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  1. I too have developed hypoglycemia. Yesterday I had a reading of 48 and I have gone as low as 37. I agree with you "no more simple carbs" This morning however my blood sugar is in the 180's.
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Ms.sss this looks delicious! I have tried to find figs is now the right tie of year for them?
  4. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

    I haven't been here for a bit, since my son committed suicide on Oct. 9th. I wonder if there is anyone here that can relate to a loss like this? Thanks, Lynda
  5. Lynda486

    Blood Work

    My Iron is at 35, normal is 50 - 170. My Transferrin is at 8, normal is 20 -55 My kidney levels are high excpet my egfr which is low. What are your thoughts? Haven't talked to the DR. yet. Thanks!
  6. Lynda486

    Leg pics??

    My thighs do look like a shar pei , but my calf and ankles look normal. My husband insists that I can fix it with exercise.
  7. Lynda486

    Before and After Pics

    You Look fantastic!
  8. Lynda486

    Exercise for loose skin

    I did find this exercise and I can really feel it in my butt! https://physicalkitchness.com/one-move-for-insanely-toned-legs/
  9. I also have these issues. At least I can say I am very regular. Also what I eat predicts how bad my gas will get later in the day.
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    What a difference a year makes!
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    I just love your skirt! Where did you find it?
  12. Lynda486

    Foods to gain weight?

    My Thyroid test just came back as hyper, but I have been stuck at around the same weight for awhile now. Hope you figure it out!
  13. Lynda486

    Beet Juice & possible TMI

    I just made beet/orange/kale juice this morning and after only a few sips I have an upset stomach. I looked it up and this is normal for beet juice. It tastes so good, but......
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    Happy Easter! Enjoy your treat!
  15. I really wanted to be at 150 by today, but missed my goal by 11 pounds. I am really happy with my progress though.
  16. Lynda486

    Almost made my goal

    You look great Paul!
  17. Wow, I learned so much, thanks for explaining!
  18. Lynda486

    Day 12 feeling really crappy

    I agree that the lack of weight loss is most likely the 3 week stall. Also, you will feel like crap while you are healing. You are doing everything right. Just give your body time to heal, rest when you need to!
  19. Lynda486

    Hair loss

    Mine has just begun to fall out and I am almost 6 months. If I remember correctly after my first surgery it didn't last very long and no terrible effect on my looks.
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    I look nowhere as beautiful as Greentealae, but here I am hanging out at home today.
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    I am planning on selling mine. I have a closet that is half full of too big clothing!
  22. Lynda486

    No one has noticed ...

    I agree there are so many reasons people may not say a thing. My husband took awhile to say anything to me, and that was the one I cared about the most. My oldest son saw me for the first time since Thanks giving and was asking his Dad if I was okay and he knows about my surgery! Last night at an auction, I had a woman that I see a few times a year, she came straight to me and said you have lost a lot of weight, how did you do it because I need to. So, I explained my illness and surgery. She is Amish so I am sure she wont go this route. But, like AJ said I am doing this for me. I am sure people noticed and if they want to compliment me I will take it, but it won't break me if they don't mention it.
  23. Lynda486

    Confused about calories in Stage 4

    I absolutely love Fairlife milk. Before surgery I would have milk only occasionally and now I have it at least every other day Mostly to help me reach my calorie goals, that is also when I will have cream of wheat.
  24. I got so mad at my son one day for eating my tuna that I fixed each of us a space in our own cupboard. Out of sight out of mind does help me, until I remember the junk is there.
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    You have done an amazing job! I am 14 pounds from goal and it seems like I will never make it. You look great!

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