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  1. WafflingWafa

    What's the deal with "Straws vs No Straws"

    Immediately after the op my surgeon came round and actually advised me to use a straw to sip tiny amounts I told him I was surprised with this suggestion because I'd read so much " forbidding" straws. His explanation was that maybe some advised not using straws because if you drink too fast you can swallow air. But that in his experience if you sip through the straw slowly taking small amounts into your mouth and then swallow it helps
  2. WafflingWafa

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    How far post op are you? What was your surgery weight? Keep track of your body measurements ... they sometimes change even when the scale doesn't? Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. WafflingWafa

    Considering surgery

    I am 3 weeks out VSG. The surgery and recovery for me has been much easier than Id feared! I felt worse a few years back after I had my gallbladder removed . I know I am goinig to miss being able to eat what I like when I like but the health risks for me continuinig as I was were too great for me. I had to loose weight and just as importantly KEEP IT OFF or be prepared to suffer the consequences; after years of yo yo dieting I knew weight loss surgery was my best option. Three things which I think have helped me cope with the new way of eating so fare are: Since I had a year delay waiting for surgery (COVID!!) and during that time I did drastically cut back on my then large serving sizes and eat slowly (I always ate on the go!) and only drink at the start of a meal not at the end feel free to contact me if you want to its a big decision you need to be ready
  4. I know the feeling. just added about 1/4 tsp curry paste to my `100gm of chicken puree not really curry but it added to the taste (Im3 week postop VSG)!
  5. Yes@GradyCat agree communication always is good After Id given myself a little alone time I ended up explaining ( after I'd apologised) that having every one hovering was making my head spin . Today every one gave me more space and just checked every 6hr or so if I needed anything ( I gave a todo list of the slightly heavier chores!) Still a bit fuzzy headed, hope it clears soon I'm now at day 7 post op Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. Can anyone relate I'm being super irritable and snappy to people who don't deserve it ( hovering husband and 2 daughters who have travelled across country to help me) And I feel awful about it I hate my behaviour but can't seem to stop Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app

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