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    dal101 reacted to Ms. Yvette in rate of weight loss   
    In my honest opinion, if you're worried about drinking right now, you're setting yourself up for failure. Drinking alcohol is limited. And Drinking carbonated is basically forbidden. Beer inflames you. Maybe stay thinking about what light beers are out there. I gave up driving socially for 2 years because I needed to focus on losing weight. Now, I rarely even crave a glass of wine. Just my opinion. Focus on what your real goal is.

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    dal101 reacted to tarotcardreader in rate of weight loss   
    For me it really just has varied every week. I know on the days that weight doesnt move that my food hasn't changed so I dont panic about the scale and viola still keep going down. I aim for a monthly goal and try to hit that because the scale can really flux with Water, bathroom habits etc on day to day basis
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    dal101 reacted to SINISTER in rate of weight loss   
    It's been 45 weeks since my surgery and I've averaged 2.4lbs per week. That hasn't been steady though. A LOT of peaks and valleys in there. I went over 6 weeks at one point and hardly lost a pound. I've also been lifting heavy in the gym which can throw the scale results off but overall fat loss will be down. I'm happy with the overall results so far though.
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    dal101 reacted to Lesliegwalker in Almost 4 weeks Gastric Sleeve   
    It will be 4 weeks Friday that my niece had gastric sleeve in Tijuana Mexico. We watched the video and the surgery went well.. She has not been able to keep anything down. Throwing up black nasty stuff and poop is black as well...Been to the ER twice and they ran , all kinds of test on her, find nothing... She is weak and dizzy and not getting better. The doctor in Mexico keep saying your body has to adapt...I get that but not able to even keep Water down...Anyone else experiencing these symptoms?
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    dal101 got a reaction from Deb9386 in rate of weight loss   
    4lbs a week sounds great , I wish my rate was like that. But I understand everyone is different so...
    I am sure when everything is healed you 'll be losing more with exercise !
    800 cal sounds fair, I know getting in the Protein is difficult at times.
    Keep up the progress!
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    dal101 reacted to timothy.fleischer in Stir fry cauliflower rice with tofu   
    Just made this. It serves 8-10 2-3 oz servings. Has sat well on my stomach in the pureed phase.
    1 lb. soft tofu
    1 bag of cauliflower stir fry rice with edamame and carrots

    3 TBspoon soy
    1 Tbspoon hoisin sauce
    1-2 Tbspoon Sriracha sauce
    2 dashes of soybean oil
    Tsp spring roll sweet and sour

    Squeeze excess liquid from tofu by putting on a plate and laying 2-3 plates on top about 20 minutes. Dump excess liquid.
    Put tofu and marinade in zip bag for overnight.

    Put bag of cauliflower rice in microwave for 2 mins

    Drain tofu of excess marinade. Stir fry on med hi with a little soybean oil. It will look like scrambled egg that goes in stir fry rice.
    Add cauli rice and stir up to heat through.

    Slotted spoon to serve.

