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    MyTurn reacted to ksc1965 in Size 14!   
    I just woke up in the middle of the night and ran downstairs for a Water. As I was walking back up, I noticed I felt pretty good so I walked straight to my closet to try clothes on. (Because that's what people do at 3:30am right? )
    I went right to the forbidden pile. .. clothes I haven't worn in years. (Why I've let them take up space in my closet is beyond me.. but tonight no complaints! )
    I tried on the first pair of size 14 capris and they fit! I was excited but knew they were probably one of the bigger size 14s. Then I tried on the next pair and the next, and EVERY size 14 in my closet fit. Woo hoo!
    Then of course my "crazy brain" took over and I tried on a size 12. Had to laugh.. That was a definite no go (for now! ) But I don't care. I'm sitting here at 4 in the morning happy as could be. I'm not sure anyone else in my life would appreciate a 4am "YEA! My butt is smaller" phone call so I came here instead! I don't think I'll ever get back to sleep.
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    MyTurn reacted to Peaceful1 in 100 pounds down! :-)   
    Hello all,
    Just had to pop in and share the news that as of yesterday, I have lost 100 lbs!! I was banded 12_17_12...I still can't believe it!! I'm so proud of everyone, keep up the good work!!
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    MyTurn reacted to kbell2011 in Happy as can be!   
    I will just say, it hasn't been easy! I have tried REALLY REALLY hard to follow the guidlines given to me from True Results (of Houston- I know everyone is different) and that's really it. Eating and excersise-- 1/2-1 cup of food 3 times a day and I get some type of excersise in 3-4 times a week.
    I am like (almost) anyone else on here- I have slipped up from time to time and snacked, or had one too many bites of a brownie, but all in all it has just happened. I know it will slow down- which it already has, but as a I get a fill and countdown to the next fill, 4 weeks and 6-8 lbs later goes by fast.
    An example of my day would be:
    Breakfast: One piece of toast with a panfried egg (only using PAM) and sometimes one slice of cheese. Sometimes I can't finish that.
    Lunch: A small salad with some type of protein- usually chicken.
    Dinner: It's whatever I cook the family, I just eat a VERY small portion.
    Honestly, I don't track calories. (& there might come a time when I do have to start!) I know what is right and wrong when it comes to high calorie. If Im not sure, I will look it up to. I don't want to DIET the rest of my life, but this is becoming more and more of a lifestyle change, so I'm really happy with my decision.
    Ok, I think I am done with this book. LOL!
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    MyTurn reacted to catfish87 in ONDERLAND My story   
    Long post….but hell, it’s taken me almost four years!
    ONEDERLAND, finally!
    Although it seems to have taken me forever, I’ve arrived. I was banded way back in Sept 09. I struggled to find that green zone, that spot where I wasn’t hungry all the time. I stayed on the diet, eating exactly what I was told to, per all the paperwork given to me by my surgical team. (They are awesome, by the way! )
    Then after about a year, my determination dwindled, just as it always did in the past. (hey, I did DIET for a year…not bad for me) I wasn’t feeling any help from the band…..and I knew it, but couldn’t/didn’t do a good enough job of convincing my surgeon of this. We/he thought it was just “I was losing faster than they were adjusting”, “may take me more saline than normal”, etc, etc…all those reasons you hear so often on here. That was back when my fills were done blindly. Then along comes FLUOROSCOPY! First time using it, the problem was easily detected and the corrected asap.
    For me, and others I hear on here talk about this often… we get discouraged/lose that motivation when it’s not working as fast as we want. Thinking this wasn’t going to work me, I’m a failure, I can’t do this, etc, etc. That was so me! I thought never gonna get to goal…enjoy the 40-50% EWL and move on…I quit going to my doctor for about a year….embarrassed I had actually gained about 20#’s from my lowest. BECAUSE I was eating too much! Not in the green zone….just another diet.
    Then I had a friend persuade me to get my butt back to the doctor….she had the band too. And she had already been through where I was at, and had succeeded.
