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  1. It has been 7 months, and 2 days since my WLS. I finally hit my GOAL when weighing in this morning. I have never been this small in my adult life. It is such a great feeling, knowing that everything I worked for up to this point has been worth it. My ONLY regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago. I have lost 81 lbs., went from a size 20 jeans, now in a size 6, (I posted a few days ago that I was a size 8, but my new jeans were actually too big, and I had to get a size 6). I am sooooooo happy!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
  2. HealthyLifeStyle

    What Are You Looking Forward To In Spring?

    Exactly 7 months ago today.
  3. HealthyLifeStyle


    Thank you very much! You are always giving people great advice, encouragement, etc. I love reading your posts, comments, etc.
  4. HealthyLifeStyle


    It is finally nice where I live, here in NH. It has been in the 60's for the past 3 days. Every day I go outside, and rake/burn leaves. It will take a while, as I have an acre of land to clean up, but I look fwd. to it. This is the most exercise I have done in years! Before the WLS, I had to use a cane, and a wheelchair, just to get around. Now I do not need these things. It feels so good to be free! I never thought I would like doing yard work, but I am enjoying every single minute of it. The first day, I only did it for about 45 minutes. The second day, about an hour, and today, almost 2 hours. I am sore, but not overly, like I was afraid of. Doing stuff like this has been a long time coming. Now I am curious to know how many calories I am burning? I guess it really doesn't matter at this point. I am just enjoying getting some exercise!!
  5. HealthyLifeStyle

    Rip Off!!!!

    Thank you for letting me know this. I am planning a Wal-Mart trip today.
  6. HealthyLifeStyle

    Night time munching

    Oh thanks for the idea. I will try the Greek yogurt with ranch as a dip. I am getting sick of hummus, and cottage cheese.
  7. HealthyLifeStyle

    Down 6 sizes!

    Thank you so much! I still can't believe its me, when looking in the mirror. I hope my brain can catch up soon.
  8. HealthyLifeStyle

    Down 6 sizes!

    I am in shock. I have gone from a size 20 jeans, to an 8, in only 7 months! I went from a 2x in shirts to a medium, or small, depending on the material, and brand. I still see myself as chubby, because I have loose skin around my hips, and abdomen. I wonder what size I would be in, if I didn't have the extra skin? I am looking fwd. to having some type of tuck, removal, etc. of my extra skin. I only have 5 months to go before I reach my 1 yr. The time is flying by. I have never in my adult life, been this size. I was always the chubby/fat kid in school (always teased, and bullied). I yo-yo dieted most of my adult life, but would often give up if I wasn't losing quick enough. Only to gain the weight back, and then some. It feels good, but weird at the same time to actually be this small. I have to learn to be kind to myself, and accept how I feel, and look now. It is not easy.
  9. HealthyLifeStyle

    What Are You Looking Forward To In Spring?

    I am looking fwd to being able to walk around my neighborhood, walking the dogs. I haven't been able to do that in 7 years. I had to use a cane, or a wheelchair to get around. Now that I am able to walk without it, I want to just walk anywhere I can!
  10. HealthyLifeStyle

    Plant Based Meats- Are you eating any?

    TY I will check it out.
  11. I can relate to this. I hated when they gave me the robe to wear. It was always too small. I always had to wear two of them. One going fwd, and the other backwards. It must have felt so good!
  12. Thank you for the info. I honestly had no idea about the expense. I hope it is lower for me. I am in New Hampshire.
  13. HealthyLifeStyle

    Plant Based Meats- Are you eating any?

    I never heard of the brand Quorn. Is it sold at regular markets, or is it a specialty item?
  14. HealthyLifeStyle

    Plant Based Meats- Are you eating any?

    I will have to try it. I wouldn't eat it plain, but putting it in something might just do it.
  15. HealthyLifeStyle

    Plant Based Meats- Are you eating any?

    I never realized that they would be easier on the belly. I will give it a try.