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  1. ksgypsy

    Dumping Syndrome

    I've only experienced what I've read described as dumping one time. I was shaky, sweating, vomiting & couldn't leave the toilet for about 30 minutes. It's been a year and I don't remember what triggered it but seems it happened within 20 minutes of eating. It wasn't fun. Personally I can eat sweets (in moderation) fine but not fried food. The fried food doesn't make me 'dump' but I do vomit. An unusual thing that's happened with me is that I can no longer eat meat or fowl without feeling sick. You find out pretty quickly what foods you can eat and tolerate well. Eating too quickly will definitely cause issues. Odd note about vomiting: There's no aftertaste for me and everyone that I've asked that has had an RNY. No idea if it's the same for sleevers. Best of luck!!
  2. ksgypsy

    Post tuck ?’s with pics

    Congratulations! Looks like your results will be fabulous! I had my surgery a couple of weeks prior to yours and will be having a lower body lift as well as an arm lift on January 25th. Thanks for the tip on the drain belt; I plan to order one.
  3. ksgypsy

    Four Week Post RNY

    Congratulations on your smooth experience and having a supportive spouse! I had a rough 1st month with 2 readmittances to the hospital. I'm fortunate that I also have a very supportive husband & was a fabulous care giver while I needed it. I have found sf popsicle to be a saving grace- for hydration and the crunch! Wishing you all the best on your continued success! 😊 I don't know if all do.... I did feel full on liquids but could drink about 8 oz of soup before I felt full so I was concerned it was too much. Now on 'regular' foods- I definitely feel it at about 1/2-3/4 cup depending on the food.
  4. ksgypsy

    Feel Amazing almost 6 months out!

    Wow- you look fabulous and are an inspiration for me! I am the same height and same SW. Pre-surgery weight was 236. My bypass was on 11-4-20 and I'd be thrilled to have your results at 5.5 months out!! Congratulations and best of luck!👏
  5. ksgypsy

    Weight loss

    I'm about 7 weeks out and have lost 31lbs. As all have said, everyone is different but I do look to this forum and am motivated by posted results. It's easy to question whether a WLS will work but it's inspiring to see other's progress as well as watch your own! Best of Luck!
  6. Happened to me too. I was back in the hospital for uncontrolled leaking through the drain when it started. Lasted a few days. Would have been good to know this was a possibility.... On the BM/TMI front- I experienced daily diarrhea for the first month. Likely exacerbated by IV/pill antibiotics for infection.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an inspiration! I had an RNY 20 days before you and have lost 30lbs. Not that I'm disappointed- I had a bit of a rough time- but 41 in such a short time is amazing! Go you!! YAY!!!
  8. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    Glad you're doing relatively well! Like you, I'm doing better than I thought I might. No vomiting and I'm guessing the pain in my abdomen is gas, although I was told gas often settles around the shoulders. Trying to walk, walk, walk. I was the one bugging Nurses & Aides to walk. 😁 The staff was great and there were 3 fabulous Nursing students who helped me immensely.
  9. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    That's how my stomach felt too! I had my bypass on the 4th as well. How are you doing?
  10. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    That's good to hear! I like water too. Hopefully that will go away- especially considering how much of it we have to drink! I'm up to bat tomorrow!
  11. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    On Thursday October 22nd, had 2nd Surgeon appointment. The next day the Surgeon's Nurse called with the date of November 4th for my rny! He typically requires 2-weeks liquid diet but said to start Monday when I'm back from camping. Surprised but very excited it's happening so soon! Started my process on November 15th, 2019. Wishing much success to all!!! 😺
  12. ksgypsy

    Aetna - Approved!

    Our insurance switched to Aetna on 9-1-20 as well. My paperwork was submitted today so I'm hoping to have as quick of an approval! Congratulations & Best of Luck!!
  13. I try to be careful with my words but posting on social media is taking a chance that I may unintentionally upset someone & I apologize for that. It obviously wasn't my intention. But I did learn and I appreciate your explanation of TN. I had not heard of it before. It sounds horrendous beyond words. I have had many migraines lasting months as well as cluster migraines that made me question the quality of life. I can't begin to imagine your pain.

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