feel you. Night shift is so hard to keep on track. I’m a nurse and have worked many an overnight. I do best when I pack everything I’m going to eat at night and track every bite that goes in my mouth. I have even gone so far as to leave my wallet at home so hitting the coffee stand or vending machine isn’t an option. Try your best to keep up with hydration and sleep-I have fierce sweets cravings when I’m low on sleep. Meal prep on days off and pack healthy Snacks that are waiting plan. I also walk the halls on breaks to get steps in. Keep up the good work!
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    ndrjackson reacted to Sandra Nuelken in What Led To Revision   
    I had a band and it failed, slipped, just failed. I had it removed and 6 months later had the sleeve. I've been probably overly diligent about what I eat. I stayed at the stage 3 diet, and I hate calling it a diet as it is a new way of looking at food. It is nutrition it is not a friend, a reward, or a treat. It almost killed me, that is not your friend. I eat 65-70 g. Protein. Protein is always first. I tend to have something every 3 hours, grapes, a peach, Breakfast a Protein Drink, lunch 4oz of cottage cheese, now on a peach, dinner 4 oz of protein. chicken, salmon, tuna are my goto. I also eat other things but not often. Treats are Outshine bars, almonds. If I do drink it is once a week and only once. If there is cake or cookie around I have a bite and savor it. I also log all of my food and keep it below 1200 calories. The days of high-calorie food are gone, I can taste but not eat. I did get a chance to eat homemade ice cream with caramel sauce on it and homemade whipped cream. After 3 spoonsful I was full. You just have to watch what you eat. Carbs bloat my stomach and make me uncomfortable as did the ice cream. Good luck on your journey.
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    ndrjackson got a reaction from billho in Ahem... 100 lbs down.   

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    ndrjackson reacted to Officially Not Fatty Matty in 8 days away and having second thoughts, help....   
    46 year old male here, 13 months post op. BMI was just over 40, now it’s under 25. Starting weight 334, currently 195. Short answer: I wish I did this years ago, it’s been stupid easy for me.

    1) It depends. I had no problem drinking Water right away. Cold water bothered me for a few weeks but room temp water was fine. I was a chugger and drink in my sleep, I was worried about this but I’ve adjusted. I know exactly how many mini sips I can take (8) in a row and do it instinctively.
    2) I’m a year post op and I haven’t thrown up. I’ve been close I think. Twice I ate way too fast without thinking. I said I’d never do it again after the first time…. and the second. Never had nausea or “x food doesn’t agree with me.” I can literally eat anything I used to with no difference in taste, smell or tolerances. Just less. Much much less.
    3) I was given a giant antibiotic pill in the hospital right after my surgery. It was an inch long and thicker than a pencil. It caused no issues (took one each day for ten days). I also had no problem taking my regular BP meds, which now I no longer need anyway.
    4) possibly. I probably had a two weeks or so after where I felt just tired but very shortly after my energy levels went way way up and I feel like I can work harder and longer each day. I haven’t had this much energy since I was a kid, and my calorie count is still around 1000-1500 a day depending on what I eat.
    5) I’ve never dumped and now that I’m trying to find my maintenance calorie levels I’ve been eating high calorie foods (to keep volume minimal) without issue (peanut M&Ms).
    6) I never had heartburn in my life. Until after surgery. They put me on… omeprazle or something like that… right in the hospital. It’s a PPI and I stopped taking it after a couple weeks (I’ve never had heartburn, didn’t after surgery so why keep taking it?) I got heartburn!! It sucked, I was scared, omg my first negative side effect!! so I took it again and it went away. When I stopped taking it it came back… so I took it again. Turns out it can have a rebound effect for some people. Once I read about that I just stopped it altogether and the heartburn went away after about five days or so and I haven’t had a single reoccurrence since.

    Am I unusual because I’ve had a really easy go of this? I don’t know. I know there ARE others out there who have also said it was easy. I do know is this (and I’ve said this before… sorry for repeating to those who have read my previous posts)… this forum is a wonderful resource for people to get info pre op, and to get help post op. That second part is a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to read all these posts where people having issues are trying to find help…. and to get a false impression of how frequently serious problems arise. Not too many people create a new thread to say “hey I’ve had no problems, this was so easy and I’ve been wildly successful beyond my even most optimistic goals… ok carry on.” But we are out there. Most people who fall into this category are probably just out in the wild, living their best life, this forum not anything they think about because they don’t need it. I’m sticking around to make sure people in your situation know that we’re out here. It can be easy, problem free, life changing, exciting, etc. On the flip side my wife also had the sleeve and has had a hell of a time. No problems from the procedure, no gerd or vomiting… just near zero weight loss but you can read my other posts for the specifics. Then there are those who do have medical issues from this, do have problems of all sorts of things. They’re real and I’m so sorry for them, and they do need this forum for advice and comfort and just to vent. I am in no way knocking them for doing what they have to do, but their collective voice is much louder then people like me and it skews perception.
    No one can tell you where on the spectrum you’ll land. If you take it seriously, know that it’s a just a tool to help you lose weight, make better choices, and are ok with the idea that you may have some ups and downs to cope with, you’re off to a great start. Me? I’d do this 100 times over just to feel the way I do today. I wish you the best. No matter what you decide. From a purely statistical point of view problems from being obese far outweigh problems related to getting sleeved. And unfortunately with statistics there are the outliers. But it isn’t a coin flip.
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    ndrjackson got a reaction from Queen LaShay in Question   
    My blood count is low according to my labs not sure what my surgeon is gonna do. I'm at the beginning of my journey so I'm hopeful.

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    ndrjackson got a reaction from GreenTealael in Need insurance coverage   
    Have you tried applying for Medicaid? They cover the surgery.

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    ndrjackson reacted to rch1286 in Pregnant 4 months post op   
    I got pregnant 5 months post op with my surprise 3rd. It is not something I would recommend as I constantly felt guilty that I wasn't able to eat or drink as much as I wanted to support the baby. At that point I still had a lot of restriction and the nausea was the worst compared to my prior 2 before WLS. My priority shifted from losing weight to sustaining the pregnancy, With that being said, I was so much more conscious of the food I did eat that I probably ate the most healthy and nutritious food to make every bite count. I was 262 before surgery and 175 when I got pregnant. I continued to loose weight and my lowest was 160 lbs at 6 months. I gained 8 lbs from there and was 168 lbs when I delivered my 5lb 15 oz baby girl at 37 weeks who was healthy. Two weeks after I gave birth I was 155 and have been about there ever since.
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    ndrjackson reacted to LisaMarrie in Is it Worth it?   
    Well, I can help you with some of that. Though everyone is different there isn't usually pain for upwards of a month. I am 2 weeks post op and doing pretty much everything I normally due and even sleep on my stomach. Unless you have GERD or already have reflux most people don't just experience heartburn unless they do something to cause it and most Drs. will prescribe an acid reducer for at least the first month. Now, the food part I would suggest seeking some therapy if that is a major concern to you. You have to make the decision if changing your eating habits, Hair loss (which may or may not happen and if it does hair grows back) NSAIDs etc. if all of those things outweigh the desire to lose weight and be healthy then the surgery is not for you. But, right now it seems you are dwelling on a lot of possibilities that might not even occur.
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    ndrjackson got a reaction from Ready21 in Had mine yesterday!   
    Congratulations [emoji322]

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