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  1. PlanetHopper

    I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?

    I've always wanted to feel attractive. I've always wanted to be a normal weight for my height. I've always wanted relief from chronic pain syndrome. (This has not been resolved by the weight loss )
  2. PlanetHopper


    Thank you for sharing. I think I will try this.
  3. Okay! Thank you, I will check this out. That is very cool. I did not have that done. I am in the United States and had my surgery in the United States. It would be really cool to compare your before and after!
  4. I use to be someone that didn't wear bras despite my large breasts. I was probably somewhere around a triple D or a G. After WLS they have gotten much smaller and there is loose skin. I now want to wear bras in public. However, I do not wear them at night. It does not seem to be a problem. At this time, I do not know what bra size I wear because I have been unable to try them on at stores.
  5. PlanetHopper


    It doesn't look great that is for sure. If your doctor said it's up to you, do what you think is best based on pain level, being uncomfortable, ect.
  6. Congratulations! In your photo, you don't seem to have any loose skin. I would love to know what kind of exercise you do.
  7. PlanetHopper

    My Journey and Fighting Insurance Issues

    wow! that's incredible. I'm so glad your doctor advocated for you and that you chronic pain has decreased
  8. PlanetHopper

    Tricare anyone?

    The opposite. I went through a civilian bariatric program. I sent you a message
  9. PlanetHopper

    Tricare anyone?

    Hey there, I did. I was approved and has VSG on 12/9/19. Are you going through a military bariatric program or a civilian bariatric program? I believe this may make a huge difference. I moved away to a different state and no longer see my surgeon for follow ups. I see a medical assistant from a bariatric program run by the military hospital. I am sure that if I would have moved here before the surgery, the program would not have allowed me to do it. My comorbidities were major depressive disorder and chronic back pain.
  10. PlanetHopper

    So glad to be here!

    I would recommend protein bars, any type of nut (just not the kind coated in sugary stuff), and low sugar pudding. I personally did not have a food funeral, but I also didn't have to do a liquid pre-op diet. I understand most people do go through the liquid diet pre-op so I am sure that is difficult to do.
  11. PlanetHopper

    Help! Hair Shedding

    I also experienced excess shedding even though my hair was VERY healthy before surgery. My excess shedding started at 2 months and slowed down recently (5 months post op). It will stop eventually. If it doesn't stop after being 12 months post-op, you may want to speak with your surgeon.
  12. I do understand your situation. I am also an essential worker. I am an ABA therapist for children with Autism and other developmental disorders. I go into their homes to conduct therapy. The best suggestion is to make sure you do all the things the CDC recommends, such as frequent hand washing, ect. I wish you and your family the best.
  13. PlanetHopper

    How often do you weigh?

    This is how I started out as well. However, I do sometimes weigh myself twice a week.
  14. PlanetHopper

    Unsupportive Boyfriend

    So I started reading your post, and this was the first thing I noticed. I had to stop and start responding right away. This is a RED FLAG. This decision was not about him, it was for you. A lot of people who are uninformed about the surgery say this. Every person that has ever had bariatric surgery knows that it isn't true. I am very sorry to hear that he does not support you with your decision. I hope you remember that this decision wasn't about him. The fact that he continues to demand an explanation of how this will benefit him is a bad sign. I am very proud of you for doing what is best for you. I hope you continue with doing so because your life isn't about anyone but you and thus you should try your best to make decisions that result in your own happiness even if it means leaving people behind. ❤️
  15. PlanetHopper

    Im scared of gaining weight through this crisis

    I am in the same boat. I have been diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder with reoccurring episodes. It's a lifelong struggle for me. I also share a fear of gaining weight during this time. My gym is closed and it's hard for me to go on walks for longer than 15 minutes due to chronic back pain. I am just doing the best I can and trying to stay away from carbs.

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