    No this is not restaurant stir fried rice. But it is also not carb heavy or calorie heavy.
    1/3 cup is 68 cal, 2 fat grams, 7 Protein grams, 6 gr carb.
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    dal101 reacted to Matteo4498 in rate of weight loss   
    I know this sounds bad but I am most worried about not being able to drink beer after the surgery. I am a social drinker and enjoy having a beer at sporting events or other places. How many beers are you able to have after the sleeve.
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    dal101 reacted to ichabodny in rate of weight loss   
    Gradycat had it spot on; everyone really has a different weight loss and at different times. My first two weeks I was still gaining weight after having gained over 10 lbs from the surgery because of complications and some serious swelling. My first Dr appt, the scale didn't show so much but honestly, I was just so happy by the fourth week to have lost the amazing pregnant stomach and lbs gained that it was a win.
    I'm 50 and have lost a significant amount since the surgery but it also combined a pre-surgery weight loss of 36 lbs on the program. I didn't exercise for 6 or 7 weeks because of my complications and incisions still re-opening but I did notice I lose weight differently then I ever did before. When I went to see my Dr, they don't go so much by the lbs lost as much as the fat lost and the actual bmi. I'm finding I wear at least a size smaller then I did for my weight previously on diets and my shape is much different then ever before; it could be the age but the Dr did say that the loss will be different in general.
    I'm 11 weeks now and have lost a total of 86 lbs; almost 50 since the surgery. However, the one thing I've noticed is that my daughter and I are now sharing clothes and she's just under 170 while I'm 40 lbs heavier. I'm actually wearing about a size 16/18 and an 18 in jeans even though I'm still a few lbs off from onederland. My surgeon said that also is normal. We had a sort of 'argument' about my goal weight as they said my bone loss would be significant due to my age and that my size would not be the same. They capped it at 160 at the minimum goal weight while I wanted lower but now I see they were right. Things that never shrunk before; particularly at 200 lbs, are shrinking and I am much healthier.
    In the end that's what the goal has to be. You are still very close to your surgery; you have to give it time. Two lbs a week is ideal and a good weight loss rate. I am now at around 1 lb a week and really ok with that. Some weeks are even less and I'm ok with that too. When you start feeling better, you will notice a big change in your health and quality of life. Just focus on that and knowing you're going down at the rate your body needs. Sometimes, it's better to be pretty steady and slower for skin control, etc.
    Exercise will catch up in around 3 weeks to a month for the loss and firmness showing but make sure you stay with your Dr and moderate that so you can continue to lose. I made the mistake previously of exercising too much and lost quick at first then nothing. My trainer said it needs to be gradual for the metabolism to continue to respond.
    Congrats on your weight loss that you're having-you are really doing great. Hope what I wrote in detail can help out for now.
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    dal101 reacted to Deb9386 in rate of weight loss   
    I've lost 18 lbs since surgery 4.5 weeks ago, so average is 4lbs per week; I'm walking for about 40 minutes per day but can't exercise properly yet as 1 of my incisions still hasn't healed and also I had a hernia repair and stomach still quite tender from the surgery generally. My dietitian's plan is to have at least 800 calories per day, with at least 60g Protein and I'm just about managing this, though I'd say I'm more usually nearer to 700 calories per day than 800. I just can't manage more.
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    dal101 reacted to California Guy in rate of weight loss   
    I lost 22 lbs. in my surgery month of May 2020. Months following produced 18, 10, then 5 lbs. I have averaged just over 2 lbs. per week since the beginning of the year. Two pounds per week is a healthy, steady rate for weight loss.
    There are so many other factors to consider such as weight loss before surgery, your excess body weight, and your nutrition plan.
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    dal101 reacted to Mr Alley Gator in rate of weight loss   
    You are right on track 0-5 is the average i have seen around here - Focus on getting a healthy lifestyle not on just poundage, Feels good doesn;t it! Keep it up and at your rate 110 pounds a year!

