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    Memaw1 reacted to mousecat88 in Vomiting, diarrhoea and pain.   
    Maybe just go back to soft, bland foods until you can talk to your bariatric team. Could you possibly just have a stomach bug?
    If you go back to liquids, I don't know why you wouldn't be able to take your Vitamins. I was taking vitamins from Day 1.
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    Memaw1 reacted to mousecat88 in skin removal   
    My surgery is in 2 weeks. I am paying a little over 20K for a Tummy Tuck and an arm lift. I paid a little less than 1K 2 months ago for skin removal around my bra band.
    The anesthesia fee was about 1500$. The SurgiCenter fee was about 3500$. The remainder was the surgeon's fee.
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    Memaw1 reacted to AJ Tylo in Can I have lump crab spinach dip puréed?   
    i say most likely yes as you can see by my profile picture I mainly eat seafood, I eat crab, shrimp, lobster and salt Water fish since i could - Just for the hell of it I have pureed shrimp into a soupy shrimp chowder and had no problems. Stone crab is the same texture so my feeling is yes.
    I have a chopper for veggies one of those bladed things you slam up and down to dice onions and other veggies - Works great on seafood also.
    No garlic butter and as for spinach dip i would say the mayo may be to heavy, You can do a lettuce wrap works great and use butter lettuce good stuff and easy to digest

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    Memaw1 reacted to GreenTealael in ❤2 yrs (24/4mo) Post Op❤   
    Current Weight 149 BMI 27 Happiness 8/10 😂
    It's been a wild ride y'all. Still I firmly believe it was a fantastic choice. You don't know the end results when you begin a project (including tje hiccups) but thays perfectly fine. I don't mind a challenge.
    I have started in one place (VSG) changed to another (RNY) which i never imagined as a possibility or necessity for me because i never had reflux prior but i remain excited and hopeful about the future and about all of life.
    My weightloss is old news to most people. Its no longer jarring, shocking, surprising, exciting or headlining so I get to settle into real life and stay the course permanently.
    Am I afraid of regain? Yes and No.
    I am afraid of going above a certain weight 160-170s (Beyonce pre Coachella weight 😂) but everything under that is gravy 😍 I will not eat myself into a higher range. I also will not exercise my self artificially lower. I spoke with my nutritionist about a year ago about this ans its not for me. If it happens it will be medically induced, and Ya girl will be honestband open about everything going on.
    Do I have perfect food habits? Yes and No.
    My habits are perfect for me. Balanced. I can eat a salad and dessert. And feel no guilt. Dial up or down my intake according to need. (*I do no/never have food addiction* so in this way I believe I got off easy. If I had to contend with that I'm not sure where I would currently be, but hindsight wise choosen full DS, IMHO anything else is not a good choice)
    Do I love my post WLS body more? Yes and No.
    I loved my body from the start. Never hated it ever. But when I was heavier I began to become randomly sicker i a matter of weeks. I had to have surgery. No choice really. But now I feel the same way I NEED plastics. No way around it. I don't look horribly melty but I'm heading in that direction if i lose anymore weight.
    Have I gained any new insight now vs earlier... You've guessed it! Yes and No.
    I'm still the same old GTL albeit updated model 😎 but I have learned to meet people where they are and work with them there amd move on when the path diverges. No more people projects. I have a few real projects I'm still not done with so i need to focus on important stuff 😥
    I'm a little more chill in certain ways But a little more aggressive in others (i STILL call people out on their BS)
    Pics soon I'm on the move...

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    Memaw1 got a reaction from Moodychic in Nauseous   
    Yes omg terrible
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    Memaw1 reacted to catwoman7 in Head hunger   
    most people don't lose weight nearly as fast after a revision as they do after a virgin surgery. So your 33 lb drop is actually very good! Check with your surgeon's office as to what you should be eating. All surgeon's plans are different.
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    Memaw1 reacted to AJ Tylo in Head hunger   
    Get a nutrionshinist or use a plan - Been said a million times here before
    Get the tool, But whip you heads ass into shape also - F#$ck food

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    Memaw1 reacted to Superman84 in Four weeks post op RNY   
    There's numerous factors on how people lose weight.... Plus you need to get lots of Protein and Water From day 1.. You need to watch your intake of bad foods..

