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  1. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Happy New Year to all the May 2008 bandsters! It's been forever since I've posted but I've been so busy. I really haven't lost any more weight. However, during the holidays I gained 10lbs but I have since then taken them off. That was a really scarely feeling. I'll be going in for a fill on Feb. 11. Keep up the great work!
  2. Yukiko

    Turns out I have an erosion of my band:(

    Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear that. I wish you the best. I've been banded for 1yr. and 2mo. I didn't feel any restriction until about my 3rd fill. I remember worrying that something was wrong with my band. So, for those of you that are just banded or have had only a couple of fills, be patient your day will come that you have TOTAL restriction. Good luck everyone!!
  3. Yukiko

    Wow, the 2nd day is worse!

    It will all go away soon and you will be so thankful that you had the surgery. Be sure that you are not using a straw to drink out of. That was my first mistake and it about killed me. When I called my dr. that was the first question he asked. Even though it was in the pamplet I was given, I must have over looked it. Using a straw causes severe gas attacks and even pain in the right shoulder. Good luck! Surgery 5/27/08 and down 141lbs!!!! woooo hooooo!!!!
  4. Yukiko

    Everything I've Been Through

    Hello, I was banded May 27, 2008. It is very common to not feel full being that your band is not tight. Believe me, hang in there, the day will come that you may wish to eat alittle more but that great tool won't allow it. I love my band and if I had to do it over, I would. Pain and all. Down 141lbs. woooo hoooo! Just today I went through my closet and found a blazer I saved, size 32. Wow! I am now a 14/16 and am soooooo happy.
  5. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hello . . OMG! First I thought I needed a fill, then I was wishing I hadn't had one. So much has happened. I had to go have .5cc taken out of my band. I'm much better now . . wow what alittle bit to much can do. The really sad thing was that my Dr. was out of town and another Dr. tried to remove fluid from my band and wasn't able to. The following day he sent me to the hospital to try and remove the fluid under xray, and still wasn't able. He gave me two options - Be admitted to the hospital and have fluids run through me and then replace the band or wait and sip, sip, sip on fluids until the following week when my Dr. came back into town. Being that he had so much trouble I decided to wait. Thank God I did, it took my Dr. 15 seconds to find my port, put the needle in and remove the .5 cc. Can you imagine that!!!
  6. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hi everyone! Well, I went to see my doctor today and he gave me a fill. I'm on liquids for 3 days, yuk! I can feel the restriction even with fluids, their moving slower than normal. I'm having a Special K Protein shake and I'm surprised that I feel full. (Not to bad - the taste) Being that next month is my 1 year, I will be having an upper GI. Has anyone else had to have one? I'm sure not looking forward to that. :rolleyes2: Best wishes to everyone.
  7. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hi May Bandsters it's almost our year anniversary!! It's been a few months since I've posted. First I was having trouble with to much fluid and now I'm feeling like I need a fill. I will be going to see my doctor tomorrow. It's wierd, I have restriction but I don't get full . . does that make sense? I guess I have restriction when I don't chew, chew, chew, but I can eat more than I think I should be able to. I don't know. I've lost only about 5 more pounds since the end of December bringing my total to 131 (need to update my ticker). Anyhow, I love my band and I feel sooooo much better. Good luck everyone!
  8. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Wow, everyone is doing so well. I'm kind of at a stop myself. I had to go in and get some fluid removed from my band because everything I ate was getting stuck. During that time of being over filled, I ate totally the wrong things like puddings, ice cream and anything else smooth that I could get down. I'm back on track now and just waiting for the scale to move. Congrats to everyone for such wonderful success.
  9. Yukiko

    fresno-tulare ??

    That's great! I was considering driving to Fresno for our support meetings there, but it's a long trip. Do you know if it's opened to all or just to Bakersfield banners or do you know who I need to contact? What area of the hospital can I find the Tuesday meeting. I'm doing great but I feel I need a little help at times to continue making those great food choices. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi Shalee hope your doing better. About the protien shots, I saw them at the East Hill Mall but I hesitated to purchase them because the protein level is so high . . but now that I know someone out there has tried them, how's the taste and which flavor would you recommend.
  11. Yukiko

    fresno-tulare ??

