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  1. OutdoorsGirl


    As it gets warmer, I’ve been dropping my winter clothes and coats into a bag and putting them into a donation bin. I’ve bought a few new items from target. Target is pretty affordable for casual clothes. My t shirts from last summer are loose, but I can still wear them.
  2. OutdoorsGirl

    Favorite salad (from chain restaurant)

    There’s a tropical smoothie near me. I’m going to check it out. I didn’t know they had food too.
  3. OutdoorsGirl

    Favorite salad (from chain restaurant)

    The pollo asado is chicken with garlic, lime, peppers and cilantro. I had it on a taco one day. You can order 1 taco at my chipotle it was only $3.50 for my meal - a bargain for chipotle. When I get the bowl, I can get 3 meals out of it, so I guess that’s a bargain too.
  4. OutdoorsGirl

    Favorite salad (from chain restaurant)

    I like Panera for salads and the bowls from chipotle. The pollo asado that chipotle has out now is yummy. The salads at Chick-fil-A are pretty good too.
  5. OutdoorsGirl

    How many tacos one year out?

    I ate 1 pollo asado crispy taco from chipotle today. It was pretty tasty. At $3.50, it was a bargain. I like when places have menu items that aren’t huge and are reasonably priced. It kept me full until dinner.
  6. OutdoorsGirl

    heart attack?

    I think the stress test will show if you had one or not. After my test, the dr said that I have not had a heart attack in the past.
  7. OutdoorsGirl

    Nuclear Stress Test

    You all have me wanting to try that lemonade. 🍋🙂
  8. OutdoorsGirl

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I had surgery on 11/9. I can eat about a cup of food. My meds slow down my metabolism, so I’ve only lost 47 lbs so far. I’ve checked goodwill for clothes, but didn’t have any luck. I’m buying stretchy pants so they will last through a few sizes. Good job losing November surgery friends!
  9. OutdoorsGirl


    My ekg was abnormal and I was able to have surgery. I did end up in the hospital for a week though.
  10. OutdoorsGirl

    Walking shoes recommendations

    Skechers are affordable and pretty comfortable. I wear hoka one one Clifford’s but they are pricey.
  11. OutdoorsGirl

    Major complications after surgery

    Hope you’re on the mend soon.
  12. OutdoorsGirl

    One-derland after 6 months

    Fantastic news! Congratulations on your happy milestone!
  13. OutdoorsGirl


    How exciting! Congrats!
  14. OutdoorsGirl

    Severe back pain

    I’ve had mid to upper back pain and thigh numbness ever since my surgery 3.5 months ago. I haven’t been taking anything for it, but it is annoying. Im seeing a neurologist about it in a couple of weeks.
  15. OutdoorsGirl

    Normal Bites?

    By 3 months I was taking pretty normal bites of the things that I eat. I try to remember to chew more and eat slowly. I was surprised by how fast I was able to do so.
  16. OutdoorsGirl

    1 week post op and I feel amazing!!

    When I started, I was in a 3X at 280. Now I can fit into a 1X at 248. I’ve only purchased 2 pairs of stretchy pants and 1 pair of dress pants. I’m still wearing my 3X tops. I’ll need to buy some shorts and probably smaller tops for the summer. I’m just going to buy a few things until my size stabilizes so I don’t waste a lot of money. I checked out the thrift store, but didn’t see anything that I would want.
  17. OutdoorsGirl

    1st day post op vsg

    Walk as much as you can.
  18. OutdoorsGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    Re: tendinitis. I’ve had that before too. It took a long time to get rid of it. What finally worked was kinesiology tape. A physical therapist will know how to position the tape. I was skeptical when they taped my foot and ankle, but I had relief after the first taping. After a couple more taping sessions, the pain was finally gone. I haven’t had the problem since.
  19. OutdoorsGirl


    I like pro care health. They are reasonably priced and my labs were fine.
  20. OutdoorsGirl

    B12 advice

    I’ve been taking pro care one a day multivitamins. It must be enough b12 for me because I didn’t have any vitamin deficiencies on my 3 month labs. I had the sleeve.
  21. OutdoorsGirl


    I only told my husband, mother, son, and his girlfriend. It got kind of dicey because I ended up in the hospital an extra week. I didn’t go out to dinner with the rest of the family during the liquids and soft food phases. Now I can eat regular food and I get a to go box and take most of it home or just get an appetizer.
  22. OutdoorsGirl

    After surgery am I doomed to a life of throwing up???

    It is scary and the first week is the worst. Once you’re into the regular food stage, it gets pretty easy and you forget about the unpleasant first days.
  23. OutdoorsGirl

    After surgery am I doomed to a life of throwing up???

    I’ve only thrown up once in 3 months. The chicken breast I had was too dry. I’ve been able to eat pretty much anything. Just eat a tiny bit of anything you try for the first time. When I eat out at a restaurant, the food lasts for several meals. It hasn’t been bad at all. It’s nice being full from a small meal.
  24. OutdoorsGirl

    Peleton App

    If you use the app with the peloton bike or treadmill it keeps track of your workout metrics and heart rate so you can see if you’re gaining strength. You can also meet up on the bike with your friends that have bikes and cheer each other on. It’s pretty fun, but I’ve suspended my app because I started getting a pain in my knee when I rode and my favorite instructor left.
  25. OutdoorsGirl

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I’m in the same boat. Some of my medications slow metabolism, so it’s going to be tough for me. Hang in there! We will get there eventually.

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