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  1. WafflingWafa

    Day 7 blues

    Pureed food makes such a big improvement!! Good luck, keep up the good work
  2. WafflingWafa

    Day 7 blues

    It gets easier! Promise. For me it was around week 3.... Hang in there, you can do it
  3. WafflingWafa

    Feeling down

    And some people loose a lot less... it just takes them longer...but if you stick to it it will work!!! Excellent news re your health improvement and your lab results. Well done you...stick at it! ( now I have to repeat this to myself.!!!!!@..guess for some it's a marathon rather than a sprint..but if we stick to it goals are always possible) Hugs and best wishes
  4. Can totally relate ( I am now 6mth post op vsg) at 6 weeks it felt I was working hard and getting no where. Try taking your measurements Even when I am not loosing inches have definitely gone. My weight pre pre op! 135 ( fast forward 1 year delay due to no ops covid) At surgery 119 At 6 weeks post op 111 I have just started lap swimming 1 hr 4 times a week and am at 107 Not earth shattering but circulation bp and liver have improved so that's good Slow its much harder to binge when I'm down (I've tried!!) My advice ( for what it's worth!) Is look for the positives!! Protein is a ( insert appropriate word!) I've taken to using unflavoured whey protein powder in soup coffee and orange juice 2 or 3 times a day as mini meals ( not sure of kosher status of whey powder that would be an added problem) Then one proper food meal What was your pre op surgery and current weight
  5. WafflingWafa

    Still a slow loser

    @KayBee1972 take measurements I've not lost so much on the scale but somehow inches have decreased ( actually flew last week without having to get an extension belt AND the food tray would open fully ( bit tight but it opened!!!) Keep in touch ..... slow loosers unite!!!!
  6. WafflingWafa

    Still a slow loser

    Also slow....slower even! 33lb pre surgery 24 lb lost since surgery (57lb loss) Also 6 mth ago...everything has been stalled this last month I don't cheat protein is good altho water is a challenge I haven't been able to exercise much so I know this is part of my problem Age (66)and hypothyroidism don't help I guess...but it is what it is!! Although it's easy to feel cheesed about it! Trend is downward albeit S L O W L Y and I feel better for the little I have lost so its a matter of carry on and keep going!!!!!! Keep in touch @ANewJourneyAwaitslet's encourage each other. ( I have literally just got back home from signing up for swimming so hope things will improve!!!!)
  7. WafflingWafa

    Ate Too Fast

    Y E S !!!!! Anything faster than dead slow can set it off..... horrible isn't it!!!
  8. WafflingWafa

    What's the deal with "Straws vs No Straws"

    Immediately after the op my surgeon came round and actually advised me to use a straw to sip tiny amounts I told him I was surprised with this suggestion because I'd read so much " forbidding" straws. His explanation was that maybe some advised not using straws because if you drink too fast you can swallow air. But that in his experience if you sip through the straw slowly taking small amounts into your mouth and then swallow it helps
  9. I've also wondered A LOT about this .. and spent too much time searching the literature etc (I'm a retired academic med/sci it doesn't take much to get me searching!!!) Physiology wasn't my thing and I couldn't find any obvious answers..I wondered/hypothesised to my self that MAYBE during a stall the body is doining something that makes it need/hold onto more of the water taken in and that this cancels out expected loss due to calorie deficit Would love to hear other ideas or if any physiologists/clinical biochemists out there actually know !!!!!! Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. Agree! Once I found out that serious weight loss was the only thing that might help me ( very very fatty liver nafld/nash) I knew I had to try. I hadn't considered wls I thought I was too old 65/66 but my docs told me otherwise! Wls was my best chance for better health befor my liver got worse. All has gone well Weight loss slow compared to some folk but my health has been improving ! AND no complications to date ( I'm 3mth post op) Best wishes for your surgery Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. WafflingWafa

    I’m so weak!!!

    For me it's been about since 6 weeks befor anything approaching normal energy. Now 8 weeks and still not quite 100% I'm on about 800 kcal now Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  12. WafflingWafa

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    It's definitely a help to know you're not alone!'and although it would be fantastic to be a rapid looser... a loss is a loss ...and inches definitely count !!! Onwards and downwards!!!!!
  13. WafflingWafa

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    My weight loss is also VERY slow 22lbs in the 3mth Post surgery sw was I've spent hours trawling through the Internet trying to workout the biochemistry/cellular physiology of what exactly happens during a stall ( I lost a few pounds over the first month but then stalled for 3 weeks) How can intake be 600 kcal and enough protein but no weight loss ... right !!! Measuring was the only thing that convinced me something was happening (7 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips!). OR maybe you could be on track for a Nobel prize for groundbreaking research on the revised laws of thermodynamics!!!!! How far out post op are you? And what was your surgery weight? ( it factors in as well) IT WILL IMPROVE . it has too! All the best
  14. WafflingWafa