    Hi . . I was just reading and saw that you were from Bakersfield, so am I. I had my surgery done in Fresno. So how are you doing thus far? Are you attending a support group. I'm trying to find one in this area.
  12. Hi Sparkles hope you had a Merry Christmas! So how are things going for you with your band?

  13. Congrats on your weight loss. It feels so good to be banded. . I love my band and I can hardly wait to reach my goal. It seems like a dream come true. Keep up the great job with your new tool.

  14. Yukiko

    Delayed Restriction/So THIS is restriction

    Hi everyone, I am due for a fill tommorrow, however, i'm debating whether to get one or not. Has anyone experienced that when it's real cold outside your band seems to tighten . . or is it just me. Is it possible that after 2 months since my last fill I'm starting to feel restriction?
  15. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hello May bandsters it's been along time since I've posted. I 'm having the same problem in that I forget to take small bites or I wait to long. My problem is that I can usually go till about 12:30 or 1:00 P.M. before I'm hungry, and then I eat to fast. However, I've lost at total of 119 . . . horray . . and I feel so much better. (Includes 25lbs preop). No more aches in the knees, and I can get around like a new person. Soon as I get a chance I will put before and now pictures up. Happy holidays to everyone! :thumbup:
  16. Hello . . so how are you doing with the band. So far I've lost a total of 119lbs . . . hurray!!! I feel so good. As soon as I learn how to work this site better I'll post some pictures and update my ticker. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck!

  17. Yukiko

    fresno-tulare ??

    Hi, I was banded in Fresno with Dr. Higa and they have a monthly support group. They maybe listed under Alsa. Great Dr. and wonderful staff.
  18. Yukiko

    A Better Me

    Wow, you look really good. You are an inspiration to me. I was banded on May 27th of this year but these last three days I've been struggling with my eating habits. Thanks for the great story I'll get back on track NOW.
  19. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Wow, everyone is doing so well. I've been struggling with my weight ticker so I'm trying to see if it works now. What happens if you have a 10cc band and reach the 10cc fill and still need to lose weight? Banded on May 27th 4th fill Pre-op diet: 27lbs
  20. Yukiko

    Help Im plateauing!

    Oh my goodness honey, your body is probably trying to catch up with the outstanding weight loss you've had. Keep up the wonderful work, you will start dropping again.
  21. Hi everyone . . believe me there will come a time when food that once went down will no longer. Today is the 1st time that I actually up chucked . . yuk!!! I had a fill last Wednesday and I feel so much restriction it's not funny. If I eat the mushy food like right after surgery I'm okay but anything else just wont go down. However, I eat very little and get full fast and I stay full for a long time. I've dropped 7 lbs. this week . . so that makes me happy. Surgery Date: May 27, 2008 Lost 27 lbs pre-op After being banded 62lbs. Total: 89lbs.
  22. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hello everyone, it's been along time since I've had a chance to sit down and chat but I'm doing great and I see that everyone else is also. I went in Thursday and had my 4th fill and I think I have now hit my sweet spot. I'm staying full for alonger time, and I can really feel the restriction. I have now dropped a total of 72 lbs. Of course, 27 of those lbs. were before surgery. I LOVE my band!!!:thumbdown: Good luck to everyone!!
  23. Yukiko

    August Exercise Challenge

    Oh yes! Count me in. Just joined a gym 2 weeks ago. I will exercise 6 days a week. Banded: May 27, 2008 Weight before band: 348 (pre-op diet) Banded at: 321 Current Weight: 275 Down 73lbs. :biggrin:
  24. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    :scared2: Hey everyone, I went to the doctor today and I am now down a total of 60lbs. That includes post op lbs. I also got a fill today (1cc) and I'm on clear liquids for two days :thumbup: then mushies following the clear liquid diet. Doesn't it feel good to lose weight. I also joined a gym and my daughter and I have been working out faithfully everyday. It's good to see that everyone's doing great.
  25. Yukiko

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    Hello Everyone . . I went to the Doctor July 2nd and I'm not down a total of 52 lbs. Hurray!! I also got my first fill. (1.5 cc)