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  1. Congrats!
    ksgypsy reacted to ChubRub in ChubRub's Plastic Surgery Thread   
    I've enjoyed reading everyone's plastic surgery threads, and since I'm 3 weeks out from surgery, I thought I would start my own! I'm going to make up for all of the WLS mistakes I made (not taking "before" photos or measurements), and plan to track my PS progress much better!!
    So here's where I am to date! I originally planned on having a CTT (circumferential Tummy Tuck, also known as a lower body lift) along with a BR/BL/BA (breast reduction, lift, and then adding implants back in for fullness). Plans have changed slightly since then, and I've also changed surgeons. The original surgeon I was going to does great work, but the surgery center he works for is very unorganized. I was initially willing to put up with the chaos to get that particular surgeon, but there was story after story of women getting their surgeries canceled at the last minute, and it was adding too much stress to what I want to be a really fun and exciting process.
    The new surgeon suggested a different approach, and I really like her thoughts on it. Instead of a CTT she wants to address only the front of me (tummy and breasts) so that she can remove more skin from my tummy and leave me in that post tummy tuck hunched over position. With the CTT she wouldn't be able to take as much off the front b/c of the posterior incision. So my goal for round 1 is to look great from the front! LOL!! I really like how she explained it, and am excited!
    Also I'm now down to a 34D, and the lift itself will reduce a little bit, so now I'm just a BL/BA (no more BR).
    I've completed my pre-op testing (mammogram, chest xray, EKG, bloodwork), and will head down to Florida next week. I covid test upon arrival then report to the office on 1/6 for my pre-op visit. Surgery is on 1/12, and she wants me to stay in town for at least 4 weeks, but better yet would be 6 weeks after surgery.
    Since I'm working from home due to Covid anyway, and have a place to stay in Florida, I'm 100% on board with the stay requirements! Something good to come out of Covid!! LOL!!!
    So that's where I am for now, and look forward to updating with my progress as the weeks go by!!
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    ksgypsy reacted to OAGBPal in Let's talk eating disorders. I'll go first:   
    Thanks for reading and reacting, I really appreciate the care that went into your response . I'm not on any meds, no, and I'm doing fantastic now, also in terms of understanding how I react to social stimuli. I see my therapist once a month to make sure things stay great. Or, really, to make sure I am in touch with my inner self. I like him, that inner self.
    I did want to start the talk, however, because it's just so ... weird? how lacking it is here. I mean, there's a subforum for weight loss medicine, but not one for mental health and WLS?
    That's odd to me, given what we know about how people end up needing WLS in the first place. You sound like you at least share my view the mental side is important!
    I realize it's a sensitive topic, so I wanted to share my own story to let people know these experiences are neither something to be ashamed about, nor something you need to be alone with.
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    ksgypsy reacted to Sosewsue61 in Let's talk eating disorders. I'll go first:   
    Are you on any anti-anxiety medication?
    Pardon me for being frank but a few things stand out in your story, while food is/was your escape from feeling the feelings, they seem particularly relevant to rejection in relationships and anxiety over that.
    Medication might help, along with therapy other than for the eating disorder. You have to get to the underlying issue that first caused you to use the food - is your therapy doing that? Make sure you stay in therapy.
    Yes, these forums can trigger people toward either end. Sometimes even just weighing-in does it to some people with certain eating disorders.
    All of us have some variant of an eating disorder, and I'm afraid the 'monster' might always be with us.
    Have you ever read books by Gene en Roth. She is very good.

  4. Hugs
    ksgypsy reacted to OAGBPal in Let's talk eating disorders. I'll go first:   
    I'm six weeks out from surgery. Everything is going well; I'm confident I made the right choice.
    My biggest concern right now? How disordered my relationship with food will be in a year or two.
    I'll share my story with weight and disordered eating here. Feel free to share thoughts yourself, whatever they may be. Some of this might be a tad controversial (and in general). I apologize in advance for making it long.
    In 2019, I was (finally) diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder (BED). I thought such a diagnosis couldn't fit me. An eating disorder? That's something for mental patients. Not me, a well-educated, professional guy?!