    So I did go back, doctor was VERY encouraging, he said we just need to adjust your band. Still skeptical, but I somehow got my mind back into the mode of maybe this thing really will work….maybe. A couple weeks after that fill….I knew exactly what the green zone was/is for me. And its been great ever since.
    With my band in a great spot now, I enjoy riding my bike, AKA Stephanie (Steph for short) as my form of “exercise”.
    She is always ready and willing. Never complains she doesn’t want to. I’ve ridden in the rain (soaking wet!), cold (even snowing), heat (sweating like crazy), etc. Because I enjoy it! She is always ready for MORE! Addictive I say. Once you find something you like….you’ll know what I’m referring to.
    So if you’re struggling, losing that motivation/determination…..I hope this encourages you to know that others have struggled too. But you can do it! Just never, ever give up! I wish you the best….now its off to ride. Life is good GREAT!
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    MyTurn got a reaction from A New New Dawn in 2nd chance. Can't fail again.   
    Thanks for posting, thoward. I wish you the best of everything and I hope to find the same resolve you have. Please keep posting back here. I'd like to follow along and MAYBE find some inspiration.
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    MyTurn reacted to B-52 in 2 Years Today! (Pic)   
    Today, 1/31...marks 2 years with the band, and all I can say is I could not be more happy and pleased.....
    61 years old, going on 40.......
    A little background on MY JOURNEY....
    first 6 months was HELL!! Very frustrating to say the least...all that anticipation only to be told I had to count my calories and measure my portions...I did not go through surgery to do that!! I've done all that before, many times.....But the Dr. explained to me until they get the band properly adjusted, dieting is the only thing I could do...be patient....
    3rd and final fill 4 months after surgery, and it still took me 2 more months to figure this thing out....I wish I had a dollar for every time I got stuck, slimed and spit everything back up! But I was determined to make this thing work....and after 6 months things finally started to sync...in other words I FINALLY BEGAN TO LISTEN AND OBEY THE BAND....forcing me to break all my bad habits that made me "Morbidly Obese" in the first place.....once I got my act together, eating (and avoiding) the right foods, etc, etc....then and only then I found that "GROOVE" where everything became effortless and easy...that's why I do not call the band a "Tool", but rather the "MASTER"...if I do what the band tells me to do then all is good.....
    I have not been stuck in over a year.....I have automatic Portion Control, and I am seldom hungry...and most times have no interest in food.....all because of the band and truly being in the Green....I do not need to count calories nor do I worry about portion sizes......just choose good foods and listen to the band when it says stop, I stop....
    I have not eaten Breakfast in 18 months....
    I reached my goal app. 13 months after surgery.....but my body continued to change and tone due to exercising....(I don't have much excess skin)
    And now, 2 years later, I have to say there is a life after lapband surgery...there is a time when there is no more dieting nor is there any worry about gaining weight.....I do what every other normal weight person does every day...I enjoy certain food pleasures, have a beer or 2 (I know how to do it), but the bottom line is i NEVER (cannot) OVEREAT....and I REMAIN ACTIVE...running 5 miles a day, 5 days a week....
    And always...get my daily Protein, Water and Vitamin requirements......
    I know other people have a different approach....and that is good.....as long as people are successful and happy, then nothing else matters....

    And to all who are starting out...STAY AWAY FROM THE NEGATIVES>>>>THIS THING DOES WORK!!!!
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    MyTurn reacted to jerseyguy in What Up Jersey!   
    Dr. Chau was also my surgeon, and yes I definately agree about Miriam. She makes the whole process painless.
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    MyTurn got a reaction from heidib in Share ideas, What did you eat today ?   
    The scale finally moved ! Four pounds down my second week on my high Protein low carb food plan! Just need to keep coming here for inspiration and support.
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    MyTurn got a reaction from nicksmommy in Reached your personal goal???   
    I lost 60 lbs. and then gained 55 back. I know this form is for success stories, but I finally got some of my motivation back! I hope it stays. Continued good luck to us all.
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    MyTurn got a reaction from brandyII in Come out of the band failure closet!   
    sdbeachmom, Me too. i'd love to put a ticker tape on my posts!!