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  1. Hope things get better for you
  2. dal101

    Mental health deterioration.

    When I was post op, I remember having head hunger all the time. But after a while it definately gets better, just hold on. I hated pureed foods too so I went back to soups.
  3. I felt that way post op, then I got to the puree stage and everything grossed me out so had to resort to liquids again. Afterwards when I got to soft foods I felt ok again.
  4. dal101

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    Everyone looking so great, very inspirational.
  5. I take gummie centrum multivitamins , calcium citrate hard tablets and iron tablets. I can only stomach the gummies the rest make me sick. So that results in me being inconsistent with taking them I think I am gonna go with patches, I have enough pills to take as it is.
  6. Ah, I hope to see my ribs someday. Good job!
  7. I wanted to ask this question too, as I love pizza and I think about it everyday. It seems people can eat it after 3 or 4 months??
  8. dal101

    Boobs.... why are they coming back... ugh

    Estrogen levels have a direct effect on fat cell storage so...Thats all I know. Its difficult to know why fat cells are distributed the way are, hormonal or genetics. I do feel for you, I have a big bra size and after having lost roughly 30 pounds , it still feels the same size.
  9. Hi , I am a newbie still but I 'll share my input. Dont be depressed, you ve made alot of progress from what I can see in ur stats. My hair is thinning too at the middle parting and more hair falls out when I wash out. I am expecting it to get worse at some point so. I dont think we can do much but let it run its course . I havent stalled yet but my weight loss is a bit slow. So I am taking a more keto approach, having protein shakes and salads more. Keto might help you but general advice is to stick to your plan until the stall breaks.
  10. dal101

    Fast Metabolism Diet

    Shouldnt it be a eat often but little diet right? Usually these diets make you eat certain things that are suppose to do something , I could never get the hang of it. Let us know if it works.
  11. dal101

    Feeling Happy

    I am happy WLS is working so well for you. I would like to lose weight quicker. Even when I eat small amounts the scale doesnt move much. So trying more of a keto approach of reducing my carbs. Replaced breakfast with a protein shake and lunch with a tuna salad. Heres hoping...
  12. wow thats pretty good.
  13. Thats sweet of you, likewise message me whenever you need to. Yeah I am not fond of the psychiatrist they allocated to me as they thought I wouldnt be able to lose and maintain weight because of my emotional status. I am not paying extra to see someone who doubts me like that.
  14. I have body dysmorphia disorder too. It caused complications with my psych evaluation. I hope the process goes smoothly for you, wish you well.
  15. dal101

    Am I dreaming?

    Yeah first thing I thought when I woke up from surgery was "Did they do the operation, I feel nothing?" No pain just uncomfortable with the gas. I was released the next day. Hope your recovery goes smoothly.
  16. dal101

    The Dreaded Stall

    weighing yourself is something I sort of dread. So I only do it once a week. Stalls happen, sometimes for weeks or months. Most important thing is not to deviate from your plan. Just keep doing what your doing. I heard exercise , less carbs , more water can maybe kickstart it. Even if that doesnt work its ok, just wait it out.
  17. dal101

    i made the jump

    wow what a goal to achieve post weight loss. I wish I had a goal like that. Mine is just to overcome my crippling social anxiety lol.
  18. dal101

    Portion size

    I am in the liquid stage soon coming to the pureed stage. What portion sizes do you do for each meal ? It seems like a obvious question but my diet plan wasnt very clear on it. It mentions to measure out ur meals ... I dont feel much of a restriction to be honest, I just stop myself because I am afraid of puking. I imagine a couple of months out measuring meals is gonna be real important with my hunger coming back. thanks.
  19. I am extremely careful who I talk to about my weight loss surgery. But even then the jealousy or hurtful comments come out anyway. My mum keeps saying I havent lost any weight and that I have a fat face. It was totally unprovoked and I couldnt call her out because shes very dramatic. She once asked if the surgery would make me thinner than her... I managed to lose 4 pounds in a week a bit ago so I know I am making progress. Anyway, weight is a sensitive issue for everyone. Some handle it better than others, some not. In my case I cant avoid it with my mum but maybe you can by not talking about it to her. She doesnt need to know if she cant be happy for you . Happy for your BMI victory.
  20. Hi , My surgeon and dietician only told me to avoid fizzy stuff, nothing else. I am a recent post op so I am a bit paranoid about stretching my stomach. I just read somewhere else here that rice expands ur stomach. That really sucks, I am asian so rice is like a staple food to me. But I dont wanna eat it if it means stretching. What else causes stretching? Pasta!?
  21. dal101

    Today is the say!

    Hope it goes well, please update!
  22. dal101

    OJ is a no go!

    I dont react to OJ but the gagging and feeling like youve swallowed something terrible is relatable. I had that recently happen with a takeaway. I am glad you controlled it so quickly, mine went for hours. I am worried it might happen again like at work or something...
  23. Hi, After my gastric bypass op , I recovered really well. I had little to none gas pain and could drink easily the day after. My surgeon commented that I looked like I hadnt had the operation because I was up and about doing well. I thought in terms of pain, I got lucky. SInce then I ve been eating solid foods earlier than expected ( I am now a month and a week post op. ) WELL. That changed yesterday. I had a kebab (I know I know, it was a one off takeaway. At least it had protein I guess) and it went down well. Until a couple of hours later, I was in agony ! The gas pain! The nausea! The 'stuck' feeling in my throat! Oh my gosh what a miserable experience. Couldnt sleep, tried to walk around , pain and vomiting ughh. I think the combination of eating too much (I didnt have all of it, only a third), too quickly and its oil content caused this. To think I was lucky to avoid this pain the first time around the op. I guess I needed to experience it to show I am still healing. Feel so stupid ! But I learnt my lesson. Gas pain is no joke.
  24. Ah, its been sorted now and I had this done in the UK. Thanks But if you have information on going abroad please post it. It will be useful for other people looking at this for reference.
  25. Can anyone recommend gastric bypass surgery done in Europe? I am from the UK and am looking to go private .