    Yet I had sought out help myself, because yes, I did know it had gotten way out of hand. Many, many years ago. In fact, I've had a troubled relationship with food all my life (ring a bell, anyone?) And there it was, the diagnosis. You definitely have BED.
    Fat-Fit-Fat-Fitter-Fat-Really Fat
    My journey looks like so many others'. I'll share it anyway, just in case you'd like to feel like there's someone else like you out there.
    I was a chubby kid, didn't really get teased, but there were hurtful comments. Like being mistaken for a girl as a 12-year-old boy ... that one hurt. Yet at 12, I was already well aware I was 'wrong':
    I remember my mom putting me on a diet when I was 6. That I could have cake only if I exercised first at the age of 9.
    My first supervised diet was in the 5th grade. My teacher would weigh me every Monday, and I'd be instructed to go for long walks in the afternoons. I don't remember how it ended. Just that it - I - was a problem. I was doing sports, so I can't have been all that overweight.
    In the 9th grade, I had my first run-in with a new kind of eating disorder. Actually, I had already been binge-eating alone since I was 7, but now I was madly in love, and I wanted to lose weight. Fast. I exercised like crazy, and lost a ton of weight over the summer. People complimented me. I gained it all back in a year.
    High school was fine. Again, lost a bunch of weight in the middle of it, gained some back. Moved away for university, lost weight again, eventually ended up in being dumped by someone I cared about a lot ... pretty much for being 20 lbs overweight. 'I want a boyfriend with sixpack abs'. I was 190 lbs. With no sixpack.
    So that hurt. A lot. I responded the best I knew how: diet and exercise. Lots and lots of it. Compliments followed. Sixpack. Eventually got back into the same relationship. Gained a little weight, got dumped again. This time without reason, but I knew. Oh, I knew. I knew how dumb I was for going back, too.
    Then something truly broke inside me. I landed a killer job, and wanted to do well. Here I was, a boy from Bumf*ck Nowhere, from a family of high school dropouts, with a job in a fancy building in the city. But I wasn't happy. Because I was eating. And gaining weight. Serious weight.
    Over the next 10 years, I fell deeper and deeper into my binge eating disorder. Work still went fine-ish, because I made sure to overcompensate for my lack of physical attraction in client meetings by being prepared and going the extra mile every time. Unfortunately, I went no miles for myself. Eventually, I had arrived at 364 lbs. Yep, I gained 174 lbs in 10 years.
    Sure, there were the occasional "this time I really mean it" diets. You know them. Lose 30 lbs, get all the praise (and relief, maybe) from people, and then right back to gaining 50. For every late night with two pizzas and fries ending a whole day of starvation, I would hate myself just a little more.
    Eventually, my friends stopped asking if I wanted to go play ball in the park. I suddenly wasn't invited to dinner parties. And wouldn't come if they had asked. I loathed going to family stuff. Declined seeing friends if I had gained even more since they saw me last time. I can go when I've been on a diet, I told myself.
    Mom, I need help
    I'll never forget the look on her face. We are in a parking garage in the city. My mom is here to visit me. I ask her, again, if I can borrow a bit of money. I tell her I had some unforeseen expenses. In reality, I've spent 2,000 dollars on food this month and I'm broke. And I need more money for groceries, I tell myself. In reality, I need it for fastfood. I just don't want to admit it to myself, and even less to her.
    'Yes, of course you can', she says, 'but I need to know if you're alright. I don't feel like you are'. I look at her and try to come up with my usual excuses. It's work. I'm stressed. Big client left. Something. This time, I can't keep it together anymore. I start crying.
    We talk for fifteen minutes under the neon light there. She says she's heard of something called Binge Eating Disorder and that there's treatment options starting now, even if it's not an approved diagnosis here yet. I say I'll look into it.
    Do I have Binge Eating Disorder?
    Back home, I immediately start googling. Finally a disease where googling doesn't lead you to cancer ... I digress. Jokes aside (this is a serious story, after all), I look at the self-diagnosis questions:
    During the last 3 months, did you have any episodes of excessive overeating (i.e., eating signi cantly more than what most people would eat in a similar period of time)? Let's mark a big, fat Yes on that one.
    Do you feel distressed about your episodes of excessive overeating? If intense self-loathing counts, also yup on this one.
