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  1. ksgypsy

    Beverage suggestions?

    I mix @16 cups of water with 2 large tea bags and 1 packet of Crystal Light Lemonade. Not quite as good as the bottled 1/2 & 1/2 mix in stores but still good without all the sugar. Wishing you much success!
  2. ksgypsy

    Four Week Post RNY

    Congratulations on your smooth experience and having a supportive spouse! I had a rough 1st month with 2 readmittances to the hospital. I'm fortunate that I also have a very supportive husband & was a fabulous care giver while I needed it. I have found sf popsicle to be a saving grace- for hydration and the crunch! Wishing you all the best on your continued success! 😊 I don't know if all do.... I did feel full on liquids but could drink about 8 oz of soup before I felt full so I was concerned it was too much. Now on 'regular' foods- I definitely feel it at about 1/2-3/4 cup depending on the food.
  3. ksgypsy


    Has this helped? I use melatonin but doesn't always help. Thank you!
  4. ksgypsy

    New to group

    Welcome! As you peruse the boards you'll notice some people lose weight very quickly and others progress is slower. Use other's success as motivation but please don't become discouraged if yours is a bit more leisurely. Although we're all o the same path, each of our journey's are individual. Wishing you much success and happiness!😊
  5. ksgypsy

    Can I eat raw fruits?

    I had an RNY and was specifically told not to eat strawberries and to avoid seeds and skins on food like potatoes and fruit. As all say- so many different diet requirements.... Best of luck!
  6. ksgypsy


    Phenomenal! Congratulations!!!👏 Enjoy your success and I hope you're feeling well very soon!
  7. ksgypsy

    Feel Amazing almost 6 months out!

    Wow- you look fabulous and are an inspiration for me! I am the same height and same SW. Pre-surgery weight was 236. My bypass was on 11-4-20 and I'd be thrilled to have your results at 5.5 months out!! Congratulations and best of luck!👏
  8. ksgypsy

    Non Dairy Protein

    I found unflavored Pea Protein Powder at Puritan's Pride.
  9. Of course you'll need to contact your Surgeon and discuss with them- it could be any number of things. In my circumstances, I was in a lot of pain after surgery (expected) but it didn't let up after a few weeks. I was thinking I was just a wimp but ended up in the hospital with an infection on Thanksgiving Day. I didn't realize how painful an infection could be. Hope you're pain free soon!
  10. ksgypsy

    No exercise?

    I would think that's an unusual reaction. My Surgeon requires 60 minutes of exercise daily so he would think that you're doing very well!! As stated above- it is great for your overall physical and mental health. I admire your motivation and hope you keep it up! It's all about YOU and feeling your best! Wishing you an excellent path!
  11. Not a Veteran either. Thank you for your service! Wishing you a smooth surgery and recovery!!
  12. ksgypsy


    I have a tough time getting to sleep before 3:30-4:30am. More so lately. Then I toss and turn. I tried ZZZ-Quil (1/2 dose) at a friend's suggestion last night and had a great night's sleep. I've also used Melatonin in the past.
  13. ksgypsy

    Weight loss

    I'm about 7 weeks out and have lost 31lbs. As all have said, everyone is different but I do look to this forum and am motivated by posted results. It's easy to question whether a WLS will work but it's inspiring to see other's progress as well as watch your own! Best of Luck!
  14. ksgypsy

    3 days post op - gastric bypass

    I hadn't thought about adding vanilla protein to my yogurt but will now! I add an unflavored to some soups and don't taste it but it doesn't blend completely. Do you mind sharing what type of pea protein you use? Thank you!
  15. ksgypsy

    3 days post op - gastric bypass

    Same thing with the protein water here. Can't stomach it or shakes post surgery. Lived on Greek yogurt and protein soups for first month. Unjury Chicken soup (20g/protein/serving) and BariatricPal Cream of Tomato (15g/protein) are delicious- at least to me... I think 50g/protein at 3 days out is good but I'm obviously not your medical team. Mine wants me at 60/daily but expected me to work up to it. I'm almost 2 months out and just getting energy back. The first month I got exhausted very easily and was in a lot of pain but on Thanksgiving Day found I had an infection. After a couple of days in hospital- felt like a new person. I still haven't experienced the heightened energy that many describe but am definitely more energetic. I didn't go anywhere for a week (only to have my drain removed) so sounds like you're doing great! Wishing you energy and much success!
  16. Happened to me too. I was back in the hospital for uncontrolled leaking through the drain when it started. Lasted a few days. Would have been good to know this was a possibility.... On the BM/TMI front- I experienced daily diarrhea for the first month. Likely exacerbated by IV/pill antibiotics for infection.
  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an inspiration! I had an RNY 20 days before you and have lost 30lbs. Not that I'm disappointed- I had a bit of a rough time- but 41 in such a short time is amazing! Go you!! YAY!!!
  18. ksgypsy

    Belly wrap

    I had a bypass on Nov. 4, 2020. I was in pain for a month. The wrap didn't help me but may help you. A couple of days after surgery, I was readmitted because of uncontrollable watery/bloody leaking from the drain. Meds fixed that. Apparently, while not common, it happens. I had a lot of pain until Thanksgiving Day. I was thinking that I was just a wimp but that day I was in a ton of pain and the former site of my drain erupted in pus. Obviously I had an infection (no fever) and went to the ER. Two days, tons of fluids and IV antibiotics later, I felt like a new person. Of course you need to speak to your Doctor if the pain is intolerable or unusual. Hope you're pain free soon- take care!
  19. ksgypsy

    Loss of Son

    So very sad for the loss of your precious Son. May he gently rest in the arms of the Angels.
  20. ksgypsy

    Feeling frustrated and sad

    It would be disappointing to think you're heading toward one destination and end up in a different 'town'. I hope you are feeling better and obviously your Surgeon made the best choice for your situation. I had my surgery 11-4 and gained weight. I didn't see a net loss until yesterday morning. And it was a couple of lbs. Please try not to feel disheartened. You're doing all you can on your side- the weight Will come off! 🤗
  21. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    🙏 Hope it went smoothly and you have an easy recovery!
  22. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    Good to have behind you eh? Day 5 & my first day of full liquids. Feeling very weak & still bloody, loose stools. Certain that it will just take time & healing. Hope you continue on the upswing & can go home tomorrow. Betting your kitties will be SO happy to see you! 😺😺
  23. Came home today from being readmitted to the hospital via the ER and curious if these issues have happened to many on this Forum. I had uncontrollable bloody/watery leaking from my drain which was eventually stopped by meds after ensuring the surgery stapling hadn't been compromised. Then, a short time after being readmitted, I had watery, bloody stools- and I don't mean a little bloody- A Lot! Surgeon on staff with my Surgeon said it was blood pooled in the intestines and would stop in a day or two. The Nurses said they'd not seen so much coming out of a drain before but my hemoglobin count is fine. Anyone with a similar situation and if so, what was the explanation given? Thanks!
  24. ksgypsy

    Anyone November 2020

    How did it go & how are you feeling?