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    dal101 reacted to GradyCat in rate of weight loss   
    Everybody's body is different. 2 lbs a week is GREAT! Congratulations. Some people might lose 3 lbs, some people might lose 1 lb. It all depends on what weight you started at, how much you have to lose, and your own body's response to the surgery. Keep up the good work and don't get stuck comparing yourself to others down the road because there'll be stalls.
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    dal101 reacted to timothy.fleischer in Portion size   
    My plan calls for 2 oz./ 1/4 cup for pureed stage with 4-5 meals per day and 1 Protein Shake. Protein goals is 60 G. It is hard to hit that without a shake. 4 weeks on this phase until my nutrition class. I use My Fitness Pal app to log food and track protein. I did a similar thing to the ricotta bake but made bottom layer of ramekin ground turkey and spinach, then ricotta layer, then sauce and light sprinkle of parmesan. 1 ramekin makes 2 meals for me of 2 oz. 92 cals and 12 G protein each meal.
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    dal101 reacted to kendra_johnson in SURGERY DAY   
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    dal101 reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in Victory on the scale!   
    Exactly 5 yrs ago this month I stepped on the scale at my doctors office and it read 110, but it was KG! That means I had a BMI of 48. I remember being so depressed because that was the highest number I had ever seen. I remember thinking "man that's what I should weigh in pounds!" I am excited today because when I got on the scale this morning it read 110.6...POUNDS!! It's been a long road but I can't believe I finally got there!
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    dal101 reacted to VickieRenee in Confessing my Sins...   
    First of all ((hugs)). You are completely normal and only confessing to being human - like you said today is a new day. I have been in a similar situation and trust me I get feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and that even understanding and loving friends and spouses don't always feel like a safe space to unburden our worries. That said, I encourage you to keep looking for a therapist - they aren't all the right fit. I went through about 3 a couple years ago until I found the right person for me. Think of it as 'dating'... I don't have a life coach, but a career coach who thinks he's my life coach lol. Ultimately what helped me is to realize that I sometimes need a break and that it isn't selfish to recharge my batteries or put my oxygen on mask first as you say.
    And if all else fails, we are always here. Feel free to PM me (if there is such a thing on here) and I'm happy to share my number and personal story or just be an ear. Hang in there - you are not alone.
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    dal101 reacted to Lilfootie in Anyone for October 2020?   
    Hi Everyone -
    I just finished my first month - yay! I see the dietician tomorrow. I also start my soft foods diet tomorrow. Since others have posted about their daily eating/drinking schedule, I will post mine (very soft foods and purées):
    -Start my day with a small drink (4-8oz). Drinking is still hard for me, but got a million times easier just in this past week.
    -Breakfast: 1 egg topped with nutritional yeast and 1 chicken sausage; or 1 egg and 1-2oz of hot Cereal.
    -Protein Drink and Water until lunch
    -Lunch: puréed dinner from the night before or tuna with a little olive oil mayo 3-4oz total. If there is any room I have a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce or carrot/squash purée.
    -Protein Drink (usually just finishing the first one or drink half of another) and Gatorade Zero until dinner
    -Dinner: Usually chicken. I use my slow cooker a lot and have made a Tomato basil chicken, honey mustard chicken, pork tenderloin. I also will sometimes split with a little veggie or Protein mashed potatoes. I generally purée it, although I have had less need to lately. If I need sweet I do a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce or baby food fruit mixes (lol).
    One of my tricks is keeping grits made and in the fridge. If I am proteined-out, I sometimes mix an oz of grits in with my chicken or tuna and it changes the texture, gives it a bit of carbs, and doesn’t change the taste.
    I hate the Protein Shakes so much at this point that I really try to get most of my protein from my meals. At the start of purées, I was drinking 2-3 shakes a day, and now I can usually get by with just one, or one and a half.
    Exercise is the tough one for me. I get 7,000-10,000 steps at work. I am a single mom. By the time I get home I am exhausted. I am having to nap for long periods on the weekend. I am trying to build myself up and pat myself on the back for the 10,000 steps, and remembering I only had surgery a month ago. My goal for month 2 will be 100-200 mins of extra-size (as my daughter calls it) each week
    My welts are about halfway gone, and it seems like my gross incision is healing, although its still gross, haha. I take my last injection on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news of the week!
    How is everyone else doing? I love reading the updates!
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    dal101 reacted to SabanFan in Anyone for October 2020?   
    Another week down and I'm starting my week 5 diet. Yipee, I get to add real food back into my diet. While I am still restricted on all types of Protein (can't wait for for the regular chicken, beef, lamb, and shellfish) the addition of Beans this week will go a long way. So here is a brief recap of week 4:
    Diet - BFast - usually scrambled egg plain or I add a little cottage cheese. lunch - canned tuna or salmon on saltines. dinner - more tuna on crackers or toast. I add mayo to the tuna and usually a little seasoning like some powdered ranch, mustard, or the like. Same with adding a little pickle. I did try to smoked salmon with cream cheese with no issue. A tablespoon of tuna with a tablespoon of sweet potato was fine. I was naughty a couple of days. I did have a piece of cheese pizza one night cut into tiny bites and it took me about 30-45 minutes to eat (I felt insanely guilty afterwards). I also tried a couple pretzel rods one evening taking my time nibbling at them. I did also supplement with a Protein Shake several days to keep my calories up as I was feeling lightheaded all the time. I'm at a ¼-1/2 cup easy each meal without issue. When I eat too much I get the feeling of reflux, but that is my warning sign to stop so no hurling. I'm usually at about 500 calories and 40-60 grams of protein. Drinking larger quantities is getting easier also. My macronutrients are balanced protein/fat with about 20% to carbs. Need to bounce my numbers off the dietician to see what she says.
    BTW - I track my daily intake using a free app called LoseIt. You can track your calories using the free version, but have to upgrade ($40 p/y) for the premium that lets you track Water, macro, protein or specialized goals like body fat. I went for the premium to try for a year just to track my protein. It also has a great look-up for food for easy adding. Not a paid endorsement, just an FYI.
    Weight - I did have a stall from the rapid weight drop this week. Could be water weight or bringing back more food. I managed to hurt my foot pre-surgery and it is flaring up so that has inhibited my walking. Gonna get it checked so I can start hitting the trail again and the exercise should help.
    I am suffering like everyone else with constipation, weakness, fatigue, etc. Based on my other support group who experience our journal a couple of years ago, all this passes with time. I was told to be prepared to give it six months to a year before we are 100% acclimated so be patient and we'll all get there.
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    dal101 reacted to Arabesque in low energy , tired   
    sleep is your body’s normal response to aid healing. You’ve been & are going through a lot: surgery, dramatic change of diet. Your body is trying to heal & dealing with the changes which is stressful. Listen to your body & give yourself time to recover & come to terms with the change.
    Also, add some electrolyte drinks like hydralite to your daily routine to give yourself a boost.
    Good luck.
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    dal101 reacted to ChubRub in low energy , tired   
    I needed to take naps for the first 2-3 months after surgery. It's very common to feel a lot of fatigue in the beginning and your body continues to heal from surgery.
    Best of luck to you!!
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    dal101 reacted to Hawaiianglitz86 in Having lower Protein per day   
    Yes this is true. No more than about 30 grams protein per meal. 90 grams total per day is a good amount but not in one sitting. That will definitely lead to regain. Between 90-120 if it's DS surgery. The extra protein comes in the Snacks.

