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    Lynda486 reacted to JessLess in Work outs/hiking/gym/weight lifting/HELP   
    Did you lift weights before? Either way, go for it, but it will be a lot easier if it's something you used to do. If you haven't I would start with a trainer (if you're not social distancing) so you don't hurt yourself. There are a lot of weight training classes too.
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    Lynda486 reacted to AZhiker in Ever forget you had surgery?   
    I'm 14 months out, and although I can eat anything I want, my tummy still reminds me of volume. I find that the things I used to love eating a LOT of - like stir fry veggies, just don't sit so well any more. I can eat out anywhere (except now!) or fix any kind of food, and in that sense, things are back to normal. But volume is definitely not the same - THANKFULLY!
    I am presently enduring 2 weeks of home isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms, which are resolving without any problems, but I admit that there has been heightened anxiety/stress during all this. I am utterly dismayed to find myself resorting to food for comfort - I thought I had that one licked, but it has raised its ugly head, and I have gained 5 pounds! I have been too tired to exercise, so I have been a couch potato/food addict for nearly 2 weeks, and now I am paying the price. But.... I am now back on track with starting some exercise again, tracking my food, intermittent fasting, and working on my emotional issues. It feels MUCH BETTER to be in control of the food, rather than the food being in control of me. I need to hold this thought and remember that the long term reward greatly outweighs the short term gratification.
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    4c5e2b6e091cd575a28551a41f58592d.mp4 9738ba4e3c4ae6e031ca9408d9f8224c.mp4 5424e0102fc0cc104013dd0866fb5ceb.mp4 e5dcb56d95ab8d15aeb75fd76b37a280.mp4
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    Lynda486 reacted to GreenTealael in 🔔 MOOD ENHANCEMENTS 🔔   
    Yes!!!! Enjoy it ❤
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    Lynda486 got a reaction from GreenTealael in 🔔 MOOD ENHANCEMENTS 🔔   
    Thanks for posting this! Lately I have been "learning" to dance on youtube! So many fun things to try out there and it doesn't feel like exercise! Have a great day!
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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in For those of you In isolation - Make a fancy Meal - Here is help   
    Going to do this to my kids this Friday - Going to get them all wound up about a deluxe barbecue meal

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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    Just emailed him and wanted him to sign my bill? Booty call visits are essential business! One thing about this thread is I have not been to my website since before the surgery I think, Better re-do it kinda boring.

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    Lynda486 reacted to Bari_KS in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    I googled the name on his avatar slab-2-shingles and google showed lits of nice pictures of AJ.
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    Lynda486 reacted to rsalter in Im scared of gaining weight through this crisis   
    Hi everyone, My name is Robyn I had lap band surgery over 10 years ago and have been gaining the last 4 or so. I'm trying to not get so mental about all that is going on in the world right now. My man and I are BOTH hoe ALL day together...yikes HELP PLEASE..HA We do have a gym set up down stairs . I feel Like I need to workout harder ...that's my mind speaking ..my body is like..ahhh NO!.. You all seem very positive and I NEED that right now... Thanks so much
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    Lynda486 got a reaction from Lily66 in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    I want to see, where are the pictures?

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    Lynda486 got a reaction from Lily66 in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    He could have a group in every state! Too funny!