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    Memaw1 reacted to Ruby Hernandez in Progress Pictures 💪🏻   
    Thank you, cpgirl! 😊💙 I was never one to take full-body pictures, so I really only have this picture (from around surgery time) that my friend took of me 1 week before I started my Pre-Op Diet. I was 302 lbs at the time. I am currently 231.5 lbs 🤗
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    Memaw1 reacted to Ruby Hernandez in Progress Pictures 💪🏻   
    Feel free to post your progress pictures, here! 🔆 This is a no judgement zone! I’ll start first 🙋🏻‍♀️ I had my surgery on May 13, 2019; I am currently 3 & 1/2 Months Post-Op.

    Heighest Weight: 315.0 lbs
    Weight on Day 1 Of Pre-Op liquid diet (5/1/19): 301.0 lbs
    Weight on Surgery Day (5/13/19): 286.6 lbs
    Current Weight (9/3/19): 234.0 lbs

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    Memaw1 reacted to BlueAngelEyes in Gastric Sleeve & Food Addiction   
    Soo i wont sugar coat my process after getting the sleeve on may 31st 2019. Ive regreted this surgery for months now more so in the beginning but when it comes down too it would i have lost 65 pounds on my own that answer is A hell NO this was the only way to lose weight. I still have 40more pounds to lose but ill get there one or another. I have so much regret only because im addicted to food not being able to eat what i want when i want or how much i want is bull and i just wanted to stuff my face. Lol i found my love for food was being full and beable to stuff my face with a handful or popcorn not just having to eat 1 piece at a time. Ugh so frustrating! Lol. I have felt like a happiness was taken away the day i had surgery but i have to remind myself would i go back to the over weight fat ugly depressed person the answer is no i do love being able to fit in smaller clothes and i actually want to be in pictures now i feel cute and sexy and cant wait to lose more... for me the difference between head hunger and actually starving was if i told myself i could have a half of a bottle of a Protein Drink do i want it the answer was Nope i hate Protein Drinks but when i was starving it was better than nothing kinda feeling. When i want chips it was just head hunger and the emotions i got eatting handfuls of chips to get the salty crunchy taste. Im 6months post op and have chips 2 or 3 times a week i just have a couple when my son has them and helps me feel as if i eat normally. To tell myself no never again i just feel deprived and over indulge.
    i do find certain days are better than others. Some days i do eat more as i feel soo hungry as if im starving and other days i could careless about food and have to force myself to eat. Its funny how different all of our bodies are after weight loss surgery.
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    Memaw1 got a reaction from HappyHikerGal in Incision glue   
    2 months
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    Memaw1 got a reaction from GreenTealael in Sleeve revision to RNY or Bypass reason   
    GERD was very bad
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    Memaw1 reacted to jasmineinmymind in On the petite side..(closer to only 100lbs to lose after surgery)   
    I started at 255 and I have lost VERY slowly. I am also past menopause so my metabolism isnt great. At 9 months I'm still 30 pounds away from my goal of 150 and it makes me sad sometimes. I see so many people here that have lost all their weight in 6 months. Im doing the best I can but some days its hard.
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    Memaw1 reacted to krisss in CHEWABLE MULTIVITAMINS???   
    I am taking Flinstones Vitamins 2x a day, B12 once a day, and viactiv 2x a day...I was given these on a list of approved chewable vitamins that I could start.
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    Memaw1 reacted to tal in 3 week stall   
    I had a stall for almost 4 weeks and im only 3 months post op and the scale moved down 5 lbs in ONE DAY. I was shocked and so happy! Dont lose hope like i did just keep going. 😊
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    Memaw1 got a reaction from pssk in DRIVING POST OP - what did you do??   
    One week I just had a revision to the rny it’s best to wait just about a week and yes I got tired after about and hour or two it took some time for that to ware off if it’s a shot distance that fine for about and hour but yes you will get tired at least I did I was tired for about a month
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    Memaw1 got a reaction from Jenna_87 in Gastric Sleeve & Food Addiction   
    Same here it’s hard
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    Memaw1 reacted to Danny06 in 3 week stall   
    You aren’t alone, just try to get your liquids in and your Protein . You’ll be okay . I stalled again recently but now I’m 3 months post op, and down 44 lbs . You will stall but don’t worry you will still lose ! Just stay positive
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    Memaw1 reacted to Briswife15 in Monthly loss amount   
    I personally find it really toxic to compare my weight loss to others on this forum because we're all so different. I just get discouraged! That being said I'm losing about 10 pounds a month and am 6.5 months post gastric bypass. My team is pleased with my progress. Don't worry too much, just exercise and follow your team's plan for you, and you'll do fine.

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