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    gabbyd got a reaction from heysam in Incision Pain   
    My surgery was 3/18 and I am experiencing the same thing.
    That particular incision send shooting pains when I go to sit/lay/squat. It is very difficult to wipe myself after I pee. It is extremely painful when I get out of bed too. I’m wearing a binder and they seems to have helped a little but wow...was not expecting it to hurt this much.
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    gabbyd got a reaction from lizonaplane in Feeling discouraged   
    Thanks so much for the responses! Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your own head and remain positive.
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    gabbyd reacted to catwoman7 in Feeling discouraged   
    it's a stall. Most of us experience several of them along our way. The bump up in weight is almost certainly due to Water retention or intestinal content rather than true weight since you're in calorie deficit. Give it a couple of days and that weight increase will probably be gone.
    as for the stall, they typically last 1-3 weeks. Just stick to your plan and stay off the scale for a few days. As long as you're not going off-plan, the stall will eventually break and you'll be on your way again.
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    gabbyd reacted to lizonaplane in Feeling discouraged   
    I'm sorry you're going through this. Stalls do happen and they can be very frustrating and disheartening. It's possible you're not getting enough liquids or enough Protein. But you may be losing inches. Are you taking your measurements? You may be doing everything right and just be in a stall (gaining a pound could just be Fluid retention or lack of a BM that day - not a true weight gain). If it keeps up for a while, reach out to your nutritionist and discuss. I would also keep a food log or track your calories and liquids on an app so you can discuss with your nutritionist. Good luck!
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    gabbyd got a reaction from BypassedSophie in March surgeries   
    I’m down 36LBS from surgery weight but 51 down from highest weight! I STILL have some muscle soreness and definitely some mental anxieties.
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    gabbyd got a reaction from BypassedSophie in March surgeries   
    I’m down 36LBS from surgery weight but 51 down from highest weight! I STILL have some muscle soreness and definitely some mental anxieties.
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    gabbyd got a reaction from JustJazzy in Protein Popsicles   
    I found one in “the complete bariatric cookbook and meal plan”

    chocolate pudding Protein pops
    One 3.9 OZ Package of chocolate flavored instant pudding
    2 cups cold low fat milk
    2 scoops chocolate Protein Powder

    I haven’t made it yet but I am going to try a chocolate Protein Shake and the pudding mix!
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    gabbyd got a reaction from Tracyringo in Ate too much, in pain   
    Glad to hear you pulled through!!! What phase are you in? What day was your surgery?
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    gabbyd got a reaction from nessie in Ate too much, in pain   
    Oof! So sorry to hear you’re in pain!
    I have not yet experienced this. (I’m starting the puréed stage tomorrow). You’re in my thoughts!!! Hang in there!!!
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    gabbyd reacted to catwoman7 in 4 weeks post op   
    you'll start feeling the restriction once you move to solid foods. For now, measure out what you're supposed to eat and just eat that. Some of your nerves have been cut, and takes awhile for them to regenerate. Also, you're eating soft foods that go through your stomach quickly. So don't chase the "full" feeling for now - just trust the process. And yes, the surgery WILL work as long as you follow your program. 21 lbs down in three weeks is fantastic - you're well ahead of the curve.
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    gabbyd reacted to Queen of Crop in Any surgery regrets?   
    Oh my gosh!!!!! This is the BEST thing I ever did? My one regret: (and I have heard this SO many times...). I wish I would have done it sooner! I was 57 when I had the sleeve done 10 years ago. I lost 80 lbs and just in the last couple of years I have put 15-20 lbs back on which is why I am back here to figure out how to stop the gain. I went in with the mindset that this was a very exciting time in my life and I was finally going to get a handle on it and I did!!! I wrote a book called Queen of Crop where I kept a blog faithfully each week....I suggest you do as well because it will be a very exciting year for you. You will be in the Honeymoon phase for the first year....but listen and learn so you don't regain. Sadly, my surgery was very early on and I was traveling for a year so had very little (if any) follow up support so here I am fighting some weight gain. But oh, the freedom of feeling thin!!!! Good luck and have fun with it. My passport photos taken exactly one year apart!

