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  1. Had RNY done late October, and about a month ago I noticed that I was getting what I could best describe as a rash around my mouth. It's generally red, but doesn't itch. I will also get random white head type of pimples around the same area. I seem to get them throughout the day, including at work which is a little embarrassing. Severity seems to vary - some days are better than others. Anyone else have this issue? If so, were you able to resolve through medicine/diet/other? Thanks!
  2. Losing for Jack

    Well this is about Sex

    I am curious as to how long it takes to get this "bump" from surgery. I am about 3-4 weeks post-op (bypass) and have not noticed any difference in drive yet.
  3. Losing for Jack

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    I am about 6-7 hours post op, so may still have some Meds in me, so take this for what it’s worth. The day started with 6-8 inches of snow (I live in the Denver area) and had to check in at 530AM. Amazingly everyone on my surgical team was on time and very bright eyed and enthusiastic. Operation started right on time at 730, work up in post op with some discomfort in my diaphragm area....and that’s it. Incision’s don’t hurt, and the diaphragm may may have been has, because that it slowly going away. Pretty exhausted, dozed most of the afternoon but doing shockingly well. Hoping that’s not just the meds talking, but so far a very pleasant experience!
  4. Losing for Jack

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    I am about 7 days into the pre-op diet, and have surgery on Monday the 28th. One thing that worked for me was chicken bone broth. I know others have mentioned it, but it really did kill my head hunger. Hope this helps!
  5. Losing for Jack

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    My bypass is scheduled for the 28th and it's pretty much all I think about right now. Part excited, part nervous, but not dreading it at all. Just wish the date would get here so I can move forward.
  6. Losing for Jack

    Stomach emptying

    Now I am curious. From what Kaiser told me it’s their standard procedure that everyone gets. All it was, was eating some “radioactive” scrambled eggs and they tracked that through my system.
  7. Losing for Jack

    Stomach emptying

    I am pre-op for bypass on 10/28. As part of the process, I had to do a stomach emptying study, and it showed that my stomach clears it’s contents faster than normal. This isn’t a problem, if it emptied slow it would be. My question is, has anyone else had this and does this mean I may have an easier time getting my water in post-op?
  8. Losing for Jack

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    I am also 10/28!
  9. Losing for Jack


    I am scheduled for RNY surgery on 10/28/19. Currently 400 pounds but I have gained/lost the same 50 pounds for about a decade and 400 is usually my top. I've been overweight since I was young (8-9 years old), was able to lose weight and feel good during a stint in the Army. After I was discharged in 1995 I was 225 and build like an athlete (I am 6'4). However, I put on about 20 pounds a year, maxing out at around 425-450 (I assume, because I didn't have a scale that went that high) in 2005. My surgeon set a "goal" for me of 240 because I am pretty big boned, but like others have mentioned, 225 in 1995 is not the same 225 today so I am keeping my lower range open. We'll see how I feel as I lose.

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