    During your episodes of excessive overeating, how often did you feel like you had no control over your eating (e.g., not being able to stop eating, feel compelled to eat, or going back and forth for more food)? The 'Always' box for me, please.
    On and on it went. There was something there. This described me. Who knew I wasn't just a lazy, uncontrolled, reprehensibly spineless piece of dirt? That this was actually something people got treatment for? That maybe, just maybe, the responsibility for my grotesquely fat body was shared between the social inputs from my childhood and the way I was able to deal with it as an adult? Hmm ...
    I'll save the specifics for another time, but half a year in weekly group therapy, coupled with mandatory physiotherapy, daily journaling, learning to maintain my weight instead of going either up or down (mostly up, ha) ... this was new. And it worked. No matter how this WLS journey goes, seeking treatment will be the best thing I ever did for myself.

    In the four weeks leading up to the treatment program starting, I had 45 episodes of uncontrolled eating. Yep, more than one a day. When the program ended, I had had 5 months of z e r o such episodes. I haven't had a single one since, fortunately. Amazing what letting yourself exist, just as you are, does to your psyche.
    What I learned
    'Restriction leads to binging', is one of the first things they said. 'When the eating disorder tries to get you to restrict yourself, you're actually being set up for a binge later. Try to allow yourself to understand why you crave a certain food; use the journal'. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm wonderful as I am. A loyal friend, a good son, a hard worker. No matter if I'm 364 lbs or 190 lbs. Or 170. I have a right to be here. I promised myself I wouldn't duck the FAs checking seatbelts the next time I got to fly, I'd actively demand a nice and comfortable seatbelt extender, just in case I needed it (I never did, but it was close. Got asked twice, one FA demanded that I lift up my overhanging gut to check. In front of the whole cabin). Unfortunately, I never got to test it out. That's all well and good ... but why did you have WLS, then?
    I discussed this with my therapist at length. I felt like I had gotten my old self back. Yet I felt like I was now carrying around 170+ lbs of a disease I had conquered; or at least, finally fought back against. I was getting comorbidities. Slept horribly. Eventually, they cleared me for WLS due to my excellent results with the BED treatment program (I'm self-paid, so they couldn't deny it, but I didn't want to do it if they thought it would harm me).
    Here's my concern: I can't tell if I'm doing good or if I'm on the road to the next mega-binge. And some vibes here give me the chills.
    Yeah, we both knew there would come a time in this post when I would say something that raised your heart rate. I promised you that in the beginning, so as a reward, here it is. The sub-header up there is much worse than what I want to say, though ... ;o)
    I'm worried I'll lose my flexible control I worked so hard to learn. When I read page up and down about competitive weight loss, weighing oneself 10 times a day, whether a glass of red wine can ruin the whole thing ... I find my eating disorder sitting somewhere in the back of my mind, telling me to absorb and adopt it. Win it all. Lose the most. It's a me-thing, in other words. You guys do your thing, all you wonderful people battling like me. I just want to share that I see things that at least feeds the goblin that an eating disorder is to many people.
    I know the goblin, though. I know its strength. I know it carries me to the fridge if I get negative social input (it must be quite strong, huh?) I know to stop and pause. To feel. I don't want to lose that, while I lose the pounds. Yet I worry it will win again at some point. Or that others will succumb to it.
    My final questions to you
    Have you battled disordered eating? Is any of what I'm saying resonating with you? Do you have any advice on how you stay mentally on top of your relationship with food while you're so obviously eating in a 'not normal' way, like we are?

    To the one person who actually read this entire thing: thank you.

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    ksgypsy got a reaction from OAGBPal in Four Week Post RNY   
    Congratulations on your smooth experience and having a supportive spouse! I had a rough 1st month with 2 readmittances to the hospital. I'm fortunate that I also have a very supportive husband & was a fabulous care giver while I needed it. I have found sf popsicle to be a saving grace- for hydration and the crunch!
    Wishing you all the best on your continued success! 😊
    I don't know if all do.... I did feel full on liquids but could drink about 8 oz of Soup before I felt full so I was concerned it was too much. Now on 'regular' foods- I definitely feel it at about 1/2-3/4 cup depending on the food.
