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    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I am sorry you are having a hard time. I haven't had my procedure yet but the battle with obesity is in large part a mental one. I believe it to be normal to have those thoughts when you are not feeling well and are feeling down. Your current symptoms should resolve in the near future but in the long run I don't think you will be able to eat "normally", isn't that what gets us to this point in the first place? From the information my surgeon gave me initially your stomach is about 2oz or 1/4c, by the end of the first year you should be around 6-8oz or around a cup. You will likely have to live life conscious of what you eat, but technically we all should. We should all be careful to eat healthy and mindfully, that is not something to be ashamed of. As far as restaurants with friends you can either A: find a way to adapt and pick choices from the menu that are healthy and manageable with your tummy or B: hang out with your friends and family somewhere else (but this option isn't feasible really for a lot of people). Can you not tell your friends so they can be supportive? Or if you don't want to tell can you order something healthy and take most of it home, or maybe share a plate with a friend? The surgery doesn't fix our problems with food, we have to do the hard, painful work of examining our habits and problematic thinking that got us to the point that this procedure was the answer for us. I wish you well, you can do this
  2. prtribe27

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Hello All, Hope you are all doing well. I am on Day 5 of my pre op diet. The first few days were rough. Today has been better. I am in more of a routine and I have lost 6lbs. I am excited but also anxious as I have to do a lot of prep work at home this weekend before I leave town next weekend. My hope is to clean out my pantry, fridges, freezer, and cupboards. I need to know how much and what kind healthy food I have to work with and how much little tupperwares I have before I place my order for amazon. We are also processing 2 roosters so that I can make some nutritious bone broth to freeze and have ready for me when I get home. On my amazon list I have a variety of protein drinks, broth, compression socks, pill minder, unflavored protein powder, water bottle, and some other goodies that have been recommended to me. If I have time before my work week starts I am going to work on cleaning and organizing the closet, bedroom, and guest room. Then start packing. I am super excited but a little nervous as I will likely need a COVID test and while I am not sick nor have I had any explicitly sick contacts I am anxious none the less.
  3. prtribe27

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first ever post. I am scheduled for vertical sleeve gastrectomy on July 23rd of this year. I start my pre op July 7th. I am paying most out of pocket so I have not been ordered to lose weight. I am however trying to eat better and exercise now to start building healthy routines. I am trying to get organized and prepared for everything by making some lists. What are you all doing to prepare?

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