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  1. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    Thank YOU!!!
  2. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    Yes, even though I am 9 months out. I double checked with my nutritionist last week and she told me that this is a rule I should always go by. Also, if I drink up till I eat, I won't have room for food. I still get very full quickly.
  3. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY for understanding. I was also a waitress and was never rude to anyone. It just really made me mad when she was being rude to my elderly mom for no reason.
  4. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    Thank You for your understanding. It was not a difficult order. My mom even told her that she knew it wasn't her fault and probably that of the sandwich maker.
  5. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    How did I make up my own menu. Turkey burgers is on the menu and so isn't the choice of getting a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I asked to add a tomato and hold the mayo. I asked if the turkey burger was actually grilled and that I didn't want added butter, or oil, etc. It was not a difficult order. I have worked as waitress at different places before and this is not a difficult thing to do. If you read my post. My mom even said to the waitress that she knew it wasn't her fault, and probably the fault of the sandwich maker. This waitress had an attitude from the very beginning. She was very rude to my elderly mother and I. If you want a decent tip, then act like a nice person. I always tip on the heavy side if the person deserves it. Just because I asked her to remove the water shouldn't be a red flag for crappy tippers.
  6. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    Ok so the only reason I told her no water was because that was a suggestion from someone else on here when I told everyone I was apprehensive about eating out for the 1st time. I really didn't think about it, but I guess I just didn't have to take that advice and could have had the water sitting there. No biggie there. I was very nice about it when I asked to have it removed. My story was very short and all I said was that it was my 1st time out since Covid and that I was on a strict eating plan. It took all of 30 seconds to tell her that. I certainly didn't go out of my way to make any "demands". I simply told her no oil, butter, or salt, or mayo. Lettuce wrap and add tomato. My moms order was veggie burger with lettuce wrap and it came in a bun. How is that being demanding? Our order was messed up twice, and the waitress was very rude to us from the beginning. So tell me again how did I make "additional demands"???? I was told by different people on here that I shouldn't be nervous about letting wait staff know about my dietary needs, and now after this experience, I am more nervous about eating out than I was in the 1st place.
  7. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY not be rude to myself and my elderly mom. She was very rude to us.
  8. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    I did not want a fine dining experience. I simply wanted the waitress to be nice.
  9. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY I worked as a waitress so I know exactly what it is like. I always got paid less than minimum wage plus tips. She was just plain rude to us.
  10. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    There was no shortage of waitress/or waiters at this place. I know first hand about being a waitress as I was one for various places, including low and high end. She was just extremely rude to us for no reason. When I go out I always tip at least 20% and if they are extra nice I tip more. TY
  11. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY Like I said it takes a lot for my mom who is 74 yrs old to get mad. This waitress was just being very rude to us.
  12. I finally bit the bullet and decided to try going to a restaurant yesterday for lunch with my mom. We were at the mall and ended up at Red Robin. I have been there a bunch of times before surgery and knew that had some healthy options. When the waitress came to take our drink order I let her know I do not want anything. My mom orders iced tea. She comes back to the table with my moms iced tea and a big glass of water for me. I tell her that I didn't order any water, and could she please remove it. She gives an attitude. When she comes back for our order, I let her know that I am very nervous because it is my 1st time ordering out at a restaurant since COVID #1, and I also tell her about my surgery #2, and let her know I am nervous about ordering because I want to make sure the order is correct, as I can not eat certain things. She rolls her eyes, starts to talk really fast, and is now rushing us. Mind you there is hardly anyone in the restaurant at this time. It is after the noon time rush. She literally had only 1 other table besides ours. I decide on the Turkey Burger, ask if its grilled and she tells me yes. I let her know I am on a very strict eating plan, and can not have butter, oil, salt, etc. I want it plain and on a lettuce wrap with tomato only. She asks me if I still want the chipotle mayo and I let her know I can not do spicy anything. I ask what the side options are that are healthy and I chose broccoli. My mom orders the veggie burger with the lettuce wrap, and broccoli as well. Our food gets to the table. Mine looks great so I take a bite and burn my tongue because it had the friggin chipotle mayo I told them I did not want. I hate spicy and couldn't even do it before the surgery. Upon further investigation, I see that the tomato is missing also. My moms is in a regular bun after she told them she wanted the lettuce wrap. My mom motions to her and she clearly sees her and ignores us. We finally see the manager go by and motion to him. He comes over and we explain what is going on. We let him know about the mistakes and we just want them fixed. My mom even says that it is not the waitresses fault but probably whoever made the sandwiches. Here comes the waitress again now with our corrected order. She never apologizes, gives us a major attitude, mumbles something under her breath and walks away before we could even check our food. I double check to make sure my order is right, this time their is no mayo on it, but my tomato is missing again! OMG My moms was correct this time. I didn't even bother to ask again because at this point we just wanted to hurry up and eat and leave. Time for the check....she tells us as she is walking by in a very fast speaking tone that we can check out using the table top kiosk. My mom was buying and always uses cash, she tries getting her attention once again to ask her how does it work, as we only know it to use a card. When we look at the total we knew it was wrong because it was for 2 orders of everything we got. Now my mom is pissed (it takes a lot). She gets up and gets the manager, explains how the girl has been rude to us the entire time, orders wrong, etc. The manager tells us we owe nothing, and we ate for free. He also tells us that he is firing the waitress today. Ummmm ok that is your problem and not for our knowledge, but now at least we know why. Wow! What a bad 1st experience that was. I am afraid to try other places.
  13. HealthyLifeStyle

    Against docs advice

    Thank you very much. Me too! LOL
  14. HealthyLifeStyle

    Liquid diet help

    Thank You for these ideas. They are great!
  15. HealthyLifeStyle

    Grits RNY only

    I eat them now at 9 months out. I can only eat a little bit (2 bites) before I feel full. My hubby makes cheese grits. Yummy!

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