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from OAGBPal in Four Week Post RNY   
    Congratulations on your smooth experience and having a supportive spouse! I had a rough 1st month with 2 readmittances to the hospital. I'm fortunate that I also have a very supportive husband & was a fabulous care giver while I needed it. I have found sf popsicle to be a saving grace- for hydration and the crunch!
    Wishing you all the best on your continued success! 😊
    I don't know if all do.... I did feel full on liquids but could drink about 8 oz of Soup before I felt full so I was concerned it was too much. Now on 'regular' foods- I definitely feel it at about 1/2-3/4 cup depending on the food.
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    ksgypsy reacted to Maisey in Four Week Post RNY   
    I've been lurking here and reading for several months. I had RNY 12/14/20. I had saved leave time to cover my recovery so I was able to take a full 4 weeks off. That was a good decision as it allowed me to fully focus on liquids, Protein and recovery. I returned to work this week. It has gone well but does require me to plan what I am going to take to work for food and drink. While I was home, I was able to simply choose from whatever appropriate choice was in the frig. My thoughts and observations so far:
    I have not had one single problem. I've had no pain, no nausea and have not needed any of the medication I was provided for those. I have no problem meeting liquid or protein goals. I am going with my program 100%. At this time, I do not feel any hunger (I know that will return). I also don't feel fullness. I realize that is because I am sticking to the suggested amounts. That is a learning experience for me. I was used to eating way beyond full all the time and feeling overstuffed and uncomfortable after a meal.
    I don't generally sit and watch extended TV. But being off work and while recovering, we binge-watched a lot of shows. That was another learning experience. My desire was to much on something salty and savory as that has been my past behavior. My husband was very considerate and did not munch. I fully recognized that I wasn't actually hungry but was simply trying to revert to old behaviors. My saving grace was popsicles. They provided crunch and froze my mouth as well. As expected, surgery removed the hunger but not the desire and comfort of previous behaviors.
    Returning to work has given me more structure in some areas but also means I have to be more proactive in planning.
    I know people are more likely to post when they have problems but I wanted to be the voice of someone who has so far, experienced no problems. Now the hard mental work begins..................
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from JoriJori in Can I eat raw fruits?   
    I had an RNY and was specifically told not to eat strawberries and to avoid seeds and skins on food like potatoes and fruit. As all say- so many different diet requirements....

    Best of luck!
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from Brown shuga in New to group   
    Welcome! As you peruse the boards you'll notice some people lose weight very quickly and others progress is slower. Use other's success as motivation but please don't become discouraged if yours is a bit more leisurely. Although we're all o the same path, each of our journey's are individual.
    Wishing you much success and happiness!😊

  10. Hugs
    ksgypsy reacted to perfektlynrml in Losing control (sadness over major loss)   
    I have really lost control over the past month. I’ve been snacking on junk and I find myself eating at night, Something so awful happened last month that made me very depressed and anxious. I had decided to do the surgery last summer because I was about to become a grandmother for the first time. Well my grand baby was born but he didn’t make it. Now my daughter is devastated and I feel so empty. I got to hold him before he passed away but I wanted to scream when he died but I just held it all in. I had to stay calm for my daughter. I’m scared of hurting myself with food but I have such a strong impulse to pick every few hours. I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry if this post is upsetting but I had to let this out.
  11. Congrats!
    ksgypsy reacted to loridee11 in GOOOAAALLLL!   
    Just over a year after my surgery I have reached my goal! I am officially half of my starting weight. I do think I'm going to try to lose another 15 lbs, but woohoo!
    The not so good news, I've been sick for the last 10 days and that's the only reason I am down as much as I am in this two week period (9 lbs), and I fully expect a small bounce back once I feel better, but for now, I want to enjoy this moment as much as I can.
  12. Congrats!
    ksgypsy reacted to Amanda0911 in Feel Amazing almost 6 months out!   
    Almost 5 1/2 months out and down 77lbs! The first picture was taken the night before surgery... I'm thankful I have it for comparison. This Surgery has saved my life in so many ways. [emoji3059]
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    ksgypsy reacted to GreenTealael in sleeve in 2010 now revision to RNY due to complications   
    I think it's very similar. I think the progression through the food staged are the same.
