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  1. Toofattofight


    Most recent photos of myself. My band has been completely unfilled for one year now that I have been able to make healthy decisions and have the right portion control
  2. Toofattofight


  3. Toofattofight

    Dinner at Texas De Brazil

    Okay so Tuesday night my boyfriend is taking me to dinner at Texas De Brazil. I've been dying to go there, and finally he's taking me. One problem though. He doesn't know I have the band & I dont know all their food choices besides red meat. Most red meat is hard to get down. It's about $50.00 per person to eat there, but I dont want to go and barely eat. He would be pissed. I was just curious to see if anyone has gone with the band and knows some safe band foods there. :biggrin:
  4. Does anyone else seem to get morning sickness sometimes in the morning? I've been banded six months now and in the past three months about once a week I feel nauseated. But lately today and last week i've actually thrown up a little amount of water.. it was kinda like a baby throw up. But still it worries me and I was wondering if this has been happening to anyone else. Also i'm for sure i'm not pregnant and I have gotten suppositories.
  5. Toofattofight


    The surgery for me wasn't painful at all. An hour after the surgery I was up walking around feeling great. My flight home from Mexico to Florida wasn't quite comfortable though. I flew home two days after my surgery, if I could have waited another day I would. I had a lot of gas in me from surgery and sitting on a plane for many hours with your stomach bloated is very uncomfortable. Other then my discomfort on the plane ride i've had no pain.
  6. Toofattofight

    Any teens out there? Hah.

    I'm 16 years old and I was banded by Dr. Ortiz in Mexico. I'm not sure though if your considering anything out of the US. But i'm very glad I went through with getting the Lap Band there.
  7. Toofattofight

    Should I go through with this ?

    Oh that's great! I hope your for sure able to get it done Wednesday. My doctor said about 6-8 weeks I will need to get my first fill. Here's the link for the fill places closest to Orlando.. www.fillcentersusa.com I made my mom an appointment at one of them but I can't remember which one. I'll ask her tomorrow because the woman who does the fills at one of them is really experience and has good reviews. I know me too! With getting the lap band I have more modivation to loose the weight now and prove to a lot of people I can loose the weight.
  8. Toofattofight

    Should I go through with this ?

    No that wouldn't be too quick at all! I had it done on a Wednesday and flew back on Friday. Though if I could go back I would have probably waited another day to leave because after surgery your really bloated and being on a plane for six hours and being really bloated isn't so comfortable. Getting it done this week seems quick though. I had to loose ten pounds before surgery, but i'm not sure what your surgon requires. But if you don't need to do that then I would say go for it as soon as possible. Would you be getting it done by the same doctor who performed it on your mom? Let me know how everything goes. I'm excited for you!!!
  9. Toofattofight

    Should I go through with this ?

    200lbs. Been there, done that. I'm 16 years old and I just got the Lap Band on April 30th in Mexico by Dr. Ortiz. So far i'm really glad I went through with having the surgery. I read a lot about the surgery and my doctor so I wasn't nervous at all! I was suprisingly really confident in everything. The worst part for me was having to take these really gross chalky pills without water. Oh, and once your all drugged up you won't be nervous because you'll feel soooo good. But afterwards it is hard, I just started eating my solid foods yesterday.. day 21. If your for following the rules and such I would say go get the Lap Band. Plus your mom has already had it so she can be there to help you along the way. I also live in Orlando. I think i'm going to get my fills done at a fill center in Tampa just because Mexico is so far away and it's very pricey to make trips back there. :blushing:
  10. Toofattofight

    Martial Arts!

    I'm curious to see if anyone who has Lap Band does any type of martial arts. If so I have some questions! What's your martial arts? Did you train before you had surgery? How long did you wait until you went back? Did you feel any different? I've been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about a year now but can no longer for another two months because I can not do any adomonal workouts and a lot of the time in BJJ your adomonals are crunched together. So, I started MMA today actually. My doctor said I could go back to working out in three weeks... so I did! Everything went basically well. Just this one point of streching my port area felt weird so I stopped for about five minutes just to make sure everything was alright and it seemed good. I can also tell the difference in my running, just losing several pounds makes running so much easier!! If you have been healed for three months, I would advise you to join a Jiu Jitsu class. In an hour you can roughly burn 900 calories. It's what I like to call an actual "working" work out. Haha. :blushing:

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