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  1. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    I'm definitely getting all my protein in - I'm overly concerned about losing hair so it's a must exceed goal for me each day. My doc said I should be getting the "bulk" of my protein from soft food. However, she said it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to still have one shake a day to ensure I don't struggle meeting my protein goals while my stomach is still healing the first 3-6 months. So, I'm still having one shake a day (30 g of protein) mixed with fair life milk (13 g of protein). Then, getting the remaining 17 - 37g of protein isn't hard at all. Throughout the day I usually have 1/4c of cottage cheese (7.5g P), Babybel cheese (6g P), Scallops or Salmon, deli turkey meat or shredded chicken. Hope this helps and I definitely encourage you to call your doctor if you are only managing 9 grams a day.
  2. Corrine2020

    Gain 3 weeks out

    My concern is not with the stall. I expected it to stall. I did not however expect to see the scale to go in the wrong direction:(
  3. Corrine2020

    Gain 3 weeks out

    I’m a little over 3 weeks out and had been hovering around the same weight for a week. The last two days the scale has actually gone up a couple pounds! Is this normal during the “stall”?
  4. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    I’m a little over 2 weeks out from my bypass and recently went to my post op appointment. I was told that at this point I should be able to eat about 2 ounces at a meal. About 1/4 a cup to 1/2 cup. And, that by month 3 it should be closer to 3 ounces. Their main concern was that I ate protein first and that I did so very very slowly. Just some insight into what I was told. Each surgeon has their own post op diet so I recommend you call their office for clarification.
  5. Corrine2020

    Hospital stay

    I had RNY and went in on a Monday morning and checked out at noon Tuesday.
  6. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    Sending you MANY good thoughts on Wednesday!!
  7. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    How is everyone that has had the procedure doing? Lots of people going in this week and next and sending good luck vibes to you all. I'm currently Day 6/7 Post Op and feeling back to normal completely. Resumed my regular workouts and activity this past weekend just fine. Zero pain and I never experienced any gas pain. If I didn't have the incisions I would question if they even did anything?? I know this isn't everyone's experience but I do want to put it out there that it is possible. I was terrified before surgery of the pain and entire process. At this point the only thing that is hard is the 2 week Protein Shake/ Liquid diet only....ugh. One more week until I can incorporate soft foods and I can't wait.
  8. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    My surgeon has us drinking one ounce of water (using the little medicine cups helps!) ever 15 minutes. I just set a timer on my watch to remind me. It has helped a lot!
  9. Corrine2020

    Recent RNY - How ya doing?

    @whatatool Hi! I had mine done 3 days ago and feel fantastic. I haven’t felt any pain or nausea so like you I’m feeling very lucky.
  10. If you’ve had gastric bypass in the last few months how are you doing? How much weight have you lost? Any regrets or pleased with your decision to go with the bypass?
  11. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    What post op eating plan/schedule did your surgeon give you? Are you allowed to drink an entire shake in one sitting? Did they recommend slim fast? Everyone else, what is your post op diet? For example, mine is to get 64 Oz of water and 60-80 grams of protein a day via very small one ounce increments. I do this for the first 2 weeks until my post op follow up where I advance to soft foods.
  12. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    So far it's been smooth sailing. No real pain. Stomach is just very sore. Trying to stay on the water/shake schedule they gave me is hardest of all!
  13. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    I had my RNY yesterday and everything went great. The pain was minimal and close to none at all. My stomach just feels really sore like I did a ton of crunches. I Also had a morphine pump with a button I could push if needed for pain or to stay ahead of any potential pain. It was fantastic! I’ve been up and walking a lot and am now home. I also have had zero gas pains thus far. Fingers crossed it continues to be this smooth. Good luck to those getting their procedure soon.
  14. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    @halo68Wow! That is such great progress already! Good luck with your surgery today and let us know how it goes!
  15. Corrine2020

    Anyone for August 2020

    @dwgirl my surgery is scheduled for Aug 11th and I started my process Jun 11th. So, two months in total. My insurance no longer requires the documented months of supervised diets, thankfully! Good luck on your journey! @wallflower95 Good luck today and keep us posted!