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    dal101 reacted to Aide Sandoval in RYX Gastric By Pass Surgery   
    Hello everyone, I would lile to share that I had my surgery 13 years ago, no complications before or after surgery, at the beginning of course was difficult because is a new life with totally different eating habits, portions, but the most important is to be ready mentally and emotionally so we can be strong to stop ourselves to eat or drink something not in our new menu for our new condition.
    Second, follow every single step and everything will be fine. Exercise with a simple walk around the house but maintain your body in movement, at the same tine we are helping out stomach tissue to heal faster.
    Righ now,, I am able to eat everything but I never exceed and I continue with my precautions. I am 52 years old and I wish the best to each of you and be proud of every single change you made, reward yourself with self motivation and encouragement to do better and better.
    Each of you can do it!
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    dal101 got a reaction from Horseshowmom in Do you have an awesome doctor?   
    Thats so sweet 😊
    I think I had a really good surgeon. I did mine inthe UK at parkside hospital with Dr . Vasilikosta.
    I have social anxiety so I am not easy to be around . But he was really nice to me, friendly and understanding. We bumped elbows (instead of fist bumping , because covid) at the end haha.
    The surgery itself went really well. I woke up with little pain, not much gas pain and could drink relatively easily.
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    dal101 reacted to Horseshowmom in Do you have an awesome doctor?   
    I searched for quite awhile before selecting my surgeon, and I am so happy with the choice I made. I live in GA and had my surgery in Deluth at Northside hospital, my surgeon was Dr. Del Mazo. I really like his bedside manner, and have been very comfortable with him from the initial consult. The dietitians, fitness instructors, nurses and office staff have all been wonderful and when I was discharged from the hospital he gave me a teddy bear; of course I said that’s not necessary and he goes...”well yeah we do, it’s “bear”iatrics.” Lol

    I cried, because I’m a softie, and because it was just unexpected, and no it doesn’t matter that they do it for all of their patients, it was touching to me:)

    I wanted to share, because I don’t genuinely enjoy and click with every doctor, but feel
    It’s worth some kudos to them when you find a good one.

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    dal101 reacted to Deb9386 in low energy , tired   
    How many calories are you taking in? If it's less than your dietitian recommends could you increase it? I'm finding the puree stage challenging as well - some days I add in 10g of smooth Peanut Butter (Whole Earth) to up the calorie count. My dietitian also recommended adding in a Weetabix Protein with 1/4 pint warm milk for Breakfast which adds carbs and a bit of energy. I don't always feel like it though.