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  2. Would this be the case if they also took out your gall bladder?
  3. Lynda486

    Food Before and After Photos

    Ms.sss this looks delicious! I have tried to find figs is now the right tie of year for them?
  4. Lynda486

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I guess I am a veteran now, had my surgery in Sept 2019
  5. I live in the boonies and our local Wal Mart doesn't carry everything and not even sugar free hot chocolate. Hope someone has a recipe as I am surely craving it! Thanks!
  6. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

    I haven't been here for a bit, since my son committed suicide on Oct. 9th. I wonder if there is anyone here that can relate to a loss like this? Thanks, Lynda
  7. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

  8. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

  9. Lynda486


    I don't want to make you cry but it is true It was a bit traumatic, but I have grown to really like it. Thanks!
  10. Lynda486


    I also cut my hair off on my sons birthday, just needed a change to get me through it. I took 7 inches off. It looks much better now that I learned to style it.
  11. Lynda486


    I love thrift store shopping!
  12. I am constantly cold, I dress in layers now. It is so much easier to do everything! My husband says I am too boney, my hip bones stick out and my spine. I am shocked when I look in the mirror and sometimes find myself staring at myself saying who is that? My wrinkle (y) skin drives me crazy! I feel pretty darn good!
  13. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

    Thank-you so much for thinking of me!
  14. Lynda486

    Blood Work

    My Iron is at 35, normal is 50 - 170. My Transferrin is at 8, normal is 20 -55 My kidney levels are high excpet my egfr which is low. What are your thoughts? Haven't talked to the DR. yet. Thanks!
  15. Lynda486


    Well just look at you! Well done! I just started wearing a small size too. IT took me awhile to convince myself that I was a small! Looking great!
  16. Lynda486

    Too much weight losd

    If I eat healthier I lose weight, if I try and eat more calories I end up with digestive problems. I need to find a diet that will help me stay at the weight I am.
  17. I have stopped talking about it because people's eyes seem to glaze over when I say anything. I have been told I am to thin, my skin is too wrinkled and that my clothes hang off me. My boss even said "are you trying to lose weight?" Anyway, I guess it depends on the person. If it is someone who has been cheering you on, then yes talk about it. As for your mother, I would not bring it up unless she asks. Be the way, you are doing fantastic! Keep up the great work!
  18. Lynda486

    Loss of Son

    Thank-you and my prayers for you as well. My guilt has been unbelievable and I have been put on two medications. I am getting to the point where I can sometimes talk about him without crying.
  19. Lynda486

    Too much weight losd

    I get told by friends and co workers that I shouldn't lose any more weight. I started a new job in July and went out and bought new size medium clothes and now I am in a small.
  20. Lynda486

    Cannabis and WLS

    I also use it everyday, and have had no issues with the munchies.
  21. Thanks, that sounds really good. I will have to pick some up!
  22. Lynda486

    Exercise for loose skin

    Thank-you all for your uplifting and supportive comments. I am 55 so myself I don't care what the world thinks. It was hurtful to hear it, because I know there is nothing I can do about it, but they keep cheering me on. I have starting to lose weight again, but at a much slower rate. So maybe that will help future issues. Again thanks to all of you, you are my biggest supporters!
  23. I have been feeling pretty good about how I have done with my weight loss. That is until this past week when my husband and my son separately told me that I need to do something about my loose skin. That it looks bad and I need to tighten it up. I have loose skin on my upper arms, thighs and a bit on my upper calves. Are there any exercises that you all have done that are effective in tightening these areas up? I have started with some light dumb bells for my arms, but am clueless as far as my legs go. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  24. Lynda486

    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    Oh no! Is it sprained or broken? Heal quickly!
  25. Lynda486

    Crystal Light

    Does anyone else get a stomach ache from Crystal Light? It only happens at the beginning of the glass, but I can drink the rest pain free. Weird!

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