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    I've had bariatric surgery twice, regained all the weight, and am now preparing for RNY revision.
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  1. Don't forget that this effect of the surgery will only last for 6-12 months. You MUSt learn how to eat differently and not rely upon the surgical effect. If you are a sugar/carb addict (and it sounds like you are) please read this book: Food Junkies by Vera Tarman or Weight Loss Surgery Does Not Cure Food Addiction by Connie Stapleton,.
  2. I recommend reading The Success Habits of Weight Loss Patients by Colleen N, Cook as well as getting several bariatric cookbooks. There are many of the cookbooks available on Amazon and other bookstore sites. If you have ever considered that you might be a sugar/food addict, also read Food Junkies by Vera Tarman.
  3. I don't think sugar-free pudding counts as a "clear liquid". It's a soft liquid.
  4. Sunnyway

    cant finish protein shake

    You're only 2 weeks post surgery. Relax. Consume as much of the shakes as you can and don't worry if you don't finish. Your body is healing, You will be able to consume more as time passes and you will be just fine,
  5. If you have GERD, RNY gastric bypass is the preferred revision. It usually cures GERD.
  6. In six years I'm surprised you haven't figured out what foods cause you to get dumping syndrome and avoid them. Most people figure it out the first year post-surgery. Have you tried making journal entries when it happens?
  7. Sunnyway

    Soft Diet

    There are recipes in the Baritastic app, too. The Baritastic app is a great way to track your food intake, weight, measurements, regularity, etc.
  8. Sunnyway

    ProCare Health One A Day Vitamin

    I take Bariatric Pal One-a-Day, which is the most complete and economical brand: a year for $99. It's a fast-dissolving capsule.
  9. Sunnyway

    Soft Diet

    Get a couple of Bariatric cook book, which contain lots of suggestions for the various stages. I like these three of all I have purchased online:
  10. RNY is still the gold standard of WLS and usually corrects reflux and Type II Diabetes. Go for the gold.
  11. Sunnyway


    2018, Pre surgery
  12. Sunnyway

    24 Hours Post-Op

    Walking helps with the gas, even pacing back and forth.

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