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    Lynda486 reacted to Lily66 in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    We could ALL go work for him and the business called “AJ and His Formerly Fluffy Friends”😂!
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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    One of my female friends is a doc here. She had a great Idea
    Now under these conditions Slow down, Think before you act, Make sense take you time clean your area and slow down, Dont just re act like you have in the past since most of your work is second nature to you.
    Now you have a problem ..... Do not push the alarm button every time someone walks in your bank with a mask!
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    Lynda486 reacted to CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    I’ve been on LOA since my surgery date of 3/3/20. I’ve asked my surgeon to extend my absence as long as I can and I go back to work tomorrow morning.
    I work at one of those megabanks where people like me - not in the upper echelon - don’t get to work from home.
    I’m considered one of those essential workers that must report to work regardless.
    I’m scared. From what I’ve heard moral is super low at my office due to those of us that are forced to go into work.
    I live with my family and that includes my 74 year old mother who has diabetes, my brother and his wife and their kids—my niece and nephew—who are 6 and 4 respectively.
    I work in metro Atlanta in the same county with the highest amount of cases in all of GA which is Fulton County.
    my sister-in-law were in tears earlier today anticipating me going back into the office where I can bring this virus home to my mother - she is whom we all want to protect the most.
    I’ve been with my this corporation since 2006. They’ve been really good to me and protected me and helped move me when I was fleeing my abuser from my past DV relationship.
    My brother and his wife both have jobs that allow them to work from home. I don’t. I am also grateful that I have a career where I am still going to get a paycheck. So many others are hurting for money right now.
    Im just scared and I wanted to say so. I’ll do everything I can to protect my family. But I’m about to go out into this mess. I wanted to say thank you to all those others in essential fields required to stay open and in operation during this pandemic. I’ve had it good for a few weeks. I wish everyone out there stays safe and healthy. May God watch over all of us and our families. ❤️
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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in Quarantine 15   
    Re Doing my offices! And waiting to see if the Governor considers Botty calls a essential service!
    Just ignore food and keep busy
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    Lynda486 reacted to fontjm in Quarantine 15   
    Hi everyone, have you heard of the quarantine 15? Similar to the freshman 15 when we were in college. What are you doing to maintain your health during these unusual times?
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    Lynda486 reacted to MarvelGirl25 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Made shrimp tacos. Will be eating this all week minus the tortillas. This was the first time since surgery that I ate one whole tortilla and omg I’m ridiculously full!
    Thinking of using romaine lettuce instead but I’m not sure if it’s going to taste weird because of the cabbage.... which will make it all crunchy 🤔
    besides lettuce, does anyone have a good tortilla replacement?

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    Lynda486 reacted to FluffyChix in Food Before and After Photos   
    Yum!! I love these!
    Scroll down to Tortillas!
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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    So to make along story short there is some sort of Virus out there and My company is totally shut down, making light of it but i have always lived by three principals.
    1. Carpie Diem
    2. Work Hard - Play Harder - Stay Ha#$
    3. Do not do anything unethical, immortal, or illegal. Now the immoral thing i go by my rules!
    4. You can always make more! Never let money drive your life!
    So with all this bully poop virus things all my staff is at home, PANICKING! no clue why since i fur lowed them all to unemployment, and have told them this is my ship and we are going down together! They all have prepaid debit cards that will be filled with there payroll till this ends! So i have a gut feeling #4 is going to come and bite me in the rear end. But these are good people and they have been with me along time - Heck i have 31 kids on my payroll from there parents. No way i am running like a Bit#$ for the woods! We go down together.
    But I drink and this is a issue especially with these times. So i had to focus on something else besides this place and talking about how you all are hungry, I weigh myself to much, and farting and gas issues.
    For 11 years ago my x wife decorated the offices and picked the furniture - Never liked it to start so i am going ape poopy crazy! Just tossed everyone's desk except mine, Have painters in here painting and doing cool air brushing, ordered new furniture from the Amazon God and doing some way out wack stuff! Luck i have a great decorator named Miss Google images so duplicating it. Always hated the lighting so ripping every Freakin light out of here and going led cool white! Nice thing is most of the computers scanners and printers are at my staffs house. Hired my landscaper to rip out the sticks and **** grass and make it look fun and good. Even have a window guy coming to put new blinds up. Just to mess with them all i moved them around to new offices - Only i am in the same office. Added digital frames of there families pics, which i have from all the years of bday and parties. Plus my son is a software engineer and just raped social media.
    so out with the old and in with the new! You can stay busy during this and be productive. FYI for those of you who know WInston my WLS mentor he is getting a custom built bed off a wall below the window. So find something to do that makes you feel satisfied. Not food
    Just havin fun and you all stay safe and ride this out

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    Lynda486 reacted to Superman84 in Being lockdown is killing me!   
    I like to be on my own.. can't stand people lol
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    Lynda486 reacted to JRT Mom in Being lockdown is killing me!   
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    Lynda486 reacted to JRT Mom in Being lockdown is killing me!   
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    Lynda486 reacted to AJ Tylo in Being lockdown is killing me!   
    For all you who wonder if cooking for others gets easier, yes it does - Whipped out below yesterday for the kdis - Really never bothered me. In the past I would woof down a slab like it was nothing. Now one rib No sauce FYI i have designed the new Florida Tshirt Logo also for Disney!