    You may experience dumping or not. You may initially loose weight from the surgery but you can maintain your weight if you are diligent (or gain weight if you are not careful)
    You may also have a different type of full sensation (or lack thereof)
    Recovery may be similar to your first WLS or slightly faster (especially if this will be done laparoscopically) since it will correct a problem.
    Good Luck ♥️
  14. Hugs
    ksgypsy reacted to 5boys1girl forme in sleeve in 2010 now revision to RNY due to complications   
    I haven't been on one of these forums in a looong time. I had a sleeve done in 11/2010. It has gone well and MOST of the time I hovered between 185-210 (which was fine with me as I was nowhere near my high of 300). about 1.5 yrs ago I started having trouble keeping some foods down...I figured I was just eating too fast or too much. I was losing weight but not too fast. I had post-menopausal bleeding in 12/2019 so we did the whole cancer check thing (esp with the vomiting becoming more of an issue). Everything came out fine so I was referred to a GI who found a hernia. Had this repaired in 6/2020. Since then I have done well to keep anything but liquids down. I had an upper GI done and my stomach is the shape of a barbell. (1/3 normal sleeve, middle 1/3 severely narrowed, last 1/3 normal sleeve). Referred to another GI who did another EGD and colonoscopy and found I had almost a complete blockage in my stomach (11/2020) (he also got a good view of how I look like skin and bones without clothes which I think REALLY concerned him). He sent me straight to the ER to be admitted and I had surgery 2 days later which ended up being them taking the scar tissue that was wrapped around my stomach out. Still no improvement. My new GI had his nurse call me because he wanted to have an appointment (12/28) and see how I was doing post surgery (5 weeks out). He immediately ordered ANOTHER upper GI (12/30) which looked exactly like the one from October. We discussed going to a different surgeon and I picked a new bariatric surgeon (I tried a few but they wouldn't take me since they didn't do my original surgery in 2010 and the one who did is no longer in network).
    Once the surgeon saw my upper gi results he had his nurse move my appointment up a week. (1/5). My GI sent a message to the surgeon prior to my appointment so he had a heads up about me. First he wasn't happy I hadn't been referred earlier to him by my first GI. He said there is no fixing the middle part of my stomach and the only thing to do is revise to an RNY. He wants to do it as soon as ins approves. (Today I spoke with them and it is marked high priority and I should have an answer by tomorrow). I made sure they knew I could only keep liquids down and it had been thing way since June. I also mentioned I have gone from a size 14/16 in Dec 2019 to 4/6 now. (I just bought a size 4 straight skirt and it fits perfectly). I have a TON of loose skin but clothes hide it. In July I just bought a new bra 36 B now I am a 32A. The guy on the phone at Aetna took these notes to add to my file in addition to the ones my surgeon sent (the upper gi series, etc). Originally my file wasn't marked high priority until someone on the clinical team looked at it.
    SO, now you have my LOOONG backstory.
    I am kind of scared about the RNY. How is the recovery? This will be my 3rd surgery in 7 months. My body has not been getting the calories it needs for quite a while now (even Protein Shakes take a long time to get through). It's actually probably a miracle that I am still able to function as well as I have been at work. All of the covid changes have been kicking my rear but it has been a very productive year for me despite this whole mess. Thankfully I have an amazing admin assistant and colleagues who have been pitching in here and there to help when I absolutely needed it...but I am a workaholic so I have taken very little time off for recoveries.
    What can I expect of an RNY rather than the sleeve?
    Has anyone had any complications like this so far out from the original surgery? Obviously I am not doing this to lose weight...I am actually doing it to gain weight. This has really been crazy mentally after all those years worried about losing weight.

    sorry for the book. I would love input from anyone :)
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    ksgypsy reacted to kellym1220 in Rant/Vent: Failure   
    This is the sweetest note...and I agree with everything ChubRub said! You can do this, but talk to your doctor and if you were seeing a nutritionist or dietician, see about getting them involved, as well. Focus on healthy food, Protein and Water. It may not happen as quickly as before, but it will happen. Good luck!
