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  1. I was able to drink water "normally" about 2 months out. I still sip my protein water, though. I want it to hang around in my tummy as long as possible. LOL
  2. NancyLF

    Hospital bag

    CHAPSTICK!! Pack Chapstick.
  3. NancyLF

    Just not hungry...

    I didn't feel hungry for about 5 months. I was SO happy! IT made things so much easier! I was mad when I started feeling hunger pangs again! 😁
  4. NancyLF

    No one has noticed ...

    I know how it feels, but I tend to give some people a pass. I told my hairdresser about my surgery - I had lost about 30 lbs - she said she noticed, but didn't say anything in case it was due to illness. She's a cancer survivor & had lost weight due to that. Ever since then, she doesn't comment on someone's weight. She sometimes says, "You look great!" & lets the other person take the lead.
  5. NancyLF

    60" waist to 32" photo

    WHOA!! That's great! You lost a whole person! Congratulations!!
  6. NancyLF

    Pre-op Shopping list

    Before surgery, I tried the protein packets that are sold here @ the BariatricPal Store & liked them & ordered a bunch. However, right after surgery, I found them to be too sweet. I was able to tolerate them about 3 months after surgery. The main thing I was glad I had a lot of was water. Also Sugar-Free popsicles. Since my surgery was in the summer, they were often on sale. I started stocking up. By the time my surgery date rolled around, I had about 20 boxes in the freezer. LOL!
  7. NancyLF

    Cold 🥶 Feet 😬

    I had very little pain. VERY LITTLE. I was a little sore the first couple of days. That was it. The doctor prescribed pain meds... I took ONE the first day. That was it. For the next 2 days or so, Tylenol worked. After that, nothing. I didn't even suffer gas pains. Don't chicken out because of what someone else said. Good Luck!! Keep posting & reading here... Your feet will warm up!!
  8. NancyLF

    Non Scale Victories

    Yep! You're not alone! That was a HUGE NSV for me. I felt like a "normal" person! I loved standing up just so I could sit down and do it all over again. I must look like a Jack-in-the-Box! LOL!
  9. NancyLF

    My @ss hurts 😢

    I haven't had the problem in the car, but in some other chairs it's a pain. I had to buy a cushion since my "built-in" one is gone. LOL!
  10. NancyLF


    WOW!! You really did well! Congrats! I'm sure your niece had a ball as well! Welcome home!
  11. NancyLF

    Instant Pot Recipes?

    I have many recipes & used my IP many times. I was just wondering if there were any recipes geared for us bariatric peeps.
  12. I love my Instant Pot. Does anyone have any good recipes I can use? Chicken, beef, pork, soups. No seafood (I'm not a fan)
  13. NancyLF

    60 years old

    I had my surgery in July 2019 - I was 67. (68 now) You're never too old to get healthier! Don't let worries about your age be your barrier! Good Luck!!
  14. NancyLF

    I lost 202 pounds in 12 months!

    WOW!!! Great! YAY, YOU!! You forgot one statistic.... you look 15-20 years YOUNGER!! You may have added more than that to your lifespan as well. Congrats!!
  15. NancyLF


    She's adorbs!!! Have a blast!

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