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  1. LastChance57

    Can anyone help, or....

    If your doctor won’t help, get a second opinion from another reputable doctor. My prayers go out to you.
  2. LastChance57

    Common Cold and medications?

    Just finished prednisone (my old enemy) and prescription nose spray. I am getting better, but I also gained 5lbs. Super pissed but before GBP on October 2, 2019, I was on it a lot and gained 15-20 lbs after 5-7 days of it each time.
  3. LastChance57

    Time off work

    S@ssen@ch is right!! I was an HR Manager for 18 years before I retired and your HR can help you with the FMLA paperwork.
  4. LastChance57


    I use Flonase every day and it hasn’t affected me. It should be ok for you.
  5. Yes, I initially looked for that type of surgery. In my early 50’s, I became extremely morbidly obese as a result of prednisone & steroid epidural block injections and decided on GB instead. It has made a difference but I use miralax every night to have movement. I really hope it helps your wife, too!
  6. LastChance57

    Four weeks post op RNY

    I had the RNY, Gallbladder Removal, and Hiatal Hernia Repair. When I went in for my 6 week appointment, after I was weighed, the person who weighed me seriously said “No Judgement.” I thought, WTH did that mean? I went home and googled weight loss RNY and it varied. However, someone had a chart that said 200-250 25 lbs is the norm for weight loss @ 6 weeks. Whether it’s true or not, it’s a struggle for me just to get my water & protein in each day, so I am ok with it.
  7. LastChance57

    Four weeks post op RNY

    You are doing great! This is my 6th week and I have only lost 19 lbs. I started at pre op at 203. I was losing fine until I hit the purée stage. Keep up the great work!
  8. LastChance57

    8 weeks post op...

    You are doing great. I was at 203 post op and have only lost 19 lbs at 6 weeks. I’m 5 feet tall. I was doing ok until the purée phase. Keep up the great work.
  9. LastChance57

    6 weeks post op

    Me too. It’s a struggle to get water, protein, & exercise in for me, too. I can’t stand the sweet shakes, whey powder, and bottled protein water that I loved pre-op. I looked around and found the bariatric pal store had powdered grapefruit, crangrape, lemonade, raspberry drinks that have 15 grams of protein per pack. This week, I put 2 packets in water in the am and I do the same in the pm and I’ve been able to get 60 grams in. But I am still short on the water and exercise.
  10. LastChance57

    Weight loss stats!

    It’s been slow for me too but now I understand.
  11. LastChance57

    Weight loss stats!

    235- heaviest weight. 203 - at surgery. 186 at 6 weeks.
  12. LastChance57

    Where did my menopause symptoms go?

    IDK!! I’ve had 3 private summers since my GB on 10-2-19 but I used to have one or more every hour - every day!! It’s great, isn’t it?!! All I can say is Good Riddance!!
  13. LastChance57


    I understand your feelings completely and compared- at least to me- it’s normal. Around the second week, I put different spices in my broth to make it taste better and I pretended like it was something different. The grocery store bought bone broth was the worst. But a friend told me about the Bariatric Pal store and I bought the broth - it has 15 grams of protein. They also have drinks with 15 grams of protein that taste good and not too sweet. (Everything I bought prior to the surgery is what I can’t stand now, including the whey powder, shakes, and anything sweet.) It was the only thing I could do to get my protein in at that point. The Bariatric Pal store powder protein drinks and broth ( with my own seasonings added like poultry seasoning, salt & pepper it tarragon, etc) did help. It’s hard and it’s a mind game but it’s only for now- not for always. The time will go quickly. Also, when you start eating purée food, you will feel much better because of the vitamins & minerals that real food gives. I have read & saw on other sites that about the second week post op, people can get emotional. Well, I just knew I wouldn’t - until Day 9 post op hit me & I lost it. I melted down because I tried to do too much that day to shake the feelings of buyers remorse. Then, my hubby went to Red Lobster and had the nerve to bring home leftovers. Needless to say, that was his last time at Red Lobster. I yelled at him, cried (and I’m not a cryer), and I made him throw it out with the trash. Then, I couldn’t sleep & woke him up at 3:00 am & yelled at him again. I had buyers remorse big time. I couldn’t see the forest because of the trees. I had my 1st support meeting that week - which really helped a lot. It wasn’t very long after that where I was able to eat purée food and it made a world of difference! Keep hanging on! It will get better!😇