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    ksgypsy reacted to ChubRub in Rant/Vent: Failure   
    With regard to the depression aspect, definitely talk to your doctor about it if you haven't already started the process for treatment.
    As for the weight gain, since today is Friday, why don't you use the weekend to stock up on healthy foods, and make a promise to your self that on Monday you take back your life. You did it before, and you can do it again!
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from JacquelynSpeaks in No exercise?   
    I would think that's an unusual reaction. My Surgeon requires 60 minutes of exercise daily so he would think that you're doing very well!! As stated above- it is great for your overall physical and mental health. I admire your motivation and hope you keep it up! It's all about YOU and feeling your best!
    Wishing you an excellent path!
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from kc892020 in Healthier, But Lonelier   
    I don't have any sage words of advice and am not having my surgery until next week. I just want to say Congratulations! for making the decision to have surgery and significantly improve your health!!! I haven't experienced any negativity yet- just some concern and hopefully, it will stay that way. I hope that you are Proud of yourself and your success! No one else lives in our bodies and faces the consequences- positive or negative- of our decisions. I wish you happiness and continued success!
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from Midearsweetheart in Non Dairy Protein   
    I found unflavored Pea Protein Powder at Puritan's Pride.
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    ksgypsy got a reaction from ArcticFox in 6 days post-op, sharp stabbing pains. Is this normal?   
    Of course you'll need to contact your Surgeon and discuss with them- it could be any number of things. In my circumstances, I was in a lot of pain after surgery (expected) but it didn't let up after a few weeks. I was thinking I was just a wimp but ended up in the hospital with an infection on Thanksgiving Day. I didn't realize how painful an infection could be.
    Hope you're pain free soon!
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    ksgypsy reacted to ArcticFox in 6 days post-op, sharp stabbing pains. Is this normal?   
    Thanks. Definitely reached out, just wanted to see if others have had this experience too.

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    ksgypsy got a reaction from ArcticFox in 6 days post-op, sharp stabbing pains. Is this normal?   
    Of course you'll need to contact your Surgeon and discuss with them- it could be any number of things. In my circumstances, I was in a lot of pain after surgery (expected) but it didn't let up after a few weeks. I was thinking I was just a wimp but ended up in the hospital with an infection on Thanksgiving Day. I didn't realize how painful an infection could be.
    Hope you're pain free soon!
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    ksgypsy reacted to lynniepooh7 in Introduction   
    Hello Everyone
    My name is Leontyne Lynn Jones. I go by Lynn. I am 60 years old, I had my Gastric Bypass RNY on July 7th 20. I am 5 months Post-Op. It has been a struggle for me, at first I had developed this very intense pain on my left side after my surgery, then once I was told that I could start eating regular food, I started feeling nauseous every time I would eat or drink, called the office which I had my surgery done at Summa in Akron, my surgeon was Dr. Dan. I had notified the office what I was experiencing, nothing was done until I went in for my 3 months follow-up. The Nurse Practitioner ordered for me to have an Upper GI done. Had the test done found out that I have acid reflux, plus 2 small ulcers in my pouch, currently on medication for it. I am suppose to have an Endoscopy done, but with this COVID going on I don't know when this will get done. I do have my 6 months follow-up next month. Too be honest I had doubts about having the surgery, I really struggle with my discussion, it really gotten worst when I started having complications. But know I am glad that I did have it, I am no longer on any medications and I feel good. I live in Norton, I look forward to meeting everyone in the group.
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    ksgypsy reacted to catwoman7 in Weight Loss   
    I lost 16 lbs the first month, but I started out WAY higher than you. Your BMI is actually pretty low, so 9 lbs might be fine for you (I would say most of us are somewhere in the 15-25 lb range that first month, but you're what we call a "lightweight", so 9 lbs might not be that unusual for someone at your weight.
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    ksgypsy reacted to Hop_Scotch in Weight Loss   
    Absolutely nothing wrong, you are doing great. Please remember you started off on a lowish weight so will not lose the higher amounts you may have seen on weight loss surgery shows or on people here whose start weight is/was much higher than 204lbs.
    Your surgery date shows about three weeks not four weeks post op, but regardless 9lb in three or four weeks after losing 13lb in pre-op stage is pretty good given the start weight.
    Keep up your great work!