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  1. I was able to drink water "normally" about 2 months out. I still sip my protein water, though. I want it to hang around in my tummy as long as possible. LOL
  2. NancyLF

    Hospital bag

    CHAPSTICK!! Pack Chapstick.
  3. NancyLF

    Just not hungry...

    I didn't feel hungry for about 5 months. I was SO happy! IT made things so much easier! I was mad when I started feeling hunger pangs again! 😁
  4. NancyLF

    No one has noticed ...

    I know how it feels, but I tend to give some people a pass. I told my hairdresser about my surgery - I had lost about 30 lbs - she said she noticed, but didn't say anything in case it was due to illness. She's a cancer survivor & had lost weight due to that. Ever since then, she doesn't comment on someone's weight. She sometimes says, "You look great!" & lets the other person take the lead.
  5. NancyLF

    60" waist to 32" photo

    WHOA!! That's great! You lost a whole person! Congratulations!!
  6. NancyLF

    Pre-op Shopping list

    Before surgery, I tried the protein packets that are sold here @ the BariatricPal Store & liked them & ordered a bunch. However, right after surgery, I found them to be too sweet. I was able to tolerate them about 3 months after surgery. The main thing I was glad I had a lot of was water. Also Sugar-Free popsicles. Since my surgery was in the summer, they were often on sale. I started stocking up. By the time my surgery date rolled around, I had about 20 boxes in the freezer. LOL!
  7. NancyLF

    Cold 🥶 Feet 😬

    I had very little pain. VERY LITTLE. I was a little sore the first couple of days. That was it. The doctor prescribed pain meds... I took ONE the first day. That was it. For the next 2 days or so, Tylenol worked. After that, nothing. I didn't even suffer gas pains. Don't chicken out because of what someone else said. Good Luck!! Keep posting & reading here... Your feet will warm up!!
  8. NancyLF

    Non Scale Victories

    Yep! You're not alone! That was a HUGE NSV for me. I felt like a "normal" person! I loved standing up just so I could sit down and do it all over again. I must look like a Jack-in-the-Box! LOL!
  9. NancyLF

    My @ss hurts 😢

    I haven't had the problem in the car, but in some other chairs it's a pain. I had to buy a cushion since my "built-in" one is gone. LOL!
  10. NancyLF


    WOW!! You really did well! Congrats! I'm sure your niece had a ball as well! Welcome home!
  11. I love my Instant Pot. Does anyone have any good recipes I can use? Chicken, beef, pork, soups. No seafood (I'm not a fan)
  12. NancyLF

    Instant Pot Recipes?

    I have many recipes & used my IP many times. I was just wondering if there were any recipes geared for us bariatric peeps.
  13. NancyLF

    60 years old

    I had my surgery in July 2019 - I was 67. (68 now) You're never too old to get healthier! Don't let worries about your age be your barrier! Good Luck!!
  14. NancyLF

    I lost 202 pounds in 12 months!

    WOW!!! Great! YAY, YOU!! You forgot one statistic.... you look 15-20 years YOUNGER!! You may have added more than that to your lifespan as well. Congrats!!
  15. NancyLF


    She's adorbs!!! Have a blast!
  16. NancyLF

    1st post-op surgeon's office visit?

    Mine was 2 weeks after surgery.
  17. NancyLF

    Non Scale Victories

    On Christmas Day, I sat at the table in a chair with ARMS! I was able to get in & out of it without dragging the chair with me!
  18. NancyLF

    Missing you

    I miss a big ol’ bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions! Imma pass out just thinkin’ about it!
  19. I've ordered from the main menu and brought home a doggy bag. Heck, I got another 3 meals out of it!
  20. NancyLF


    I use baby spinach leaves in my smoothies all the time. I have had creamed spinach a couple of times, about 3 months post-op.
  21. NancyLF

    Gastric Bypass for Senior Citizen

    I had my surgery 5 months ago. I was 67. I'm 68 now. You're never too old to get healthy Go for it!!
  22. NancyLF

    5 month GS Update

    My surgery was 5 months ago today. I hit a stall at the 3 month mark, that lasted 3 weeks when the scale didn't move at all. However, I notices other changes- mostly in my clothes. Articles that were once a little snug on my arms, weren't. A shirt that didn't fit quite right, now looked good! I did some shopping last month & found I went from a 3X to a 2X or even a 1X, depending on the make. Pants, were 3X - now I was able to fit in a 20! I haven't worn a number that didn't have an "X" beside it in YEARS!! I found 5 pairs of pants in my closet that USED to be too small. They fit now! It's like having a new wardrobe without spending more $$$!! LOL! Don't let the stall get you down. There's other things going on that you'll notice in time. In the meantime - Keep on keepin on! You look great!
  23. NancyLF

    Vegetable Hater

    I never liked raw veggies, & not a lot of cooked oned either. I add baby spinach to my smoothies. Spinach leaves, Almond milk, or yoghurt, sometimes a little frozen fruit. Sometimes some protein flavoring (from the Bariatric Pal Store). It's all good. You don't taste the spinach.
  24. ROFL! Well, did she??? LOLOL!!!!
  25. Please don't beat yourself up, Clair!! Whoever told you the weight would "fall off" is SO wrong!! Nothing happens overnight. The pounds didn't load on overnight, They're not going to leave overnight. Congratulations on your 2 years sobriety! It's not an easy feat. You did that! You can do this!! 22 pounds in 2 weeks is GREAT!!! Hang around here - we have your back! You can do this, Clair!! You can!!

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