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    gabbyd reacted to catwoman7 in Any surgery regrets?   
    I would not do the band. In fact, hardly any surgeons place the band anymore - there have been way too many problems with them, and many people have had them replaced with sleeve or bypass.
    Sleeve is a good option as long as you don't have GERD.
    honestly, complications with either bypass or sleeve aren't that common and are usually minor. For some reason there's the opinion out there that these are really risky surgeries and you're bound to have a lot of problems, but it just isn't true. Yes you'll always find people who've had a ton of problems with weight loss surgeries (both sleeve and bypass), but for the vast majority of us, we sail through them just fine and have no issues. The only thing different about my life now (other than being 200 lbs lighter) is that I now have to take Vitamins every day (and of course, I eat less that before)
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    gabbyd reacted to nessie in Ate too much, in pain   
    Thanks everyone. Woke up feeling so much better. Was afraid at the thought of even drinking today, but Protein Shake is going down just fine. Whew! Sure did teach me a lesson! I was scared, cuz whew, that wasn't fun. Glad it's over. So thankful for this community who helps encourage each other through this!
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    gabbyd reacted to kellym1220 in Ate too much, in pain   
    I believe that's called "foamies" and I have had it a couple of times. It will pass, and (hopefully) teach you a lesson! As you get further in, you will begin to recognize your "full" cues and stop before you get there. I have said this before, but my dog has gained about 15 pounds to keep me from having "one last bite" or thinking "this little bit shouldn't go to waste". Once I get the signal that I am full...down on the floor it goes!
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    gabbyd got a reaction from nessie in Ate too much, in pain   
    Oof! So sorry to hear you’re in pain!
    I have not yet experienced this. (I’m starting the puréed stage tomorrow). You’re in my thoughts!!! Hang in there!!!
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    gabbyd reacted to BeckyTx in Any March Surgeries?   
    March 16, I’m 1 week post op. Let me tell you, when I woke up after surgery I was like omg what did I do?! That pain was no joke! I had 2 c sections before and that pain does not compare LOL
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    gabbyd reacted to Maisey in The Dr. Nowzaradan Drinking Game   
    I read somewhere (but of course, don't remember where) that the participants were required to film at least one bathroom scene.
    I also wish there were participants who did not have backgrounds with trauma. Can't we just have some run-of-the-mill people with weight issues.
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    gabbyd reacted to Jnfinney in The Dr. Nowzaradan Drinking Game   
    😂😂😂 I have to admit, that show is a guilty pleasure of mine.
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    gabbyd reacted to Creekimp13 in The Dr. Nowzaradan Drinking Game   
    Crap, I don't drink...so maybe I'll just take a hit of pot each time someone on My 600 pound life says:
    1. Miserable. (ie: my life is miserable)
    2. Switches out "my size" for "my weight"
    3. This is my last chance.
    4. "Dr. Now doesn't understand....."
    5. "Weightloss Journey"
    6. "Progress"
    And TWO everytime Dr. Now says:
    1. "What happened?"
    2. "you are killing yourself."
    3. "Eating habit!"
    4. "How you all doing?"
    5. "If you need anything, let me know."
    6. "I'm proud of you!"
    Take off one article of clothing each time the patient fails to meet a weight loss goal.
    If it's the Penny Sager episode....just smoke the whole bowl, take ALL your clothes off, and watch in stunned silence with your mouth hanging open.
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    gabbyd reacted to HealthyLifeStyle in I Reached My Goal!!!!!   
    It has been 7 months, and 2 days since my WLS.
    I finally hit my GOAL when weighing in this morning. I have never been this small in my adult life.
    It is such a great feeling, knowing that everything I worked for up to this point has been worth it.
    My ONLY regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago.
    I have lost 81 lbs., went from a size 20 jeans, now in a size 6, (I posted a few days ago that I was a size 8, but my new jeans were actually too big, and I had to get a size 6).
    I am sooooooo happy!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
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    gabbyd got a reaction from EducatingtheMasses in Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?   
    My surgery was 3/18!!!
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    gabbyd reacted to Cheeseburgh in OOTD   
    Cute outfits! I’ll play too.

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    gabbyd reacted to GradyCat in OOTD   
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    gabbyd reacted to Believe2021 in HELP!!! Did your Incision hurt for over a week?   
    Yep that was me for almost 3 weeks. I am finally feeling better with very little pain at times with certain movements. It felt like a burning sensation internally and it was horrible. It reminded me of my C-Section pain. I hope you recovery quickly with the pain level you have now. Best of LUCK and wishing you a Speedy Recovery! And Good Luck on your new WL journey!

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    gabbyd got a reaction from Kimberly1983@@ in Excruciating Pain Post OP   
    @jnfinney Im doing better! Thank you for asking about me. 🥰
    I called my dr. and they said to take Tylenol in between the oxy doses. I am using a binder and I got a compression tank top and it is a game changer. I also started using a heating pad and it’s helped a lot too. Im finding that a lot of it is just learning how to manage the pain and adapt around it.

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