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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Hi, I just wanted to know what y’all weight loss looked like 1 month post op. I’m at 30 right now.
  2. brooksbrittanyanne

    Protein shakes and nausea

    Dear lord i hope not! I grew up on a dairy farm so a milk allergy developing now would be a problem! Lol
  3. brooksbrittanyanne

    Protein shakes and nausea

    Hi, I’m almost a month post surgery and every time i drink Protein Shakes i get nauseas. I had no nausea or vomiting following this surgery, it just started this past week. Any advice or has this happened to anyone else?
  4. My doctor didn’t have me do a preop diet, but does make some patients do it. It just depends on everyone’s individual medical case
  5. brooksbrittanyanne

    Water goal issues

    Thanks guys! I figured it out. I was counting my shakes, but i wasn’t counting my broths and soups, once i did things got MUCH closer to the goal.
  6. brooksbrittanyanne

    Water goal issues

    I feel like i just cannnot meet my Water goals. Trying to drink that much, even spaced out makes me wanna vomit. Any tips? It’s only been a week since surgery so may w it just gets easier once i get to the next diet stage?
  7. brooksbrittanyanne

    Gastric sleeve and lupus

    Has anyone here had gastric and had lupus? I have lupus and am hoping loosing this weight will help somewhat with the pain, but mostly, i want to know how you handle flare ups of lupus activity after WLS
  8. brooksbrittanyanne

    NYE 2019 surgery date twin?

    It would be a lot easier though if everyone else in my house didn’t snore like they were giants! Trying to sleep is rough. This morning at 2 am i woke up to my boyfriend snoring so loud that even the tv on 30 couldn’t drown it out. An hour later the four and nine year old snuck into the bed, both snoring, and at some point our snoring chihuahua also snuck into the bed. At what point in the relationship is it too early to start sleeping in different beds?! Lol
  9. brooksbrittanyanne

    NYE 2019 surgery date twin?

    Hey, I’m feeling well for the most part. I wake up feeling fine, but by like 2 or so I need a nap and some pain medication. What does concern me though is i know i am not getting my protein or hydration goals, but i just honestly can’t shove ghat much in my mouth throughout the day!
  10. brooksbrittanyanne

    NYE 2019 surgery date twin?

    I did mine December 30th 2019, not quite NYE but close enough? I would love someone to go through this process with though if you want an accountabilibuddy
  11. brooksbrittanyanne

    Me and the family

    Pictures of me and the family the day after surgery, closest to a real “before” picture i can find right now
  12. brooksbrittanyanne

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    I’m keeping mine semi private. My boyfriend knows, and my office knows but that was easy since other people in the office had the surgery as well, but i haven’t told my family. I just don’t want to deal with the stupid “it’s taking the easy way out” comments i know i will get. I’m adopted, and my adoptive family are all naturally thin, so they just don’t get it. I might tell them at some point, but right now it’s my choice and I’m choosing not to say anything
  13. I had my surgery two days ago. I have gas and it is really painful but CANNOT get rid of it. I did the prescription gas stuff at the hospital, i did gas x here at home, and nothing! It’s making sleeping VERY uncomfortable. Any ideas?