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  1. kc892020

    VItamins & Nausea

    I've used Citrical Petites and my levels always come back normal. It's a lot easier to get because you don't have to special order it from a website, plus, there's generic versions of it too. The only thing is you do have to take two tablets FOUR times a day, and you have to crush them and either dissolve them in a beverage or mix them in food. If you want to avoid any possibility of sugar, Celebrate multivitamin capsules are excellent. You can buy them either on this site's store, or directly from their website https://celebratevitamins.com/products/multi-complete-45?variant=7642367197231. They are based out of a town only 30 minutes from me, so I tend to trust them a bit more than most brands since I know where they're coming from. Good luck!
  2. kc892020

    Need Recipes? Just ask!

    That's easy! Even my non-bariatric friends love this recipe. Enjoy! 2.25 cups of almond flour .5 cups of sweetener of choice (I use monk fruit sweetener) 1 tsp of baking soda 4 eggs (you're vegan, so I'd recommend Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer...I've used it before and it's amazing) 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice .25 cups of milk substitute Preheat the oven to 350. Grease a 12-count donut pan and set aside. Mix the ingredients together and pour into a plastic ziplock bag. Cut one corner of the bag and squeeze out batter into the donut pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Remove and let cool before transferring to cooling racks. Frosting: There's actually a couple of things you can do here, depending on what kind of donuts you like. Are you a glazed donut person? Frosting? Jelly? Cinnamon sugar or powdered? I like using the standard recipe for Cool Whip frosting made with sugar free Cool Whip and sugar free pudding mix. But... I just realized that's neither kosher or vegan. Let me know. :)
  3. kc892020

    Need Recipes? Just ask!

    OK, it looks like I got a variety of answers here, so here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to compile everything I've got and make a document out of it. When it's done, I post it here. Thank you for your responses and cooperation!
  4. Hi everyone! I just wanted to say if anyone is need of recipes, I'm full of them. I know this time of year can be a nightmare for those of us who have had bariatric surgery, and I wanted to let you know if you need help, I'm here! I've got recipes for all sorts of bariatric-friendly holiday foods: pumpkin pie, cauliflower stuffing, cookies, donuts, delicious drinks, etc. Yes, you CAN enjoy the tastes of the season if you've had bariatric surgery! NOTE: Please let me know of food allergies.
  5. kc892020

    Struggling with out of control eating

    Finding triggers is definitely the key. Tools also help as well. For me, I purchased the bowl and plate with all the measurements on them. Words cannot express how much they help keep me on track! I also heard of people doing "pouch resets" to regain their stopping points. I would suggest meeting with your bariatric nutritionist to discuss how to go about this if you feel the issue is no longer feeling full as quickly when you eat. If the issue is fighting temptation with forbidden foods, try looking up bariatric friendly substitutes or recipes. I've found that to be a God send. There's literally a healthy, bariatric-friendly version of every bad food out there! All it takes is a little research and recipe planning. If you're ever interested in swapping recipes or product ideas, let me know. Good luck to you! You've got this!
  6. kc892020

    Can We Talk About...Birth Control?

    Hey everyone! Uff, what a crazy few months! So, even though I'm not in a relationship, it turns out I have to go on BC anyways because...tragedy struck. I'm down to only half of an ovary! I suffered TWO ovarian torsions due to enlarged, hemorrhagic cysts. I lost my right ovary completely (it died and had to be surgically removed) and the remaining half of an ovary, while it was able to be saved, had to be repositioned and reconstructed. So, needless to say, I have to take some kind of BC to control the cyst growth if I don't want to end up in premature surgical menopause. I'm only 31 so I definitely don't want that! Anyways, after trying the hormonal IUD and HATING it (TERRIBLE pain, excessive bleeding, etc), my gyno suggested a low-dose BC pill that instead of taking orally, I take vaginally. Apparently, this is something that women do if they want to help bypass the side-effects of the Pill. It's only suggested for cyst prevention however, as this method isn't super effective for preventing pregnancy. Thank you all once again for all of your input!
  7. kc892020


    Brown rice was on my "approved foods list," but I still couldn't tolerate it. I dumped SO HARD after just two small bites! Everyone's system/body is different, and many people can tolerate it well. But some, like myself, can't. It's always scary when introducing/reintroducing new foods, so keep the bites small. Good luck!
  8. Yes, these were. and you're right, that's just what the bariatric nurse said. My body is basically trying to readjust to complex carbs and fiber. The good news is that taking a probiotic seems to be helping some.
  9. kc892020

    Healthier, But Lonelier

    Thank you all for the thoughtful and helpful responses! I sincerely appreciate it very much. As always, every answer means the world to me. Thank you.
  10. kc892020

    Healthier, But Lonelier

    Thank you! ❤️ I appreciate the encouraging words.
  11. kc892020

    I Lost My WLS Super Powers

    One thing I was thankful for was that in my WL surgical center's WLS support group, there was such a great mix of both veterans and newbies. Our moderator for instance, was a veteran was was almost twenty years out, and kept her weight off! We had a lot of veterans that were more than a decade out and managed to keep their weight off, and I found that to be incredibly inspiring. I'm only eight (almost nine) months out, but the most important thing I've learned from veterans was to never fall back into old habits. We had a required reading assignment of "How to Self-Soother Without Food" and were given a ton of handouts about the different kinds of overeating. The most important thing I learned was understanding your root for overeating and triggers. For example, I overate as a way to cope with C-PTSD. Others overate to cope with loss (one lady for instance, started overeating after losing her daughter to childhood cancer), a bad breakup, etc. Then there were those who were just triggered by the smells of unhealthy foods, like anything fried, etc. The key thing is to understand your root(s) and triggers and sticking to those new lifestyle changes in order to prevent going to back to bad habits. Anyways, I'm probably just rambling and probably don't have a place to say anything yet since I'm still technically a new post-op. Good luck to you!
  12. kc892020

    Coffee Talk

    That is sad...are you able to tolerate it now?
  13. kc892020

    What Would You Do?

    Wow, just goes to show every doctor's different in what's allowed, what's not allowed.
  14. kc892020

    What Would You Do?

    Thank you! I feel like I way overracted now. But like I said, it was drilled into our head to avoid from day one.
  15. kc892020

    What Would You Do?

    Thank you. I'm actually curious now why some doctors tell you to stay away from certain things and other doctors don't. Now I'm all kinds of confused.

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