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  1. I’ve been second guessing getting the bypass vs the sleeve .I originally wanted to get the sleeve procedure since it seems less complicated. I have about 70 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight. On my preop appt they noticed I had some gerd. I was unaware of this. The surgeon advised I have a bypass vs a sleeve since gerd is a common issue that develops with sleeve patients and assured me that the bypass will resolve these symptoms. I’m noticing a lot of people in these message boards who have gerd and still opted for the Sleeve. It was such a long process to get approved for the WLS I never thought abut getting a second opinion as I’d probably be waiting another 6 months! I’d love to hear others experiences when making this decision!
  2. Michele 2021

    The Sleeve vs Bypass?

    I really appreciated everyone’s input on the sleeve vs bypass question I posted. I did follow my surgeons advice and chose the bypass, I feel it was the best option for me!
  3. Michele 2021

    Postoperative surgery questions!

    Thanks for the great advice! It does seem very helpful to always have a water bottle close by!
  4. I had the bypass surgery yesterday and experienced no issues other than the abdominal pain you experience which honestly feel more Ike hunger pains. My question is how much were others able to drink one day out of surgery? I’ll be lucky to get in 2 bottles of waters today! And am worried about hydration here!
  5. Has anyone had any issues with their dental care since their Weight loss surgeries? I’ve heard that you can get a prescription toothpaste at the dentist that has extra fluoride...that is helpful. I don’t recall anything being discussed about the risks of WLS on your teeth??
  6. I’m curious if anyone has experienced any chronic stomach pain or related issues after having there Gastric Bypass or sleeve procedures? Ive heard that this can happen but it seems the majority of people have great outcomes with these surgeries.
  7. Michele 2021

    The Sleeve vs Bypass?

    That’s a great point! I’ve actually heard a lot of additional benefits with the bypass so I’m feeling more confident here. I’m guessing its normal to question your decision when surgery Is less than a week away!
  8. Michele 2021

    Below 27 BMI !!!

  9. Michele 2021

    The Sleeve vs Bypass?

    That’s very reassuring to hear! I’m glad it resolved your symptoms!
  10. Michele 2021

    10 days to surgery

    Good luck!!! Mine is on the 28th I take my COVID test on Tuesday... It’s hard to believe it’s this close! I’m getting very nervous but also got the biotene spray and a few other things packed away!
  11. Michele 2021

    Chronic stomach pain after WLS ?

    Thanks for sharing! Your stories are very reassuring! I’m getting the bypass due to my doctors recommendation i had just been diagnosed with some gerd on my preop appt. I had also had cutting pains in my left upper side which turned out to be an ulcer that I was unaware of...I had originally requested the sleeve...and now am wondering if I should have gotten a second opinion on this! I am noticing that many people with gerd are still getting the sleeve and there are less side affects...🤔
  12. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    That’s very true about the pre-op diet weight loss ..I’m on day 4 and am already 5 lbs down! I was definitely wondering about the surgery!!!!
  13. Michele 2021

    12 years after surgery

    Thank You for sharing.. your stories are very inspiring!
  14. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    I’m on the preop diet now and am having no issues..mine rotates from 800 to 1200 calories daily and really hasn’t been to bad. I’m just getting extremely nervous about the surgery! And hoping I’ve made the right decision here!
  15. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    There seems to be a lot of surgeries on April 28th! I’m getting nervous here about mine! He is everyone else preparing??
  16. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    I’m on day 3 of my preop diet and it’s going very well!..my surgeries in 8 days! :-)
  17. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    Good luck to everyone on there April surgeries!
  18. I know coffee is not allowed immediately after a gastric bypass but can you eventually reintroduce coffee back.Into your diet?
  19. I’m starting my 10-day pre-op diet tomorrow and was given a worksheet to eat only specific foods during this time frame... it seems very limiting they don’t list sugar free jello or popsicles but allow certain canned fruits. They also allow for chicken but no fish. Were others pre-op diets similar? I know this diet was created to shrink the liver and stomach prior to surgery but was just curious to hear others experiences...and to see if anyone has any advice. I feel that the next 10’ days will be very challenging!
  20. Michele 2021

    April surgeries

    April 28th here!!!!
  21. Does anyone use the BariatricPal multivitamins or have any suggestions on a good multivitamin to use postoperatively? I’m trying to order some vitamins in advance the BariatricPal multivitamins are 105.00 for a year supply which seems very reasonable. I’m curious to know what brands other have purchased.
  22. Michele 2021

    Postoperative multivitamins

    I actually just purchased a year worth of the bariatric pal multivitamin one w/iron chewable to be stocked up. It was 140.00 after the 10.00 off coupon which isn’t too bad. I am going to order the calcium chews as well. I was hoping to find them somewhere else cheaper as 32.00 monthly seems very expensive or the calcium tabs. Does anyone else have any advice on the calcium tabs? And did anyone start these vitamins before the surgery?
  23. Michele 2021

    Surgery tomorrow

    Good luck to everyone!!!!
  24. Michele 2021

    Postoperative multivitamins

    Great advice on the vitamins! Thank you for sharing!
  25. Michele 2021

    April Surgery Buddy

    April 28th surgery here..I’m also having. The gastric bypass. I start my pre-op diet on 4-16..I’ve stocked up on the premier protein shakes and jellos but need to purchase some chewable vitamins.