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    I was 262 at surgery so about the same ( although I'm a little taller sa bmi slightly less) I'm not a speedy looser ! 2.5 weeks is still early enough to be holding in some of those iv fluids they pump into you in the hospital. Plenty of people In these forums actually have recorded a TEMPORARY GAIN in weight post op. Also at 2.5 weeks your stomach tissues etc may still be swollen Swollen tissues hang onto fluids So effectively what you're looking is probably cancelled out (TEMPORARILY!) by the fluids you are retaining IM SURE THIS WILL CHANGE SOON! In the meantime I suggest/recommend you take baseline measurements NOW! ALSO if you have any clothes that were snug/tight before surgery ...try them on now!!! Hopefully they will already fit better Good luck ...
  15. WafflingWafa

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    How far post op are you? What was your surgery weight? Keep track of your body measurements ... they sometimes change even when the scale doesn't? Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. WafflingWafa

    one month post op

    I've just come through a 3 week stall..it isn't fun! At surgery 119 kg First 2 week Post op 116 .. by 6 weeks it was 112 kg then a stall Of 3 weeks so frustrating ( it was only the fact that clothes were getting looser that stopped me having a melt down!!) Weigh in yesterday 111kg So hopefully??! I wonder how much age is a factor ( I'm 66) plus I loss about 15 kg in the year prior to surgery) Just trying to plod on and stay sane ( or sane-ish!) Good luck
  17. WafflingWafa


    Yup!!! For about 2 weeks I had to be VERY careful and within a quick dash (shuffle) of my bathroom It settled down to stools which resemble those of babies fed on breast milk ( If you know you know.!!!) Now I'm on soft/normal foods I have to be careful of constipation But still get what my surgeon classes "overflow diarrhea " but I had troubles with this and ibs-d pre surgery too Be carful of your fluids. If you feel dehydrated get help Take care...it passes
  18. WafflingWafa

    Post-op Portions help (1 month out)

    Spend normal amount of time each day thinking about it! I HOPE TO GET TO THIS POINT SOMEDAY! just as well I'm retired Working out what to eat ( timings..liquid intake..150gm protein target..max 800k cal target) Feels (and is at the moment) a full time all consuming (!) Job Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. It's so easy to misread .. happy to hear you are ok My worst..duh. why did I do that.... moment to date was polishing off some left over stew ( stew was TOO textured I was only 6 weeks and I ate it normal pre surgery speed ie FAST!) I did it on auto and it sat like a brick You know how many times " mindful eating " is plugged everywhere Definitely a duh what was I thinking mo.ent for me !!! Fortunately apart from. Discomfort all was OK BUT I DID GO BACK TO WHOLE LIQUIDS AND SLOPPY PUREES FOR 2 DAYS as an apology to my poor stomach ..just in case!!!!
  20. Any late January 2021 ( I was 26th) vsg peeps interested in buddying up Sent from my SM-N975F using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. WafflingWafa

    Considering surgery

    I am 3 weeks out VSG. The surgery and recovery for me has been much easier than Id feared! I felt worse a few years back after I had my gallbladder removed . I know I am goinig to miss being able to eat what I like when I like but the health risks for me continuinig as I was were too great for me. I had to loose weight and just as importantly KEEP IT OFF or be prepared to suffer the consequences; after years of yo yo dieting I knew weight loss surgery was my best option. Three things which I think have helped me cope with the new way of eating so fare are: Since I had a year delay waiting for surgery (COVID!!) and during that time I did drastically cut back on my then large serving sizes and eat slowly (I always ate on the go!) and only drink at the start of a meal not at the end feel free to contact me if you want to its a big decision you need to be ready
  22. I know the feeling. just added about 1/4 tsp curry paste to my `100gm of chicken puree not really curry but it added to the taste (Im3 week postop VSG)!
  23. Im so tired of liquids cant face juice or jello any more so for the last 2 weeks its been broth and skimmed milk Im hoping they give me the OK to start purees when I go for my check up tomorrow HOW DID EVERYBODY START TO INTRODUCE SOLIDS? any tips or advice Ta!
  24. WafflingWafa

    Tips please on starting purees

    Many thanks Im trying to find a good unflavoured protein. The problem with the flavoured is they come in such HUGE tubs!!! but Im tempted by some of your suggestions.
  25. I am also hypothyroid but had the gastric sleeve 26 Jan 2021

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