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  1. bhrobins

    Male Tummy Tuck Thread

    The surgeon's office said that between what I drink and the 4 bags of fluid they used during surgery, I would be better served by leaving the catheter in place until tomorrow morning. This makes it a bit easier that I don't have to be up and down every hour going to the bathroom. I will remove it myself about 8am tomorrow. Sounds like a rip-roaring good time.
  2. 49yr Male, 5/18/20 VSG HW 382, SW 309, CW 217 First visit to the surgeon was 6/27/19 and first nutritionist visit was 7/3/19. Had a long pre-op program then was delayed by COVID-19, so wasn't sleeved until 5/18/20. Lost 73 pre-op, 92 since - for a total of 165 lbs down! I hit 218 in mid Dec 2020 and have been maintaining in the 213-222 range over the past 9 months. The next step for me is getting rid of the excess skin on my stomach. I carried most of my weight in my abdomen and it shows. I feel like this is the last thing I need to complete my transformation. While I could live with it, I am tired of "tucking" my excess skin into my pants. I can mostly hide it, but it is evident to me. Still 100% better than weighing almost 400 lbs. I am scheduled for an extended abdominoplasty in my local area on Thu 9/30/21. I am ready, but nervous (thus the 3am post on BP). I plan to post regularly over the coming weeks to document this for me and others on this forum. Thanks to all who have shared their PS stories before, especially the men, whose stories are rare. Wish me luck! 
  3. bhrobins

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    I fortunately just missed the 400 club, but am 6' 3" with a HW of 382 on 7/3/19, but thought I would "weigh in" on this topic. SW 309 5/18/20 for VSG CW 216 15 months after surgery. I hit my goal weight of 220 about 7 months post op and have maintained in a ~10lb range (213-222). Taking in about 2000 calories daily and doing well. When I start creeping up, I lower to 1800 or so until I get back down. Working so far, still tracking every day, hydrating, exercising, focus on my macros. I've scheduled a tummy tuck in late September to deal with the loose skin. Excited, but nervous about that.
  4. bhrobins

    Caloric intake

    6' 3" HW 382, SW 309 (5/18/20 sleeve), CW 213 So I'm a couple inches taller and weighed a bit more on my surgery date than you, but can share my numbers. 2 week post op liquid diet ~450 cals Thru 3 months puree/soft foods ~600 Thru 6 months ~900 Now about 10 months out and at goal and maintaining for the last month at ~2000 cals/day I always hit 60g+ protein from the beginning and get in about double that now. Hydration always at 64+ oz. It took 3 months to bump up to 2000 cals after hitting goal. Had to focus on calorie dense items like nuts, cheese, nut butters, etc. That number probably looks crazy now, but you will get there eventually. Take it easy and don't freak out about exact calorie counts. Hard to screw up the loss in the first few months with the surgery. However, this is the time to learn new habits that can last you a lifetime. The vets here (not me yet) will tell you that the first year is the easy part. Keeping it off years 2-3 and beyond are where your good habits learned now will pay dividends.
  5. bhrobins

    MAY 2020 Sleevers

    6-ish month update VSG on 5/18/2020 6' 2.5" 48yr male HW 382, SW 309, CW 224 (158lbs down, 73 pre-op, 85 post-op) So I have reached my 2nd goal weight (225) at just over 6 months. At my 6 mo follow up, the doctor said I could lose until I hit 215, but no more. Met with my NUT and she has me at 1200 cals right now, but wants me to work towards 1800-2000 over the next 3 months. That seems like a lot, but with a BMR of ~1900 cals/day, it makes sense. Transitioning out of weight loss mode will be a trip. Have started weight training a few weeks ago to rebuild some muscle. Until now, my only exercise was walking and light resistance bands. Curious how the rest of you who had surgery in May are doing.
  6. Ok, so my wife said the after picture wasn't very good. Here's a better one.
  7. bhrobins

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    Originally 3/30, but now scheduled for a VSG on 5/18

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