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  1. So before I had surgery, I would often dream about eating things that I know I shouldn't eat. Deep fried foods, sugary foods, CARBS CARBS CARBS. Now, almost 3 months post-op, I still have this often, only in my dreams I know I have had surgery and medically can't eat this stuff. Does anyone else have this issue? Does it ever go away? I get so much anxiety from the dreams because even though it's a dream, I still feel like I cheated.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I did know about the 42g ones but my dietician said the 23g ones or whatever the amount is are fine. The reality is they are great for the beginning of the healing process and good later for supplemental protein, but you don’t want to get most of your protein from shakes. You need to eat real food after a month or so post op.
  3. I drink a power core protein from FairLife. I like the strawberry banana one. It’s the closest thing that I can get to strawberry milk. Mmmmm
  4. Oh boy... I tried the creamer when I tried keto and wow was it not for me.
  5. Kukubari

    What is your why?

    I got gastric sleeve surgery so I could be eligible for a corrective surgery I’ve needed my whole life. At first I couldn’t get it because of finances and then once I had the money, my weight became the new obstacle. The fact that I’m still alive is weird, I was expecting to be gone before I turned 26 and now I’m 32. However, the path is opened to me now and I expect to get my next surgery within the year.
  6. Kukubari

    Hungry hungry hungry

    Idk about your surgeon, but mine said no carbs until waaaay later and even then, they’ll be from veggies. He said the number reason people regain or stop losing is the carbs, especially from bread , beans, and grains, and soda. I’m only 6 weeks post op and I’ve lost 46 pounds so I must be doing something right. Mind you, I do weight more and am taller and such. But still, I only eat protein and non starchy veggies all day. My surgeon said my goal is to be in ketosis at the moment in order to maximize loss. I have noticed that many on here have refried beans, oatmeal, and other carbs. I don’t know why my surgeon and dietitian is so different from others.
  7. Kukubari

    Caffeine limits and guidelines

    I will say that I can't drink the aount of coffee like I once did. Before VSG, I have 3 cups of coffee measuring at 14 ounces each. Now.. I'll be lucky if I can drink one cup of 12 ounces. Though I am only 5 weeks out.
  8. Kukubari

    Caffeine limits and guidelines

    I was allowed caffeine 2 weeks post-op. However, for every 8 ounces of coffee I have, I need to drink 8 ounces of more water a day. The fear of caffeine stems from getting dehydrated with is the number one concern after surgery. You need to be careful to drink enough clear liquids, hopefully water. As for caffeine tablets or other sources other than coffee... I'm unsure. Best practice is to call your surgeon's clinic and talk to a bariatric dietician for guidelines.
  9. I agree with the remark about them. They are very chalky. I honestly hated them before, but after a week or two they aren't bad. The thing is, I'd rather have 2 of them a day than a bunch of capsules any day. It's more a pick your burden. I am on so many meds as it is and they aren't meds that can be removed as weight loss occurs. Each time I take my meds, that's more air into my stomach. So chalky it is lol.
  10. Kukubari

    Living Rent Free

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention, but my surgeon asked if I was in a relationship when I was going through the mental health check list for the insurance. I told him no and asked why. He told me that relationships, after bariatric surgery, can change. This is due to the fact that a lot of successful patients gain confidence, self worth goes up, and there is more assertiveness. In essence, the you after surgery is going to be a different person. Yes, your still you, but you’re going to be a dramatically different place in life. This can lead the souse to feel jealousy, insecurity, or even a sense of lost control. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s common enough that it’s actually being studied more thoroughly right as we speak. Minds can be weird and people are... people.
  11. Kukubari

    Living Rent Free

    There is a lot of potential commentary on society to be had here. Mostly how we treat weight, genders, and emotions. OP, those women were horribly inappropriate to say that stuff. Your husband, regardless of intent, could have said almost anything other than what he said and not come across how he did. I know that I would not want to be referred to as an investment. That’s what real estate is for. As for some of the responses, people are entitled to their opinions but, let’s be serious for a moment. Men and women feel just as strongly and deeply about things, even if there is a stereotype for women showing it more. Feelings are important. I personally don’t believe in the overemotional or oversensitive argument because it’s often used as an excuse to discredit the validity of real issues with interpersonal relations. OP, what you felt from the situation is valid, real, and it’s horrible that it the situation happened. I agree with some of the responses though. I would communicate about it to your husband if it’s bothering you that much. Don’t let it fester and become a wound. It’s ultimately up to you. I’m not married and never have been. So I may be naive. But I do know that all relations with others are built on communication and honest.
  12. I take barimelt multi vitamins that include iron in it. They are chewable.
  13. Kukubari

    Pureed Meats Struggles

    I ended up eating protein shake for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner. Pretty much every day lol.
  14. This is a time where I should call a nurse at the hospital you got your surgery done at. I get that it's the weekend and the office is probably closed, but this is something that the nurses within the general surgeon department can probably help with and they are 24/7. Dehydration isn't only common after WLS, but also other surgeries, yet it is still serious. Alternatively, did your surgeon give you their cell phone number? Not all do, but some do. At the minimum, it's common for them to give you a number in case of questions or concerns.
  15. What is your body's way of telling you when you are full, Tim? For me I tend to hiccup once if I am full and hiccup a lot if I over ate. Since my surgery I haven't vomited yet, though I had 2 close calls. I know I need to only eat what my body wants, but I was raised to eat everything on my plate AND it's harder to track protein intake if you don't eat what you measured out for yourself. 😕 EDIT: Wow I am silly, I only just realized that you are the OP of this thread and already answered it.