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  1. Nermada


    So proud of you, Jake!! Good for you❣
  2. I'd like to think that you just have not found the right filling for that bread, Dr. Tea!😉🤣 Kidding aside, I agree with you. I did not fully swear off refined carbs and grains at the beginning of my journey, but knew I would most likely have to avoid them to speed up the process of losing weight, especially since I'm a revision.(tend to lose a lot slower than virgin procedures) The truth is, the fact that I allow myself the freedom of eating them occasionally, has made me realize that I don't really need/crave them anymore. Instead, I look for an alternative and even then, once in a while will do just fine. It feels foreign and weird to me, but I like it!🤫 How far out are you, Tea? And when did you reach your goal?
  3. Mmk, these look amazing! If I use @Pandemonium's 1 carb tortillas, this would be right in my powerhouse! I loooove cauliflower! I receiced the tortillas, but have not tried them yet. #feelinginspired 😊
  4. That's amazing! Great job!! You and I could be polar opposites in that whole data/measuring thing!😊 But , this I think is the point of our journeys, isn't it? Finding what works for you now and forever, so that you can stick to it. Each and every one of you guys are awesome!!!❤
  5. This reminds me, I need pumpkin seeds!😉 @ms.sss how far out are you? Also, if you don't mind sharing, how long did it take you to reach current size? I'm in awe that you are still counting every single calorie!!🏆
  6. Nermada


    Thank you. Pretty sure there was no thoughtlessness involved! We all have a million things on our minds, and some are bound to slip every now and then. ❤ My fine Sharpei legs thank you!😘
  7. Nermada


    Trip to therapist today. P.S. Had an NSV this week at doctor's. The nurse used the regular blood pressure cuff on me without giving it a second thought AND it worked!!😊
  8. Nermada


    Thank you❣
  9. Nermada


    Thank you, Lily. Your prayers are certainly much appreciated❣He is getting better, slowly but surely. Hopefully, I can go back to work soon, before I lose whatever is left of my mind.😂🤪
  10. Just a quick correction, if you guys don't mind. What we suffer from is in general body dysmorphia not dysphoria. Dysphoria is usually associated with people who have a hard time with body parts they were born with, i.e. transgender and nonbinary people. Sorry for the wikipedia fact, I always figure, that as human beings, we're always learning !😊 As for the topic on hand, body dysmorphia, boy oh boy, do I have issues in that department! But, honestly @Pandemonium it gets better with time. The brain just takes a long time to catch up.❤
  11. Dinner tonight, family had veggie Lo Mein with grilled shrimp, I skipped the lo mein and made a salad. Plus rutabaga and swiss chard soup😋😋😋
  12. Bowl of homemade brined lupini beans.🤤
  13. Good to know. I think that's what I'm going to get after I go through my stash. Have you tried toasting it, cover with lowfat cream cheese and sprinkle with "everything " seasoning? Mmmmmmm so good!😋😋😋
  14. Have you tried the one with the seeds? I'm wondering if they taste the same, cause I never tried the wheat^^.

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