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  1. Hi there this is probably a common issue with weight loss surgery. I am almost 2 years post op from a bypass and really have zero complaints ..but stopped exercising over 4 months ago and became more lenient on my food choices and ended up gaining 7 lbs over the last 6 months.. The issue is once you see a slight gain it seems hard to lose an ounce of weight. I’ve downloaded a weight loss app and started monitoring my daily calories, water intake and exercise with no luck so far. I’m curious how others out there who encountered this situation were able to restart there weight loss. What apps are you using? Did you continue using the protein shakes? I feel responsible here but want to stop it before the weight creeps up anymore.. I made a huge decision to get the surgery and it really helped me out but as the surgeon stated it was only a tool that we ultimately have to do the hard work to keep the weight off! I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this issue! Michelle
  2. Michele 2021

    Postop diet advice

    I appreciate everyone’s advice! I Was just hoping to see a faster weight loss at this point in time. But I do agree that cutting out the yogurt and oatmeal may be a good start and trying to eat less carbs and more protein in my diet along with more liquids…I’m only getting about 60grams of protein daily so that may also be causing the slower weight loss….I’m just nervous because My surgeon told me that the first three months will be the quickest weight loss I will experience and if it’s only 25 lbs that doesn’t feel like a lot since I have another 40 lbs I’m hoping to lose here.
  3. Has anyone every accidentally taken two of there one a day vitamin pills within the day? This happened to me tonight I’m 3 weeks post my bypass and hope this doesn’t cause any issues!
  4. I’m post op 17 days from my bypass and am starting my puréed diet..Im finding it very hard to eat any of the foods listed..they do state to eat three meals a day which consist of 2-3 oz of protein a day..and 1/4 cup puréed fruit. This is in addition to The daily water and milk products I’ve already been consuming the first two weeks. I take 2 bites and I feel full..I’m scared to eat to much here..and stretch my stomach...how have others been handling this phase of their diets?
  5. Michele 2021

    Postoperative surgery questions!

    Thanks for the great advice! It does seem very helpful to always have a water bottle close by!
  6. Michele 2021

    Chronic stomach pain after WLS ?

    Thanks for sharing! Your stories are very reassuring! I’m getting the bypass due to my doctors recommendation i had just been diagnosed with some gerd on my preop appt. I had also had cutting pains in my left upper side which turned out to be an ulcer that I was unaware of...I had originally requested the sleeve...and now am wondering if I should have gotten a second opinion on this! I am noticing that many people with gerd are still getting the sleeve and there are less side affects...🤔
  7. Michele 2021

    12 years after surgery

    Thank You for sharing.. your stories are very inspiring!
  8. I’m curious if anyone has experienced any chronic stomach pain or related issues after having there Gastric Bypass or sleeve procedures? Ive heard that this can happen but it seems the majority of people have great outcomes with these surgeries.
  9. Michele 2021

    April Surgery Buddy

    April 28th surgery here..I’m also having. The gastric bypass. I start my pre-op diet on 4-16..I’ve stocked up on the premier protein shakes and jellos but need to purchase some chewable vitamins.
  10. Michele 2021

    Any surgery regrets?

    Hi there I had the same fears here..But while getting my work up to get approved for this procedure I found out I was pre-diabetic had Gerd and my preop scope found an ulcer that I was unaware of. i feel like this was my wake up call . And this procedure could improve my health. I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.
  11. I’m scheduled for a gastric bypass on April 28th does anyone have any advice on things you can. Do to better prepare for the hospital stay?
  12. Michele 2021

    Any April 2021 bypassers?

    April 28th here!

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